Chapter 92 - I Leave Everything To You

Chapter 92: I Leave Everything To You

In a blink of an eye, Ming Yue found herself driving MinFeng\'s car.

What happened a while ago was definitely a moment to remember.

After she closed the office\'s door, Ming Yue started to resume her work but before she could even sit on her chair, she heard Mr. Lu\'s scream.


Ming Yue was startled and without even thinking, she immediately ran and entered FengJiu\'s office.

She saw that her Madam had fainted in Mr. Lu\'s embrace while he gently patted FengJiu\'s face to wake her up.

Unfortunately, FengJiu wouldn\'t wake up at all.

After few seconds, Mr. Lu carried her Madam and went outside the office.

Mr. Lu turned his head towards her and said,

"Why are you still standing there?! Start the car!! We\'re going to the nearest hospital!!"

She ran with him until they reached the parking lot.

Almost all the employees who were at the first floor of the company stopped working after they saw them running towards the exit while Mr. Lu carried their boss away.

Ming Yue could only sigh. It was only yesterday night that their Madam\'s relationship was made known to public.

But now, there\'s another issue coming up.

Their Madam fainted and was carried outside the company. Ming Yue was worried that it may lead to different speculations.

Media liked twisting stories so they could sell it like a hot potato.

"Faster!! Do you know how to drive?!"

MinFeng\'s shout woke Ming Yue from her daydreaming.

"Yes! Yes!"

Ming Yue increased the speed of the car. She was very scared of not following his instruction. Mr. Lu looked like he could eat people.

He was hugging FengJiu like a treasured object in his possession. He kept on whispering while gently patting her cheeks.

She did not know the reason her Madam fainted, but Ming Yue could tell that it was definitely bad news.

After working for so many years with FengJiu, Ming Yue already knew that her Madam was not as strong as she portrayed on the outside.

She knew that FengJiu was like a wounded animal, trying to look fierce to hide their wound.

People would say that FengJiu was a strong woman but little did they know, it was all but a facade.

After serving her for many years, Ming Yue\'s first impression about FengJiu changed, from being an emotionless and indifferent Witch to a lonely and aloof woman.

FengJiu was not a robot without emotions. She was like any other person, able to feel sadness, anger, happiness.. and other emotions humans could feel.

She had seen FengJiu cry, laugh and blush, a thousand times.

She could only pray that whatever her Madam was going through, FengJiu could stay strong.


"Ah Jiu, come with Yeye. Yeye will take you to our company."

"Yey! Mommy~ can I go with Yeye? Please~"

The woman smiled and nodded.

"Promise me that you will behave, okay? Daddy and I will fetch you later."

The woman and the man inside the car waved their hands goodbye.

"Enn!! Ah Jiu will behave!! Yeye!! Yeye!! Let\'s go~"

The old man carried the little girl and laughed.

"Ah Jiu, always remember that someday, you will succeed the company. You are Yeye\'s only hope."

"Okay~!! Ah Jiu promise that she will take good care of the company, mommy and daddy.. and Yeye too!!"

"Good child! Yeye loves Ah Jiu the most!"

The child grinned and kissed the old man.

"Ah Jiu loves Yeye the most too!!"

FengJiu opened her eyes and saw that she was in MinFeng\'s embrace inside the car.

The scene she saw a while ago was not real. It was just a part of her memory when she was young.

It was the last time she saw her parents before the car accident.

Since then, the only family she had left was her grandfather. The only person who she considered as her family.

As she remembered MinFeng\'s words, tears continuously streamed down her cheeks.

"Yeye.. Yeye... Don\'t... No... Don\'t leave Ah Jiu alone.."

MinFeng who was hugging her tightened his embrace.

"Shhh.. don\'t cry... don\'t cry... Everything is okay.."

MinFeng looked at Ming Yue who was shocked silly due to FengJiu\'s unstable emotional outburst.

"Turn around the car and drive to XuZheng Medical Center."

Ming Yue was puzzled as to why they should go to XuZheng Medical Center when the nearest hospital was only a couple of kilometers away.

But Ming Yue could only nod her head and obey MinFeng\'s command.

When FengJiu who was crying heard the name of the hospital, she shook her head like she was afraid.

"No.. I don\'t want to.. I\'m scared.. I\'m scared.. MinFeng... No.. I don\'t want to!"

She buried her head in his chest and tightly gripped his clothes.

She was afraid to see her grandfather.

She was afraid that she might not be able to hold herself and cry in front of him.

She did not want her Yeye to see her like this.

People say that she was a strong woman but they were wrong. She was a coward.

She was afraid of getting hurt.

That\'s why she closed her heart and avoided people when her parents died.

She wore her disguise as an aloof and indifferent person, to create distance from other people and herself.. because she was afraid... very afraid to get hurt.

Her grandfather was the only family she had.

If he died, what would she do?

She did not want to see him.

She wanted to avoid the truth.

"FengJiu! Listen to me!"

MinFeng cupped her cheeks and forced her to look at him.

"I\'m here.. Little Bump is also here... Nothing will happen to Yeye, okay? I promise...

Let\'s go and see Yeye, okay? Yeye is waiting for you.."

FengJiu stared at MinFeng like a lost child.

"Really? Nothing will happen to Yeye?"

Her eyes that were looking at MinFeng was full of hope. She will believe whatever MinFeng says.

MinFeng never lied to her. She looked at him and slowly nodded.

"L-let\'s see Yeye."

MinFeng exhaled and once again pulled her in his embrace.

The moment Grandpa Feng said that he will leave everything to him, MinFeng vowed to himself that he would make sure to take good care of FengJiu.

Looking at his wife who was crying pitifully in his embrace, MinFeng felt like he was stabbed a thousand times. It was the first time FengJiu cried like this.

If only he could ease the pain she felt, he would definitely sacrifice himself but he could not do anything.

Her grief coupled with her pregnancy made her emotions unstable. He was afraid that she would hurt herself.

MinFeng kissed FengJiu\'s head as he murmured.

"It\'s okay.. I\'m still here.. I\'m still here... I won\'t leave you alone, okay..?"

FengJiu nodded and snuggled to his body. Her emotions were starting to stabilize but she was feeling sleepy after crying hard.

"Sleep, I\'ll wake you up when we arrive."



"Thank you.."

MinFeng touched her hair.

"For what?"

"For loving me... for not leaving me alone.. for everything.."

MinFeng smiled lovingly.

"I love you... I love you and Little Bump.."

"I love you too... You are not allowed to die before me, okay?"

MinFeng nodded.

"I promise."

He patted FengJiu\'s back as he lulled her to sleep.



Author\'s Side Note:

Early chapters~ early chapters!!

When my grandpa died, my grandma almost fainted and the house was in total chaos. My aunt was asking for a glass of water for my grandma when my mom ran to the kitchen. When she came back, her glass was already empty. She stupidly drank the water while running back. My uncle sat on the floor and not moving at all while my aunt was the one who was clear-headed all the time.

People react differently. Some could still think properly while others couldn\'t.

When my dog, Yuri, died of old age, I was so shocked that I couldn\'t even cry.

When I fed them, I always forgot that she already passed away for almost a week already.

Even now, I sometimes forget that she\'s already dead, I keep preparing eight plates instead of seven.

Okay. I\'m speaking gibberish again. Lols.