Chapter 134 - Feng Jun was Arrested

Chapter 134: Feng Jun was Arrested

Xiao Guan sat on the edge of the bed.

He kept on thinking how to mend his relationship with his daughter and Lu MinDe.

Even though he knew MinDe already despised him, he couldn\'t let his golden ticket to fly away just like that.

As long as Xiao Mei said some good words in front of MinDe, he would definitely forgive him.

\'That\'s right!! I must talk with Ah Mei alone!\'

Xiao Guan stood up and called his daughter.

It took a couple of rings before Xiao Mei answered the call.


"Why are you not answering my call??"


Xiao Guan snorted. He really couldn\'t feel any love towards this stupid daughter of his.

If it wasn\'t for the fact that he needed to coax her into helping him, he would never call her.

He suppressed the anger building inside him. He repeatedly reminded himself that no matter what, he must not get angry at Xiao Mei.

"*cough* Ah Mei ahh... How are you? Dad is very sorry about what happened yesterday. Are you okay now?"

Xiao Mei did not respond to his words. Xiao Guan could only continue talking.

"Ah Mei... Can.. Can you meet with Dad? Dad wanted to apologize to you in person. Please?"

Xiao Mei once again did not answer him but Xiao Guan waited patiently.

Few seconds later, Xiao Mei agreed.

"Okay. I also want to talk to you. Let\'s meet up tomorrow at SubWay[1] near LuXury Hotel."

"Great!! Let\'s meet up tomorrow then."

Xiao Guan could not hide his eagerness.


Xiao Mei ended the call and placed her phone inside her pocket. She sat on the chair. After what happened at LuXury Hotel, MinDe decided to bring her in his own estate. The hotel was still under investigation so they could not live on the penthouse above.

"Your father?"

MinDe asked as he slowly undress himself.

Xiao Mei stood up and hurriedly helped him unbutton his shirt.

"En. He wanted to talk to me."


Xiao Mei sighed as she continued to unbuckle his belt.

"MinDe... I know you don\'t want me to go and see him but he is still my dad. I can\'t just pretend that he doesn\'t exist."


Xiao Mei\'s hands stopped moving. She raised her head and stared at MinDe.


Like a kid, MinDe stubbornly refused to look at her.

Xiao Mei could only sigh and continue to unzip his pants.

She ordered him to sit on the bed so she can help him pull it out of his legs completely. She went to their closet and pulled some clothes for him.

MinDe was only wearing his boxers but Xiao Mei was already accustomed of him being naked so she no longer blush whenever she saw his yummilicious body. Being eaten by him everyday, she slowly developed a resistance in his pheromones. She had already graduated being a blushing virgin thanks to his \'proper guidance\'.

She stood in front of him and slowly dressed him with new clothes.

"MinDe... I know you are just worried about me but I can\'t always hide behind you."

"I can protect you."

MinDe raised his hand and grabbed Xiao Mei\'s waist.

He slowly pulled her forward and then placed his head on her chest.

Xiao Mei slowly caressed his hair.

"I know.. I know you can protect me but I can\'t always hide behind you like a coward. I must face my problems on my own."

Xiao Mei cupped MinDe\'s face and raise it, forcing him to look at her.

"I will end everything tomorrow.. okay? You don\'t have to come with me. I can handle it. I promise.. this will be the last time. I will make sure that Daddy won\'t disturb us ever again."


Xiao Mei leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you."

MinDe\'s eyes narrowed like a beast but there was an unexplainable tenderness inside of it.

"Mmm... I know.."

MinDe pulled Xiao Mei and pressed her beneath him. He put his mouth on her ears and whispered.

"I love you too."

Xiao Mei chuckled and bit his chin playfully.

In the next few hours, moans and grunts could be heard inside the room.


"Boss! We already found Feng Jun."

MinFeng nodded and ordered Chen Hao to move immediately.

Since the military was not able to find Feng Jun, he decided to use his own men to locate him.

The military already served their purpose, and that was to cripple the branch family by arresting FengRan and FengWu.

"Contact Shen WuRong. Tell him to choose between Feng Jun and His Money Tree. If he chooses wrong, tell him I will personally destroy him.

I already gave him face by not interfering between him and the military."

MinFeng was also a member of the underground market by being a seller of guns and other equipments. Although he also had a connection with some military personnel, he never once paid any attention to the matters between the underground market and the government.

He was neutral.

"This subordinate understands."

Chen Hao left the house to personally lead his mean in arresting Feng Jun.

MinFeng stood up and went to their bedroom. He saw FengJiu sitting near the window while caressing the small bump in her stomach.

His eyes softened as he walked towards his wife. She looked like a little tadpole but she was still beautiful in his eyes.

He lowered his head and kissed her lips.

"How is he?"

"Little Bump is behaving extremely well."

FengJiu raised her head and stared back at him. She noticed that there was something bothering him.

"Is there something wrong?"

MinFeng shook his head.

"Nothing. Chen Hao already located Feng Jun\'s hideout. Don\'t worry, after this, everything will be over."

FengJiu smile and nodded.

"Now that YanRong is dead and the Branch Family has been suppressed, Second Uncle is the only one left. We can finally be at ease."

Few hours later, Feng Jun was successfully captured. Since his biggest backer decided to abandon him, Feng Jun was not able to fight back.

Like a lion who lost its claws, he was not able to defend himself.

This time, he was finally subdued and carried away.

MinFeng did not inform the military about Feng Jun\'s arrest. He wanted to personally execute him.

But before he kills him, he must torture Feng Jun first as his \'payment\' for everything he had done to FengJiu.

MinFeng did not want FengJiu to follow him underground but she insisted on meeting with Feng Jun.

When the two of them arrived at the underground prison, FengJiu saw Feng Jun kneeling at the center of the room.

When he saw her, he pulled the chains and roared.



[1]. A Food Franchise.


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