Chapter 91 - Please Don't Leave Me

Chapter 91: Please Don\'t Leave Me

As he sat on his chair, MinFeng was still bothered by yesterday\'s event.

He felt that FengJiu was hiding something from him. He tried to probe her but she just brushed him off.

He knew there was something wrong yesterday but FengJiu was adamant not to tell him.

MinFeng was sure that it was all because of YanRong.

Maybe YanRong was the reason why FengJiu wore a different dress.

MinFeng called Chen Hao and ordered him to investigate everything.

If he found out that YanRong tried to scheme behind FengJiu\'s back, he would personally kill that woman.

Even if his brother condemned him, he would dispose YanRong.

No one would live after hurting his wife and child.

MinFeng was reading a project contract for the new theme park construction when his secretary entered his office.

"What is it?"

"Sir, Miss YanRong still has not arrived."

"Enn.. No need to wait for her. Transfer all her paperworks to her assistant. Select someone who will be a substitute for her position."

"Boss, are you saying---"

"Oh. YanRong is fired. Terminate her contract. Call her and tell her not to come here ever again."

Rui was shocked.

It seemed like the special relationship they thought their boss and Miss YanRong had was just a misunderstanding.

All of her colleagues were utterly shocked when they saw the pictures in the newspapers.

Their indifferent and stoic boss was caught kissing someone!

Their jaws dropped when they found out that the person their boss kissed was none other than the Witch CEO of Feng International, FengJiu!

Weren\'t they business rivals?

"Rui? Are you listening?"

"Ah? Ah! Y-yes, boss. I understand."

MinFeng nodded.

"You can go now."

He resumed reading the contract when his phone rang.


"Mr. Lu, this is Chairman Feng\'s assistant, Long Jin."

"Assistant Long. Is there something wrong?"

"C-Chairman Feng... is in a critical condition. I haven\'t informed Miss Jiu yet. I\'m asking for your help. Please bring her here at the hospital... I\'m afraid, Chairman might not be able to hold on any longer."

MinFeng went silent.

"Enn. I will."

"Thank you, Mr. Lu."

MinFeng immediately stood up and grabbed his suit.

"Rui, reschedule my meetings. Move everything and free my schedule for the next two weeks. I\'ll leave everything to Chen Hao. Just contact him if you need something."

"Yes, Boss."

MinFeng left the company and immediately drove his car towards Feng International.


FengJiu was still bothered about the headlines in the newspapers.

She could not work properly. Her mind was still thinking of how to salvage the situation. She was not angry at MinFeng but she had to give a definite answer to avoid any future problems.

She did not want her pregnancy to be known to others since the culprit was still not caught.

She had a hunch that it was YanRong who paid that man to push her off the stairs.

But she needed evidence. She wanted to know first if YanRong had an accomplice or not.

Her second uncle, Feng Jun and the Feng Branch Family seemed like they were plotting something behind her back.

Why would her uncle want her to attend the Charity ball on behalf of Feng International when in fact, it was always him who attended those kinds of event.

Was it pure coincidence that she was harmed on the first event she attended?

Or maybe, there was an underlying scheme created by her uncle.

She must know the truth first before informing MinFeng.

\'I, FengJiu, is not easy to bully. Second Uncle, if I found out that you were scheming behind my back, I will make sure you and your branch family will not live anymore.

I\'d rather kill you than be killed by you.\'

FengJiu was still lost in her thoughts when Ming Yue opened the door and informed her that MinFeng wanted to meet her.

"Madam, C-Chairman Lu of Lu Corporation i-is here to see you."


FengJiu immediately stood up. She pinched the center of her brows and took a deep breath.

"Let him in."

"Yes, Madam."

Seconds later, Ming Yue brought MinFeng inside.

Ming Yue immediately closed the door after going outside, giving them privacy.

MinFeng moved forward and cupped her face.

FengJiu touched his hands that were on her cheeks.

"What\'s wrong? Why are you here?"

MinFeng kissed her first before he hugged her tight.


"Enn? What\'s wrong? Tell me?"

MinFeng did not answer her question. He just tightened his embrace and buried his face on her neck.

"FengJiu... listen to me..."

MinFeng raised her head and stared at her eyes.

"Yeye... Yeye needs us.. Assistant Long called me few minutes ago... He said.. he said that Yeye is in critical condition... He might... not make it.."

FengJiu almost fell on the floor after she heard MinFeng\'s words.

Luckily, MinFeng caught her and carried her to the nearest sofa.

MinFeng sat and cuddled her.

"Hey. FengJiu! FengJiu!"

MinFeng was scared to death when he saw that she was frozen with shock.

He tried to gently pat her cheeks to \'wake\' her up but FengJiu remained motionless.

"FengJiu... Please.. don\'t scare me like this.. please.."

MinFeng\'s face paled when FengJiu was still not responding to his words.

He could only hug her tight even when he, himself, is shaking. He was afraid that her mental health would affect their child\'s growth.

This was one of the reasons why he wanted to personally inform her rather than calling her phone.

"FengJiu... Love, please don\'t scare me like this. Please... I beg you... Please... I still need you... We still need you... Please... For Little Bump\'s sake... Please.. stay strong.."

MinFeng\'s eyes were already misty. He was really scared that FengJiu might not respond anymore.

"Love, Little Bump and I are here... It\'s okay.. it\'s okay..."

When FengJiu heard Minfeng mention Little Bump, her eyes moved and stared back at him.




"MinFeng.... Wahh!"

FengJiu cried as MinFeng hugged her tight.

"Yeye... Yeye... Please don\'t leave Ah Jiu!! *hicc* *hicc* please don\'t leave Ah Jiu alone..."

FengJiu cried until she fainted.


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