Chapter 83 - Breathtaking Beauty

Chapter 83: Breathtaking Beauty

When FengJiu entered the venue, YanRong was already there.

She signaled the waiter to start their plan. When she saw FengJiu colliding with him, YanRong laughed mockingly.

\'Serves you right, bitch! How\'s my first gift to you?? Don\'t worry, this is just the start. I\'ll give you a night you will never forget.\'

YanRong was grinning from ear to ear when her phone rang.

"Mei\'er! Where are you??"

"RongRong, I\'m almost at the entrance."


She hang up and smirked.

"Stupid Xiao Mei... Help RongRong later, okay? Hahahahaha do not disappoint me."

A few minutes later, she heard Xiao Mei calling her name.


YanRong immediately smiled at her.

"Mei\'er! You\'re here."

"Enn.. sorry I\'m late. So w---"

Before Xiao Mei could finish her sentence, she saw a very familiar silhouette.

"Is that Ah Jiu?!"

Xiao Mei exclaimed when she saw her best friend dripping wet while someone was kowtowing in front of her.


"Mei\'er, where are you going?"

YanRong immediately grabbed Xiao Mei\'s arm and pulled her back.

"You promised to accompany me here. Why are you leaving me behind."

She pulled Xiao Mei once again and stared at her pitifully.

Xiao Mei was torn between them. She wanted to go and check Ah Jiu\'s situation but she could not leave YanRong alone.

She bit her lips and looked at YanRong.

"I\'m sorry RongRong. My bestfriend needs me. I\'ll... I\'ll come back later... I\'m sorry..."

Xiao Mei pulled her arm but before she was able to take a step away from YanRong, she saw a man walking towards FengJiu.

"YanFei gege!!"


YanRong could not help but exclaim when she heard Xiao Mei.

\'Why is Fei ge here?! Why is he helping that bitch?! WHY?!\'

She glared at the man who was standing beside FengJiu.

She could not believe that he destroyed her first plan. She first wanted to humiliate FengJiu then destroy her image.

Now that YanFei was here, YanRong was afraid her plan will not succeed.

She stared at Xiao Mei and pulled her once again.

"Mei\'er, look. Someone already helped your friend... Please don\'t leave me here..."

Xiao Mei could only sigh. A few minutes later, she nodded and said,

"Okay. I\'m sorry RongRong. I never intended to leave you here but the woman just now is my best friend. I wanted to help her but since my other friend is there, I guess I\'ll just meet with them later."

YanRong smiled.

"I\'m not angry at you. Don\'t worry, I\'ll accompany you later. I want to meet your friend too. Come, let\'s sit there."

YanRong turned and walked away.

Xiao Mei was still feeling bad for not helping FengJiu. All she could do was send a message to bad gege.


It was already eight in the evening but MinFeng and some of the employees were still inside the meeting room.

"The probability of expansion this year is fifty three percent, the-----"

MinFeng was busy listening when his phone rang.

He immediately grabbed it and saw Xiao Mei\'s name on the screen.


MinFeng felt like his soul almost flew away.


He immediately stood up and without any delay, walked out of the room, leaving his employees frozen in their seats.

Chen Hao followed him.

He sat at the backseat and ordered Chen Hao to drive fast.

Xiao Mei forgot to send the address, but luckily, MinFeng knew which hotel the ball was held.

He wanted to strangle FengJiu\'s friend. She did not share any details like how and why FengJiu got into trouble.

\'Those who bullies my wife and child will experience hell. Lu family is not easy to bully.\'

"Drive faster. Your Young Madam is in trouble."

"Yes Young Master. This subordinate understands."


FengJiu was still looking at YanFei\'s face.

YanFei smiled and touched her hair.

"Your gege knows he is handsome."

FengJiu giggled.

When she was drenched in alcohol, someone helped her.

It was YanFei. He draped his coat overher shoulders and pulled her away from the crowd.

The event was being held inside the function room of a hotel.

When they left, YanFei brought her to another room.

She was shocked when she saw that there were people inside.

"What are you dilly-dallying ahh?"

He flicked her forehead and smiled.

"Take a shower first."

YanFei pushed her inside the bathroom before closing the door.

FengJiu could not help but be grateful towards him.

When she was humiliated, YanFei arrived and rescued her like a knight in shining armor.

FengJiu could not help but giggle.

The woman her YanFei fancies would definitely love him back.

A man like him was very rare. He was one of a kind.

She had almost forgotten why she loved him when they were young.

It was because he treated her well. He was like a prince charming that came from those fairytale books.

When FengJiu finished showering, she went out of the bathroom.

YanFei immediately ordered the people he brought over to help her.

"Fei ge, what\'s---"

"Don\'t worry. Just leave everything to them. I\'ll go outside and wait for you."

It only took them a few minutes to finish styling her.

Her hair that was tied in a bun was now curled halfway. The only accessory available for her hair was a flat headband with red pearl at the left side.

The choker on her neck was plain red with black lace.

Her dress was plain. It was different from those dresses that are full of laces and ruffles.

It was an off shoulder red dress with a black outline. Her back was exposed and there was a slit at the right side of her dress.

The Ice Queen in Black dress was now an Ethereal Goddess in red.

Her look was very different from before. Before, she exuded an aloof aura. Like a poisonous flower in the middle of an icy plane.

FengJiu gasped as she saw her reflection in the mirror. The people who helped her were also astonished.

They felt proud after creating a Masterpiece.

FengJiu was very alluring yet elegant in that red dress. A very Breathtaking Beauty.

She was like a lone flower in a cliff. You could look at it but not be worthy enough to touch it.

When FengJiu went out of the room, YanFei gulped.

His heart was beating very fast. He could not help but whisper her name.

"Ah Jiu..."

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