Chapter 29 - Even If Daddy Is Not Here

Chapter 29: Even If Daddy Is Not Here

"Tell me where Feng Jiu is and I will give you his number." MinFeng was sitting straight while looking at Xiao Mei. In just a second, he saw Xiao Mei\'s foolish look.

Her face changed expressions every now and then. From shock to excitement and happiness, then depression to fear. \'Seems like this girl is not just shameless but also comical.\'

Thinking of his younger brother, MinDe, MinFeng wanted to see how this shameless little princess tie his brother and force him into submission. \'Looks like I can use this woman as my minion.\'

"I will tell you but his personal number is not enough. His number and a date, take it or leave it!" Xiao Mei suddenly said as he was in deep thoughts.

MinFeng almost fell off the chair. \'Even those old dying bastards in the business world are not as shameless as her. Seems like It\'s very difficult to control this woman.\'

"I am not MinDe. I can only give you his number but adding a date on the contract is definitely impossible."

"Why ah?! Can\'t you just force him?? Aren\'t you his big brother??"

"No means no."

"Stingy!! I know it\'s possible. You just don\'t want to do it!! Fine! No need to say anything. This collaboration is over! Find Ah Jiu on your own! Humpf!!"

Xiao Mei immediately stood up, preparing to walk away when he said, "I cannot guarantee that MinDe will agree but....." Hearing what he said, Xiao Mei stop walking. She slowly sat down again, staring at him intensely. When he did not continue his sentence, she acted cutely and said, "Aiyaa~ awesome big brother in law~ you are very handsome. Care to finish your sentence?? Ah Mei will make sure to help you find Ah Jiu~ hehehe."

MinFeng inwardly smirked. "I can only give you his number and introduce you to him. When it comes to inviting him for a date, you must rely on your own.... beauty. I hope you are confident that you will succeed. Whether it was a success or a failure, it depends on your capability."

Xiao Mei\'s eyes twinkled like the stars. She smiled beautifully and said confidently, "Of course!! Who am I?? I am Xiao Mei!! I am an expert in love and seduction! Heh! You should have seen my beloved MinDe acting shy as I tried to use my ultimate pickup line! You want to hear it? I got tons of awesome ones here inside my brain!"

MinFeng grimaced. "No need to bother. Just tell me where Feng Jiu is and consider this transaction successful."

"Mmmm.." Xiao Mei\'s stared at him. As if she was expecting something.

"Come on~ Write his number."

"Give me Feng Jiu\'s location first."

"Na-ah~ This is a transaction. You are asking me, so it should be you who must do it first. You are scaring me because you look like a bad gege." Although the last sentence was said in whisper, MinFeng was still able to hear it.

The corner of his mouth twitched. He\'s a business man but it seems like he can\'t win against Feng Jiu\'s friend. After giving her what she wanted, he dialed his brother\'s personal phone number. Just a couple of beeps and someone answered.

"Hello? Why did you call?"

"Xiao Mei of Infinite Airlines."

"What------"As fast as he dialed MinDe\'s number, MinFeng immediately turned off his phone and set it on silent mode.

"Done. Now, her location."

Xiao Mei gaped. "That\'s it?! How was that an introduction?! Aiyaa~ are you treating me like an idiot huh?"

"I already said your name. Isn\'t that an introduction? Besides, he will get intrigued and will spend efforts to gather information about you. Shouldn\'t you give thanks to me instead?"

After a few minutes of silence, Xiao Mei agreed. "Fine!!! Okay.. I-I\'m not really sure where Feng Jiu is....." After hearing what Xiao Mei said, his face darkened.

Seeing his face contorted like he wanted to kill someone, Xiao Mei immediately continued her sentence. "But!!! But... since you\'ve already turned Beijing upside down and you still can\'t find her, it means that she really intends to hide away from you. As her friend, I know some place where she usually stays when we were young. She must be there, hiding."

After receiving the details, MinFeng immediately left without saying goodbye.

"Aiyaa~ You\'re welcome!!!" Xiao Mei sarcastically responded. \'Shesh! He\'s really different from my beloved MinDe.\' Thinking about the man that made her heart thump rapidly, Xiao Mei immediately dialed his number.

After a few more beep, a deep voice could be heard, answering the phone. "Hello? Who is this?"

Xiao Mei almost squealed from delight and happiness. \'Ahhh!! He answered~~~\'

"*Coughed* This.. This is M-Mrs. Lu..."


"No! no! no!! I mean... This is the Future Second Young Madam."


*Tuut.. Tuut... Tuut..*

"H-hello? Hello!"

\'Ah?? It was cut?! Whhyyy?!\'


Xiao Mei was left speechless.


Feng Jiu woke up. Her head hurt. She opened her eyes and look around her surroundings. She was lying on a tiny bed inside a house. She immediately sat and wanted to stand up when an older woman went inside the room. The older woman immediately assisted her to sit down. "Don\'t force yourself. Are you okay now??"

"W-where am I?" Feng Jiu recalled what happened before.

As far as she could remember, after leaving the house, she drove her car endlessly, not paying attention to where she was going.

All she wanted to do was to stay away.. far, far away from him... so, she could forget everything..

She was driving for hours when her car suddenly stopped. It broke and wouldn\'t start. She started walking, trying to find a house when she suddenly felt dizzy. She tried to calm herself and find a tree to lean on, but she was a little late and she fainted beside the road.

"You\'re here in Yihezhuang[1], you fainted a while ago. Luckily my husband saw you and carried you here. Do not force yourself. It might affect the baby in your belly."

Feng Jiu froze.

\'Baby? I-I am.. Pregnant?\'

"Y-You must be wrong.. I-I am not----"

"Aiyaa~ What are you saying. I also experienced being pregnant. If you want, I can accompany you to the hospital later for a checkup."

Feng Jiu wanted to cry.. She wanted to laugh.. Her heart suddenly burst from happiness but when she thought of her child growing up without a father, all of her happiness vanished.

But she already made a decision. No matter what happened, she will not abandon this child, like how MinFeng abandoned her.

\'Even if daddy is not here, mommy will love you unconditionally. Mommy only needs you in her life.\'

Feng Jiu smiled while caressing her abdomen.


[1]. A small village near Beijing


[1]. Japanese for \'Heart\'

[2]. Japanese expression for \'heartbeat\' like \'thump thump\' in English

[3]. A small village near in Beijing


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