Chapter 87 - Stay Away From Him

Chapter 87: Stay Away From Him

When MinFeng captured her lips, FengJiu could only kiss him back.

His kiss was very possessive and forceful. He sucked her mouth hungrily and bit her tongue.

She whimpered but did not push him away. She knew he was punishing her for wearing a \'revealing\' dress.

His hand was covering her half-naked back as if he did not want others to see her skin.

The kiss was long. Both of them were gasping for air after separating their lips.

MinFeng closed his eyes and growled. He pressed his head on hers and inhaled her scent.

FengJiu felt that MinFeng was trying to control his anger.

\'Little Bump, help!! Mommy is in trouble!!! What should we do?? Oh no!! Daddy is sooo angry!! \'

FengJiu could only allow MinFeng to possessively hold her even though she could feel the weird gazes coming from their surroundings.

The music was still playing so they still had to dance until it stopped.

MinFeng opened his eyes and glared at her.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"Mrs. Lu, seems like husband is pampering you too much. Wearing a fancy dress given by another man is a capital offense. What should husband do? Tell me, Mrs. Lu, how should this husband punish you?"

FengJiu gulped and smiled forcefully.

"M-my dear husband... You are so handsome tonight! Aiyaa~ look at your clothes. It fits your image. Did you specifically wear it for tonight\'s occasion?"

"Yes. Because I HAD an important meeting at the company."

"Ha-ha-ha. I-Is that so?"

FengJiu laughed stiffly.

She was sooo scared that her legs were shaking.

\'What should I do??\'

They were still dancing so she still had some time before she faced his wrath.

FengJiu\'s eyes shone when she thought of an idea. The music was slow and sweet so many couples were also dancing beside them.

She leaned on his shoulder and draw circles on his chest as they swayed slowly. She coquettishly blinked and stared at him.

"Husband~ please don\'t get angry at this wife.. This wife knows she was wrong. Husband~ please forgive this wife.. Mmm? Mmm!"

FengJiu blinked her eyes cutely while pouting her lips.

She did not care that her image was now completely destroyed.

The Witch was now acting like a thousand year old fox seducing the emperor.

The people who were looking at them could not help but gape.

The New Chairman of Lu Corporation was known to be a money-grabbing bastard who hated women.

Even when beautiful women tried to seduce him before, he was like a stone. Unfeeling and indifferent.

The Heiress of Feng International had an even worse of a reputation than him. At a young age, she succeeded his grandfather and managed their company. She was like a Demoness that came from Hell. One wrong move and you would get fired. She was very aloof and antisocial.

People could not believe what they saw especially those who have personally met both of them.

They stared at the couple like they were some endangered animals in a zoo.

\'The hell!! Who cares about image ahh?! I have to appease his anger right now or else I\'ll suffer at home!!\'

FengJiu pretended that she did not notice the weird gazes and continued to flirt with him.

"This wife loves husband very much... This wife knows she was wrong.. please, forgive this wife~"

MinFeng\'s anger subsided. He liked the way FengJiu acted right now.

He nodded but pretended to glare at her.

"Fine. Then wife must kiss this husband."

\'Lu MinFeng!! You pervert!! Aren\'t you ashamed that many people are looking at us ahh??!\'

FengJiu could only grit her teeth but she still smiled at him.

She tiptoed then kissed his lips.

MinFeng laughed and pulled her out of the dance floor. He did not care that people were shocked silly because of their live snu-snu[1].

FengJiu hurriedly grabbed her purse. She looked left and right, searching for Xiao Mei and the others but she could not see even their shadows.

"Ahh? Where are they?"

"Your friends?"

"Enn.. I want to----"

FengJiu\'s phone vibrated.

She received a text from Xiao Mei.

[FengJiu, I\'m at room 5920. Please come. I drank so much. I\'m dizzy.]

FengJiu felt that there was something wrong with Xiao Mei\'s text message but she could not point it out.

"MinFeng, I have to meet Xiao Mei."

MinFeng nodded.

"Do you want me to accompany you?"

She shook her head.

"No need. Just wait for me. I\'ll be back soon."


FengJiu smiled and walked away.

She was almost at room 5920 when YanFei blocked the way.

"Ge? Why--"

"Go home. I can take care of Ah Mei."

"Ahh? Are you sure?"

She tried to walk past him but YanFei once again blocked her way.

"Enn.. go now. Someone is waiting for you.."

He turned her body and pushed her gently.

".... Okay. I\'ll call both of you later, then."

YanFei nodded and smiled at her.

FengJiu was almost at the exit when she saw YanRong leaning against the wall.

Her face was red and her breathing was unstable.

FengJiu walked towards her.

"Are you okay?"

"Why are you here?!"

YanRong could not help but exclaim as she saw FengJiu in front of her.

FengJiu\'s face darkened.

"What did you say? Why? Am I not supposed to be here? Then, where should I be? ....Room 5920?

Heeeh.. Seems like my suspicion was correct. You planned something, right? You wanted to destroy me using Xiao Mei as a bait."

YanRong paled. She clutched her chest and glared at her. Her body was now feeling hot.

"You-- what are you talking about?"

YanRong denied her allegation.

FengJiu smirked.

"If you won\'t confess then, it\'s okay. I\'ll eventually know everything. Ahh.. that\'s right! How was it?? Was the drug effective?"

"You bitch!!! You... You!! What did you do to me?!"

"Ahh? I dunno. You just drank your own medicine. How was it?"

YanRong screamed and raised her hand. She felt a little dizzy but her anger made her clear-headed.

Unfortunately, FengJiu caught her hand and slapped her on the face.


"This is for seducing MinFeng!"


"This is for using Xiao Mei!!"

"..and this, this is for trying to harm me!!"


YanRong was slapped silly.

She gaped and stared at FengJiu foolishly as if she did not expect her to retaliate.

"This is an advice as your \'friend\', kill yourself before I kill you."

FengJiu turned around and walked away.

"Ah.. that\'s right."

FengJiu stopped walking and looked back at YanRong.

"Stay away from MinFeng. He\'s mine."

YanRong fell on the floor. Her body felt very hot. Her face hurt and her heart bled.

She never thought that the drug she prepared for FengJiu would be consumed by herself instead.

It was an aphrodisiac.

The very one used in white slavery and female prostitutes. The only way to relieve its effects was to have sex until morning.

\'No!! I don\'t want to!! Why?! Why!! Was it Fei ge again?! How about Xiao Mei? Has she been found?\'

YanRong slowly walked towards her car.

She must leave right now before someone takes advantage of her situation.

\'Bitch!! I will return the favor. Just wait!! Feng ge will definitely leave you!!"

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[1]. Sweet moments


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