Chapter 88 - MinDe, The Angry Hubby

Chapter 88: MinDe, The Angry Hubby

After half an hour, FengJiu and MinFeng arrived at their home.

MinFeng hurriedly walked towards their room, leaving FengJiu alone by the doorway.

MinFeng was not angry anymore but how could this shameless man let go of the opportunity to bully his wife?

So MinFeng pretended that he had not completely forgiven FengJiu while secretly grinning from ear to ear.

FengJiu was rooted on the floor. She could not believe MinFeng left on his own.

\'Is he still angry? Why?! Was sacrificing my image not enough??!\'

FengJiu pinched the center of her brows. Before she face the wrath of her jealous husband, she must call YanFei gege and ask for Xiao Mei\'s condition first.

She realized that the text message she received was fake the moment YanFei gege stopped her from entering room 5920.

She had a hunch that something was wrong and remembered the way her name was written.


Xiao Mei never called her by her full name. Ever since they were children, she always called her \'Ah Jiu\' and not \'FengJiu\'

She knew Xiao Mei was in trouble but she believed in her YanFei gege. When he said to leave everything to him, FengJiu knew she could rely on him.

But she still wanted to know if everything was okay.




"Hello, Ah Jiu?"

"Ge! How was Ah Mei?? Is she okay?"

"Enn.. I already found--I mean, she\'s okay now. She is sleeping beside me. I guess I\'ll just book a room here for he--- *cough* *cough*"

"Ge? Are you okay?? Did something happen to you?"

FengJiu could not help but worry. He sounded like he was hurt badly.

"It\'s nothing. I\'m fine. No need to worry, okay? Xiao Mei and I are fine."

"Really? Then I\'ll just call the both of you tomorrow morning. Thanks, Ge! Take care."

"Mmm.. you too. Take care."

After the call, FengJiu inhaled deeply and nodded.

\'FengJiu, jiayou[1]! Let\'s go and appease His Majesty\'s anger!\'

When she reached their bedroom door, she slowly opened it and peeked inside the room.

MinFeng was already in his pajamas and was currently lying on the bed.

When he saw her, he turned and pretended not to see her.

FengJiu bit her lips.

"What should I do ah?? Dance naked in front of him?"

FengJiu whispered to herself.

She entered the room and locked the door.

She slowly undressed herself and called his name seductively.


But alas!

The shameless man did not even glance at her.

FengJiu annoyingly kicked her dress away. She was now naked and barefooted.

She grit her teeth and climbed on the bed.

She stood up and started to dance erotically. Her face was very red due to shame.

MinFeng stared at her. A few seconds later, he laughed loudly and pulled FengJiu down.

FengJiu gnashed her teeth and bit his neck.

\'This shameless man tricked me!!!\'

MinFeng continued to laugh and let her bite him hard while his hands roamed her body.

FengJiu slowly melted in MinFeng\'s embrace.

She wanted him inside her.


She pulled his hand and put it over her inverted triangle.

Unfortunately, MinFeng, the shameless man whispered in her ears.

"It\'s payback time."

He kissed her torridly and teased her entrance but made sure that his fingers would never enter her cave.

If FengJiu saw YanRong right now, she would strangle her to death.

If YanRong did not scheme behind her back and tried to humiliate her in front of everyone, she wouldn\'t have to experience being teased like this.

All night, FengJiu begged and pleaded MinFeng to give her what she wanted.

She felt like a beggar who was looking at a feast but unable to taste it.

In the end, she had to threaten him with Little Bump\'s health before he conceded and injected her with his liquid.

Morning arrived and it is now FengJiu\'s first day of work after being on a leave for almost two months.

She was already at the last month of her first trimester so Little Bump was already showing a little and her waist measurement increased.

MinFeng already ordered the servants to change her skirts and blouses few days ago.

FengJiu yawned and slowly stood up. MinFeng already left the house because he had to reorganize everything after he left without finishing an important meeting.

She trotted towards the bathroom and went to the sink to brush her teeth when she saw her body.


FengJiu screamed. She could not believe what she saw. She looked like she had measles!

There were so many red dots all over her body! Her neck, her arm, her chest, her thigh...

Even her butt had red dots too!

FengJiu cursed MinFeng inwardly.

She couldn\'t even wear T-shirts and shorts inside the house or else the servants will see the hickies!

What a horrible punishment!


*Night of Charity Ball*

MinDe was currently busy with paperwork when his phone rang.


"Young Master."

"Mmm.. speak."

"Future Young Madam already arrived at the venue."

"Enn.. continue to monitor her outside."

"Yes, Young Master. This subordinate understands."

MinDe had to finish reading all of the paperwork left on his table so he couldn\'t follow Xiao Mei tonight. He could only order his subordinates to monitor her.

Although they could not go inside the venue, MinDe still wanted them to monitor Xiao Mei.





Minutes turned into hours.

It was already ten in the evening.

MinDe was almost done with his work when his assistant called once again.

"What is it? How is she? Did she get drunk at the party?"

"Y-Young Master... F-Future Young Madam... Future Young Madam is still inside."

"Oh? It\'s already ten. The Charity ball is not over yet?"

"....T-The event ended f-few minutes ago. F-Future Young Madam... is missing. This subordinate has been waiting for her here at the car but she---"

MinDe immediately stood up and drove his car.

A few minutes later, MinDe arrived at the charity ball\'s venue.

"Where is she?!"

MinDe did not wait for the old man\'s answer. He immediately walked inside the venue and asked for the Head Manager. He found out that a man booked for a room and brought Xiao Mei inside.

MinDe\'s anger rose.

Like a husband who caught his wife cheating, MinDe\'s face looked like he could kill someone.


He slammed the door open and saw a man sitting on the bed while his hand was on Xiao Mei\'s shoulder.


MinDe roared and pushed him off the bed.

The man groaned as if he was injured. He stared at him and at Xiao Mei.

MinDe immediately carried Xiao Mei out of the room, leaving the man speechless while still sitting on the floor.

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[1]. 加油- can also be translated as \'Fighting!\'


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