Chapter 36 - Divorce 2098

Chapter 36: Divorce 2098

Feng Jiu drove her Audi towards the park. It was almost midnight. She called Xiao Mei and asked if she was still at the swing.

"Ah Mei? Where are you? I\'m almost there."

"I\'m at the corner. Near the slides."

Feng Jiu walked towards the slide. Few seconds later, she could see Ah Mei sitting on a swing. She tiptoed and slowly walked. She wanted to surprise her but when she saw Ah Mei in tears, she abandoned her idea and sat on the next swing.

"What\'s wrong?" Feng Jiu asked.

Xiao Mei immediately wiped her tears and smiled at her. "Ah Jiu, you\'re here?"

"Ah Mei... Why are you crying? Did someone bully you?"

"No.. I was... I was just being sentimental. Look! Did you see that monkey bar? Do you remember when YanFei gege fell off? Hahaha." Xiao Mei immediately changed the topic. She did not want to burden Feng Jiu with her own problem.

Feng Jiu laughed. "Of course!! I was so shocked that I almost fainted but when I ran towards him, he was covering his butt not because it was hurt but because his pants were ripped at the center!!"

"Uhuh!! He was so ashamed that his face turned red. Aiyaa~ remembering it makes my tummy hurt from laughing hard." Both of them looked at each other then laughed out loud.

They stayed on the swing for almost half an hour. They were just laughing and talking nonsense about their childhood and those happy moments that they shared together. Feng Jiu felt happy. Hours ago, she was feeling sad because of what happened between her and MinFeng. Luckily, staying with Xiao Mei and talking about their childhood days lifted her spirit.

Seconds later Feng Jiu felt that Xiao Mei wanted to ask something from her.

"What is it? Just spill the beans[1]. No need to stare at me like that." Xiao Mei hesitated a little before asking,

"Ah Jiu, did you really not have any romantic feelings towards YanFei gege when we were little?" Feng Jiu almost fell off the swing.

When she recalled the young child back then, she remembered his face that was angelic enough to move anyone\'s heart. Feng Jiu admitted that she really had a crush on their YanFei gege. But a crush was just a crush. It was different from love where you were willing to sacrifice and to endure everything for the sake of the one you love.

Yes. She loved YanFei. But it was different from her love towards MinFeng.

She loved YanFei like a sibling. A sibling she never had. She was willing to do anything for him… as his little sister. But when it came to MinFeng, she was willing to give anything. Even if she had to offer her life. She loved MinFeng… as a man. She still loves him even if she was hurt countless of times. She would continue loving him until her very last breath. Until she closed her eyes eternally.

"Ah Jiu? Why are you not answering my question?"

"Ah?" Feng Jiu was startled. She did not notice that her thoughts were wondering somewhere.

Xiao Mei stared at her. Waiting for her reply.

Feng Jiu chuckled. "When we were young, I admit, I was smitten by YanFei gege, but that\'s all. Just a simple crush."

"Aiyaa~ poor YanFei gege.. Oh well, since you already have bad gege at your side, I bet he will not let someone snatch you away from him."

Feng Jiu smiled. She smiled painfully.

"Mmm.. Although I don\'t like bad gege because he makes me nervous all the time, I can see that he really cares for you. When you left, he searched everywhere, wanting to find you. He even asked me about those places we usually spend our days when we were young. You are very blessed, don\'t you know that? You have someone who cares for you unlike me."

At the last sentence, Xiao Mei\'s voice quivered a little. But Feng Jiu did not notice anything because she was shocked silly. She was very shocked that she could not help but just stare foolishly at Xiao Mei. \'He.... He searched for me? Why?\'

Feng Jiu wanted to ask Xiao Mei. She opened her mouth but before she could say anything, someone spoke. "Hey ladies... Why are you alone here? Wanna hang out with us? We can buy you a couple of drinks."

Four men suddenly appeared in front of them. Just one look and you could see that they were the type of people who would do illegal and dangerous things. Since they were located at the corner side of the park, the place was void of bright light and they were the only people sitting on the swing.

Xiao Mei scoffed. "You can\'t afford to buy us drinks. So just leave and do not bother us."

One of the guys started to laugh. Others followed and laughed loudly. He suddenly went forward and cupped Xiao Mei\'s chin. He then turned around and spoke to his friends.

"I like this one! So fierce. I want to know if she could still behave like this after being pressed below me." Xiao Mei resisted by trying to bite his hand but the other three moved quickly.

They were holding both of them when a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He kicked and punched those hooligans.

Feng Jiu gaped. \'What situation is this? Are we recording some romantic action drama here? --the maiden was harassed then a handsome man suddenly arrived and saved the day--kind of drama?\'

Feng Jiu wanted to see the face of the man who helped then. She was kind of excited thinking it was like in romance novels--- the Hero was very young and handsome.

After the brawl, the man turned his head and asked, "Young Misses, are both of you okay?"

\'He\'s an Ajussi[1]!!! Feng Jiu was greatly disappointed. She felt cheated. \'What young?! What handsome?! Utter rubbish!!\'

Both of them gave thanks to the old man and decided to return home. When the two women left, the old man went to the black Mercedes Benz and spoke. "Young Master, I already made sure that both of them are okay. They already left a while ago."

"Mmm.. Make sure that those bastards rot in jail forever. Arrange everything and frame them if necessary. No need for a death sentence, just a lifetime imprisonment will do."

The old man was skeptical. Still clueless why his Young Master suddenly went to this park and just stared at the two young ladies the whole time.


Feng Jiu had a migraine. She was not able to sleep early due to what Xiao Mei said yesterday night. All night, she just stared at the ceiling while thinking of MinFeng and their complicated situation. She was still in deep thoughts when Ming Yue knocked and went inside. She delivered an envelope with the seal \'LuCorp.\' attached on it. She immediately accepted it and ordered Ming Yue to cancel any appointment for an hour.

Feng Jiu locked the door and went back to her chair. She opened the envelope and read the contents. There were two separate papers inside. The first one was the Marriage agreement and the second one was the Divorce papers.

When she saw the Marriage agreement, Feng Jiu was enraged. The content was clearly changed. MinFeng rewrote everything and shamelessly added a bunch of unfair deals.

Feng Jiu was so angry that she did not notice the anomaly in the Divorce papers.

If she remained level headed and examined everything, she would have noticed that the Divorce papers she gave to MinFeng was tampered. Feng Jiu only needed his signature because she already filled all the necessary information needed to make it legal and binding. Little did she know, MinFeng not only signed the divorce papers but also tampered the date shamelessly.

Instead of divorcing in five months\' time this year, it was changed into five months\' time in 2098. MinFeng wrote a small circle at the upper part of the number one (1) in year 2018.

Feng Jiu was not able to notice this simple trick due to anger. It would take 80 years before the end of their marriage.


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