Chapter 34 - Her Tears

Chapter 34: Her Tears


MinFeng smirked and walked towards her. He leaned forward and whispered, "If you beg me on the bed, I might agree with your terms."

"You perve---" Feng Jiu raised her hand to slap MinFeng.

Unfortunately, he was able to catch it. He pulled her closer and grabbed her waist. Unable to defend herself, Feng Jiu was assaulted. She was kissed roughly on the lips. She wanted to push him but he was very strong, her body could only shiver from pain. She could feel that MinFeng\'s hands were starting to wander on her body.

Touching her.

Pinching her.

Caressing her.

When she felt his hand moved inside her knee-length skirt, she tried to stop him. She wanted to yell at him. She wanted him to stop but she couldn\'t utter a single word. Her mouth was blocked by his lips. Her hands were locked by his arms. Her body was locked by his embrace. She could only whimper.

\'Noo! We are in a restaurant!\' Although both of them were alone inside a VIP room, she did not want to let MinFeng do what he wanted.

Feng Jiu bit MinFeng\'s lips. After tasting his blood, she thought that he would release her.. But she was wrong. It only intensified his rough behavior. As if the smell and taste of his own blood excited him. After reaching the place he wanted to touch, his fingers immediately hastened its work. He was stroking, poking and thrusting his fingers inside her.

Feng Jiu broke free from his grasps but instead of pushing him away, she clutched his shoulders. Pulling him closer. She was gasping, she was gasping for some air. Her mind wanted to push him, to slap him hard, to scratch his face… but her body wouldn\'t follow her.

It only wanted to melt from MinFeng\'s touch.

It only wanted to welcome MinFeng inside it.

It only wanted to receive MinFeng\'s grace.

Her body shivered... Not from fear, but from excitement..

Her eyes were closed. She could only hear their moans.

She could only smell their scent.

She could only feel his body heat.

Feng Jiu could feel her legs were starting to wobble. Subconsciously, her hands that were clutching his shoulders moved upward, encircling his neck. Finding a new support, Feng Jiu did not bother forcing her legs to stand. She almost dragged MinFeng down. MinFeng steeled his body and embraced her more, supporting her to stand straight.

Feng Jiu could feel that she was almost there. A few more thrust and she will find her release. Few minutes later, she could feel something rushing outside her cave.

"Enn!! ah--ahhhhh!!" She came… on MinFeng\'s fingers while standing inside a restaurant.

He pulled his fingers out from her cave. After kissing her for the last time, MinFeng whispered in her ears. "Only I can make you feel like this. You are mine Feng Jiu, remember that."

Feng Jiu subconsciously stepped backwards and fell on the chair. MinFeng wiped his fingers and grabbed the folder. "Since you satisfied me, I guess I\'ll reconsider your proposal. Expect my signature tomorrow."

MinFeng left without turning back. Feng Jiu was sitting for almost half an hour before she started to move. She noticed that her blouse and skirt were in disarray. Her hair was unkempt.

Her face was full of tears. And her legs were.. wet and sore.

Feng Jiu stared at the door foolishly before she slowly stood up and walked towards the restroom.


After leaving the restaurant, MinFeng immediately went inside his car.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!!"

He punched the steering wheel until he could feel that the bones on his fingers were all broken.

MinFeng hated himself. Since young, he was taught how to control his emotions, to stay calm always, to stay level headed every time because having emotions would only hinder your success.

But it was very different when it came to Feng Jiu.

She could stir his emotions.

She could make him go crazy.

MinFeng cursed himself.

\'Why did it become like that?\' He really did not want to hurt her, but he was angry at her--- for leaving him, for saying that she did not love him and for proposing that marriage agreement.

He hated it. He hated Feng Jiu. He hated himself.

He just said those words to taunt her. When she retaliated by trying to slap him, he couldn\'t help but want to provoke her more. So, he kissed her.

He just wanted to steal a kiss, but she bit him like an angry kitten.

He could not help but to want more, to want more of her. He wanted to touch her, to lick every inch of her body, to bury himself inside her, to impregnate her and to love her.

But shit happened because he could not control himself.

He became a beast--- a nasty beast.

He just wanted to possess her but he never really wanted to hurt her. But now, she was crying--- she was crying because he had hurt her once again. He kept on hurting her--- again and again… But he couldn\'t help himself.

When MinFeng recalled Feng Jiu\'s face that was full of tears, once again, he repeatedly punched the steering wheel.

Every tear she shed made his heart bleed. He never wanted to make her cry. He continued his craziness, releasing the anger inside him. After a couple of minutes, MinFeng stopped punching the steering wheel. His hand was already beaten black and blue. But he did not care.

He closed his eyes and brought his hands to his face and smelled it. He could still smell Feng Jiu\'s scent.

He took a deep breath.

"Ahhh... Feng Jiu..."

He crazily whispered.

\'Once we get married, I won\'t let you escape ever again.\'


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