Chapter 138 - YanRong's Return

Chapter 138: YanRong\'s Return

Xiao Mei opened her eyes and saw that she was currently lying on a hospital bed.

She turned her head and saw MinDe sitting beside her. He was looking at her intensely as if he wanted to bore holes on her stomach.


She tried to sit up but her limbs felt weak.

MinDe immediately assisted her. He pulled the pillows and arranged it on her back to use as her support.

"Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Do you feel pain in your body?"

MinDe\'s face was as frigid as usual but his eyes were full of worry. Even his voice was very soft, making her bewildered.

\'What is wrong with this man?\'

Xiao Mei was already accustomed of MinDe\'s possessiveness and over protectiveness but what he was doing right now was definitely one notch higher than his usual level.

"What\'s wrong? Mmm?"

She raised her hand and touched his face.

MinDe\'s face crumpled. His face darkened when he glanced at her stomach.

Xiao Mei noticed his glare and subconsciously touched her abdomen.

\'Is there something wrong with my stomach? Is that why I fainted a while ago?\'

Xiao Mei suddenly felt sacred.

What if she had a tumor or something?

She looked at MinDe\'s serious face. She gathered her courage and bravely asked him.

"Is-is there something wrong with my stomach?"

When MinDe heard Xiao Mei\'s question, his face sank, as if he suddenly remembered something grievous.

Xiao Mei paled when she saw his countenance.

She new it.

There was definitely something wrong with her body. She wanted to open her mouth to ask the problem when MinDe spoke.

"There\'s something growing inside your stomach."

MinDe\'s brows were knitted together as he glared resentfully at her abdomen.

Xiao Mei closed her eyes to control her emotions.

\'Indeed. Am I dying? It must be terminal since MinDe was acting like that...\'

Tears suddenly poured out of her eyes.

MinDe was startled by her sudden outburst and he hurriedly wiped her tears.

"Don\'t cry.. don\'t cry..."

"How many more years---no, how many more months before----." before I die?

Xiao Mei could not finish her words.

"Eight more months."

MinDe answered.

Xiao Mei cried loudly and reached for MinDe. She wrapped her hands around his neck and buried her head on his chest.

"Shh.. don\'t cry.. it\'s not good for you to cry."

"But--- but I\'m dying... *sob* *sob* MinDe, when I die... can you visit me everyday? C-can you not marry someone else? *sob* *sob*"

MinDe froze.

"You\'re dying?"


Xiao Mei was startled. She suddenly stopped crying. She looked very adorable as she stared at MinDe with tears on her eyes.

"But--- but you said I only have eight months left."

Her red eyes were intensely looking at him, asking for his clarification.

"En. Eight more months and you will give birth."


Xiao Mei felt like she suddenly went deaf. Her eyes widened as she clutched MinDe\'s collar.

"What did you say?! I\'m pregnant?! Really?! HAHAHAHAH!! I\'M PREGNANT!!!"

Xiao Mei laughed happily as she escaped from MinDe\'s embrace and lovingly caressed her stomach.

The poor man, who was thrown away, could only glare at her stomach resentfully.

Even when \'it\' was not yet born, \'it\' already stole Xiao Mei\' affection away from him.


Xiao Mei suddenly remembered something. She turned her head and glared at MinDe.

"I\'m pregnant. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion! Why are you acting like you lost a fortune?? Ahh?"

MinDe avoided her eyes.

\'Don\'t tell me....\'

Xiao Mei smelled the strong scent of vinegar coming from MinDe.

She smiled as she pulled his hand and placed it on her stomach.

"Are you jealous?"

MinDe nodded.

"En. I am."

She stretched her other hand and stroked his face.

"You don\'t have to...You see, you must not get jealous of our baby.."

Xiao Mei slowly guided his hands around her flat stomach.

"Do you know why I am so happy when I found out that I was pregnant?"

Xiao Mei lovingly stared at him.

"It\'s because the baby is the proof of our love. I am so happy that I am carrying your child. Your flesh and blood... Lu MinDe... Thank you..."

MinDe\'s eyes softened.

\'Having little Xiao Mei might not be so bad.\'

Thinking of a small girl looking like Xiao Mei running around him, his jealousy faded.

He slowly nodded.

"En. I will love both of you."

Xiao Mei smiled and kissed his lips.

A few minutes later, MinDe left to talk with the doctor.

Remembering her father, Xiao Mei immediately called Xiao Guan.

She suddenly felt guilty. Her dad must be waiting for her.


Before she could say something, Xiao Guan already criticized her.

"Dad, I---"

Xiao Mei wanted to explain but no matter what she said, Xiao Guan wouldn\'t listen to her.

She could only sigh and listen to his hurtful words.

"Dad, Listen to me. I am-----"

She wanted to inform him about her pregnancy but he already ended the call.

Xiao Mei stared at the ceiling as she slowly caressed her abdomen.

"Baby, don\'t worry... Mommy will not let you experience the feeling of being unloved. Daddy and Mommy will love and pamper you."

Minutes later, MinDe returned. He was peeling an apple when Xiao Guan texted.

She sighed and replied.

[Dad, I\'m at DuXing Hospital right now.]


YanRong was currently waiting for YanFei.

She was wearing a black shirt with black pants. Her face was covered with a scarf.

"Fei ge!"

YanRong shouted as she ran towards YanFei.

"Why are you still here?? I already prepared everything. Next week, you can leave China without worries.

I already contacted Aunt. She agreed to go together with you to America while Uncle will follow next month after he\'s done sorting everything out.

Remember, do not come back. Live with your new identity and forget the past.

YanRong, I helped you because we are related by blood. I even fooled the woman I love for your sake but you must remember, this is the last time that I will protect you.

Do not seek trouble anymore. Leave MinFeng and FengJiu alone.

Once I found out that you are planning something evil again, I will personally bring you to the police station.. even if I have to pay the price of helping you."

"Yes, YanFei gege. YanRong knows."

YanRong lowered her head and nodded but her eyes contained madness.

\'Feng-Bitch.. don\'t think that you\'ve already won the war. I, YanRong is still alive.\'

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