Chapter 31 - It's.. You?

Chapter 31: It\'s.. You?

Feng Jiu froze.

Her phone fell on the ground. Tears gushed out of her eyes. She tried to calm herself but she couldn\'t. She was gasping for air while her hand was pressing her chest. Few minutes later, she was able to stabilize her emotion. She slowly reached her phone below while her hands were shaking hard. She immediately dialed Long Jin\'s number. It was already 3 am in the morning. The text message was sent two days ago. Feng Jiu was utterly devastated. The only relative she had was her grandfather. The only person who cared for her and treated her like a family was also her grandfather.

\'Yeye... Please be safe.\'

Feng Jiu was angry at herself. Instead of hiding away like a coward, instead of letting herself drown from despair and self-pity, she should\'ve stayed at her grandfather\'s side.

Long Jin was not answering her call. It had been her 12th try but she was still unable to contact him.

Feng Jiu immediately grabbed her keys, wanting to drive her car when she remembered that it was currently impounded at a towing company.

She sighed. She fetched a paper and a pen. She scribbled some words for aunt and uncle Ling. She wrote, [Dear aunt and uncle Ling, Feng Jiu was very grateful towards both of you. When Feng Jiu was struggling hard with no one to rely on, you and uncle opened your door and took me in. You treated Feng Jiu as your own daughter.

When Feng Jiu almost gave up, both of you took care of me and my Little Bump. Because of you, Feng Jiu realized that as long as you persevere, everything will be okay. As long as you do not give up, you will find happiness. You taught me that life was beautiful. That life was precious. That I must not give up and continue living for my Little Bump. Thank you very much for everything that you\'ve done for Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu wanted to ask forgiveness for not saying goodbye.

Someday, Feng Jiu will come back together with Little Bump to visit you. Feng Jiu hope that you will allow Feng Jiu to take good care of you in the near future.

From Feng Jiu and Little Bump.]

Before she walked away, she stared at the rundown house where she stayed for a week. Although the people who were living there were very different from those inside the city, village folks were very simple. They disn\'t make their lives complicated because of scheming or fighting each other.

They were like a huge family. Although they didn\'t live in luxury and didn\'t eat full course meal[1], they were always happy and contented.

As she was walking down the small pathway, someone saw her. The old man was pushing his cart. He offered to accompany her towards the main road. She accepted the old man\'s good intention, thinking that it would be good to have someone accompany her, in case something bad would happen.

Feng Jiu was already waiting for almost 30 minutes. The bus has not arrived yet. She once again dialed Long Jin\'s number. Luckily, after few rings, he answered.

"Miss Jiu.."

"H-How was Yeye? Was he okay?"

Long Jin did not answer. Feng Jiu wanted to continue asking but she knew Long Jin wouldn\'t give her any information. "Prepare a car. Fetch me at Yihezhuang."

"Yes. I will go immediately."

"You must tell me everything later. Or else, I will make sure you won\'t utter a single word forever." She icily said.

Although she knew that he was just following her grandfather\'s command, Feng Jiu couldn\'t help but be irritated towards Long Jin.

Two hours later, when the sun could be seen on the horizon, Long Jin finally arrived.





Feng Jiu saw her grandfather lying on the hospital bed. Like what she saw on her dream, he was very thin, pale and frail.

*drop, drop, drop*

Like an open faucet, her tears streamed down on her face, making her cheeks wet. She could not believe that her grandfather was dying.

As if Xuan Tian sensed her presence, he opened his eyes and said, "Child.... You\'ve come?" A single sentence almost drained all of Xuan Tian\'s energy.

"Yeye..." Feng Jiu immediately moved forward and hold his hand.

"Yeye... Ah Jiu is here. Ah Jiu is sorry for not contacting you. Don\'t worry... Ah Jiu will not leave anymore. Ah Jiu will take good care of you.. So, you better stay strong, okay?" She tried to smile, trying to pretend that she was strong so that her grandfather wouldn\'t worry for her.

"Ah Jiu... *coughs* It seems like Yeye won\'t be able to stay with y-you a little longer."

"No.. No.. Don\'t say that. Yeye... Yeye, please don\'t say that."

"*Coughs* Ah Jiu, before Yeye leave, can you promise Yeye?"

Feng Jiu nodded while trying to suppress her tears. "Mmmm. I promise. I will promise anything as long as you stay strong and won\'t give up."

XuanTian smiled. "Yeye was afraid that when Yeye left, Ah Jiu will be all alone. So Yeye decided to *coughs* h-have someone accompany you for the rest of your life."

Feng Jiu froze. Then slowly nodded her head.

"I will. I will marry the man Yeye has chosen."

XuanTian tried to reach her cheeks. He said while patting softly, "This is the only thing Yeye can do for your sake.. Child, do not waste this opportunity. *coughs* B-be happy and let Yeye rest peacefully."


Feng Jiu was sitting on a private room inside a restaurant. She was waiting for her so-called fiancé.

It had been three days since she accepted her grandfather\'s decision for her marriage.

Feng Jiu was in deep thought. She did not notice that someone was walking towards her. She only realized that the person she was waiting for had arrived when she felt a scorching gaze was directed at her. The man sat on the opposite side of the table.

Feng Jiu raised her head and introduced herself. "I\'m Feng Jiu of Feng Inter------" Her sentence stopped midway when she saw the face of the man that was sitting in front of her. She subconsciously stood up and whispered, "It\'s.. You?"

The man smiled. "It\'s been a long time."


[1]. Consists of Appetizer, Main Dish and Dessert


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