Chapter 136 - My Hands Are Bloody

Chapter 136: My Hands Are Bloody


A few seconds after the door closed, Feng Jun\'s scream could be heard echoing inside.

FengJiu stiffened. She could feel a teeny tiny prick inside her heart but she chose to harden herself.

\'It\'s too late...\'

A few minutes later, MinFeng returned.

Feng Jun was currently kneeling on the ground.


He sat on the chair as he stared at Feng Jun\'s body that was full of blood.

"Reporting to Master. This subordinate already started whipping him using the tail of a stingray soaked with salt."


He stood up and walked towards Feng Jun. MinFeng stretched his hand and pulled his hair upward, forcing Feng Jun to look at him.

"How dare you try to harm my wife a couple of times? Do you really think that I will kill you immediately? Too bad, I\'m not soft-hearted like FengJiu.

Since you tried to harm her, I will torture you until you regret everything."

Feng Jun\'s eyes shook. He already started regretting everything.

Regretted that he plotted against her and her family.

When he read the letter, it was already too late.

Too late to regret everything.

He could only ask for mercy. He wanted to end everything. The pain he felt as he was subjected in this kind of torture was already beyond human tolerance.

"Please... J-just kill me already.."

MinFeng forcefully tugged his chin upward.

He mockingly sneered at him.

"After what you have done to FengJiu, you want an easy death? In your dreams."

MinFeng released his grip on Feng Jun\'s chin and wiped his fingers with napkin.

He turned, walked away and sat on the chair at the front.

"How many times did you curse my wife?"

MinFeng picked some pliers on the table. He gave it at P-15.

"Pull all his teeth."

MinFeng wanted to avoid him committing suicide by biting his tongue.

P-15 nodded and slowly walked towards Feng Jun.

"No!! No!! I beg you!! I regret everything!! I shouldn\'t have tried to kill FengJiu.. I beg you...Just kill me... Please.. Just kill me.."

But no matter how he struggled, P-15 was able to pull all of his teeth.

"AAHHHH--- *gurgle* *gurgle*"

Feng Jun almost choked with his own blood.



MinFeng\'s eyes darkened.

"Bring the insects."

When Feng Jun saw the scorpions and centipedes inside the container, his soul almost flew out of his body.

"No.. No!!"

He tried to pull his arms, trying to escape from being chained.

Unfortunately, the chain was very sturdy.

Feng Jun felt his strength was starting to fade as he tried to struggle.

The chain shortened and he was pulled upward. P-15 immediately placed the container below him and slowly lowered the chains.

When Feng Jun entered the container, the scorpions immediately stung him repeatedly while the centipedes started to crawl on his body, entering inside his opened wounds.

"Ahh!! Ahh!! Get away!! Get away!! Help me!! Help me!!"

He was already crying.

He could not help but piss his pants as he felt his feet were starting to get numb.

It was much more painful than being flogged a thousand times.

MinFeng smiled as he heard his plea.

"How does it feel when you realize that no matter how you beg, no matter how you scream, no one tries to save you?

What you feel right now is what FengJiu felt when she was almost raped.

This is just the beginning.

Don\'t worry, I will not let you die easily."

He stood up and pulled a screwdriver. When he arrived in front of Feng Jun, MinFeng saw the blood inside the container together with the insects.

"I really hate it whenever you look at FengJiu with contempt in your eyes."


After he was done gauging Feng Jun\'s eyes, MinFeng threw the screw driver and stared at P-15.

"You will clip one finger and one toe everyday. Do not feed him anything but make sure he does not die."

"Yes. This subordinate understands."


FengJiu saw MinFeng arrived inside the room. She stood up and went forward, carrying a box of wet wipes.

"Are you done?"

She smiled at him.


MinFeng wanted to take a shower. Although he looked clean, he could still smell the blood around his body.

He immediately stepped back and dodged when FengJiu tried to touch him.

But he was one second slower than her. She held his hands and pulled him closer.

"Don\'t.. my hands are bloody."

FengJiu smiled and wiped his hands with wet tissue.

"No matter how bloody it gets, I will always help you wipe all of it."

FengJiu raised her head and stared at him.

"I will walk together with you in this path. Your sin is my sin."

MinFeng\'s eyes quivered. His face softened when FengJiu guided his hands towards her face.

"I\'m sorry.."

"For what?"

"Because of me, you once again dyed your hands with blood."

MinFeng pulled her in his embrace.

"I will do everything for you... for our child...

I do not care about what people say..

I do not care if I go to hell when I die..

As long as I can protect you, protect our family... I can do anything.. even if I have to sell my soul."

FengJiu shook her head.

"I will protect you too... You and Little Bump.

Now that everything is over, we can finally be at ease."

MinFeng and FengJiu stared at each other.

An ambiguous air suddenly floated around them, making them feel hot all over their body.

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He slowly carried her inside the bathroom.

When they were inside, he carefully undressed her.

When she was already naked, MinFeng\'s eyes shone as he stared at the tiny little bump on her abdomen.

\'This is my child... growing inside the body of the woman I love..\'

He kneeled and kissed the small bump.

FengJiu smiled as she stroked his hair.

"Little Bump said he wanted to meet you."

MinFeng grinned mischievously. He obviously knew what FengJiu meant.

A few minutes later, a female\'s voice could be heard screaming and moaning inside the bathroom.



Author\'s Side Note:

I really really really tried to lessen the torture.

I forgot that some of you were not comfortable reading such things. Luckily, I saw it on the comment section. HAHAHAHAH among those bloody suggestions, someone wrote about being uncomfortable reading something like this.

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