Chapter 37 - Mrs. Lu MinFeng

Chapter 37: Mrs. Lu MinFeng

\'Lu MinFeng!! You, shameless bastard!!\' Feng Jiu prayed that when Little Bump grew up, her baby would not get MinFeng\'s nasty attitude and shameless personality.

She just stared at the papers with conflicted emotions inside her heart. Recalling what Xiao Mei said yesterday, Feng Jiu once again fell into deep thought.

\'Did he really try to search for me? Why would he do that? Unless.... He has feelings for me?\' Feng Jiu\'s heart almost skipped a beat. \'Impossible. If he truly loves me.. Then why... Why did he not utter those words I always wanted to hear?\'

Feng Jiu was still lost in her thoughts when her phone rang.

It was MinFeng. The shameless bastard was calling her.

She tried to calm herself before answering her phone. "Hello. This is Feng Jiu of Feng International speaking." She used her business-like tone to answer.

MinFeng did not answer right away. It took him a minute to reply. She could hear him exhale deeply. "Have you received the envelope? I already signed everything."

Feng Jiu mockingly laughed. "Mr. Lu, what you did was not simply signing the papers. You basically rewrote everything!! This is not what we discussed yesterday!"

"Discussed? What did we discuss yesterday? Ah... On how you could satisf----"

"Lu MinFeng!! How shameless are you?!"

"Shameless enough to make you cum."

"You---!!" Once again Feng Jiu was rendered speechless by his shamelessness.

She took a deep breath and said in a very dangerous tone, "Mr. Lu, do not try to want a mile after given an inch[1]. The things written here in the agreement are clearly impossible to achieve. I would like to change the conte----"

"Ms. Feng, as I\'ve said before, I am a businessman. What I care about is the profit I would make in every transaction. This is what I could offer for you. Take it or leave it. You better think wisely. I will wait for your call." MinFeng ended their conversation.

If MinFeng was here right now, Feng Jiu might have strangled him to death. Few minutes ago, she foolishly thought that maybe MinFeng had feelings for her but after he taunted her like crazy a moment ago, she was very sure that the man only wanted to mess with her.

Maybe MinFeng was really her personal jinx and mortal nemesis.

She grudgingly read the Marriage agreement.

To summarize, after the marriage, the husband and wife will live together. The husband and wife will share the same bed and sexual intercourse is a must. Not less than 5x a day. During the union, both parties must be loyal to both sides. Flirting with other people is not allowed especially with men. The wife\'s first priority is the husband before anything else. The wife\'s schedule must be thoroughly checked every day. Both companies will have a collaboration and both parties will act as the representative. Every transaction and project will be handled personally without any external disturbance involved. They will only get divorced at the date written on the divorce papers. The party who initiates an early divorce before the expiration date of the contract will give 70% of the total stocks owned by the subject to the other party.

Feng Jiu pinched the center of her brows. \'Who would want to sign this unfair agreement eh?\'

Feng Jiu wanted to burn the papers. She wanted to throw it inside the trash bin… but she couldn\'t. Although the agreement was unfair, she could not reject it because she had to marry him. For the sake of her grandfather and... for the sake of herself.

\'Before Little Bump starts to grow bigger, I want to be with him just a little bit. And after two months, I can just make some excuses and stay away from him until the end of the contract.\'

Feng Jiu sighed. She wanted to tell MinFeng about Little Bump but she was afraid that he might want the child.. only the child... excluding the Mother... She also did not want to force him to love her just because of Little Bump. If only she could confirm that he also had feelings for her too… but she was afraid to ask. She was afraid that she might be wrong, that everything was just her delusion and that he only wanted her body but not her heart. She was afraid that once they get married, she would not be able to control herself, that she would want to stay by his side forever--- unable to run and hide away from him. After few more minutes, Feng Jiu finally signed the papers.


After MinFeng called Feng Jiu, his countenance darkened.

He really did not want to bully her but he had no choice. The woman was denser than osmium, tougher than a titanium. So, he could only made advances shamelessly. He did not care if she was angry at him right now. He had to make sure that they would get married. Once they got married, he would do every possible means to capture her heart.

This was his last chance--- the chance Grandfather Feng gave him.

[Flashback: A day before Feng Jiu returned]

MinFeng visited Feng Xuan Tian after he learned about his engagement with Feng Jiu. From Lu ancestral mansion, he immediately drove towards the hospital where Xuan Tian was admitted.

He went inside the room and stared at the old man. Xuan Tian opened his eyes and beckoned him to move forward. MinFeng introduced himself.

"I am your granddaughter\'s-----"

"I know who you are. And I know you\'ve been living with Ah Jiu for quite some time."

"This child is very impressed with elder Feng\'s network."

"Just call me Yeye. You and Ah Jiu will marry each other someday. The truth is, when I learned everything, I wanted to stop you but, in the end,, I… *cough* just waited and decided to be an observer. Child, tell me... What is your plan?"

"Feng Jiu is mine. She will marry me."

XuanTian chuckled. "What a possessive child. What if she does not want to? She ran *cough* away from you, right?"

MinFeng\'s eyes contracted. "She will marry me. Only Feng Jiu is fit to carry my lineage and wear my name. The only Mrs. Lu MinFeng. No one else."

XuanTian laughed. "*cough* Child, do you love my granddaughter?"

MinFeng did not answer for almost a minute. Then he slowly said, "I do not know what love is... but, if loving someone means that you cannot live your life without the person by your side, then... I am in love with your granddaughter."

"Hao! I will give you my blessing. Feng Jiu will come back here sooner or later. You have to use this opportunity to strike the iron while it\'s still hot[2]. Use it wisely. Capture her heart and impregnate her so she can\'t run away anymore." Xuan Tian laughed happily. "No need to worry. No pharmacy will give her contraceptives. I already bribed all of the pharmacy in Beijing. Go and prepare a plan. *cough* I wanted to see my great grandchildren before I pass away."

[End of Flashback]

MinFeng was pulled back to earth when Feng Jiu called him.

"Miss Feng." MinFeng\'s voice was indifferent but his face contained happiness. He was even smiling widely.

"Mr. Lu... I\'ll see you at the Bureau[3]."

"Mmm." MinFeng ended the call.

MinFeng smiled wickedly after placing his phone inside his pocket. \'My dear Feng Jiu.. I, MinFeng, will definitely not let you escape anymore.\'


[1]. If you agree to give someone something that they want, they will then want to take more.

[2]. Take advantage of favorable circumstances while they last.

[3]. 民政局- Civil Service Bureau (For filing Marriage Certificate)


Author\'s Side Note:

When you love someone, there were times when you became stupid. So stupid that your friends sometimes wanted to slap you to death.

I can say FengJiu was that type of person. She was afraid to gamble. Afraid to hurt her heart. She was afraid of her own desire to want more.. To need more.

But do not worry.

The author is NOT a Demoness. XD

This Novel was only a hundred chapters or so. And I\'m not doing a BTNHH kind of story.

Just a couple of chapters and everything will come to light.

But before that, I kinda wanted to torture MinFeng.. XD

To see him angry, hurt, sad, frustrated... And JEALOUS.. HAHAH.

Oh well. Some of you wanted to strangle me to death right? Hahaha.

Sorry but I can\'t hasten the pace of the story.

But I assure you, those two shameless people will combine their shamelessness to save the day~

See yaa~