Chapter 41 - I Was Jealous!

Chapter 41: I Was Jealous!

After the incident inside the office, Ming Yue acted as if she did not see FengJiu cry a while ago.

She was still working as usual but FengJiu could feel that Ming Yue would sometimes sneaked a peek at her.

FengJiu acted as if she did not notice anything and continued to read the proposals.

Feng International was currently busy aside from preparing for Western Market. The upcoming Bidding convention would be held a month from now.

She did not have time to cry in the corner and pity herself.

She decided not to dwell on her negative feelings.

Instead of thinking about those pictures, she would rather work for the company and exhaust her energy in preparing for their projects and plans.

It was almost the end of working hours but she was still not done with reading all those paperworks.

"Madam.. It\'s almost time to---"

"You can go after you finish your work. No need to work overtime. Just tell them to leave after they finish. I can do this one alone."

FengJiu said without looking at Ming Yue.

FengJiu was busy signing and reading the proposals presented by the planning department.

Ming Yue was reluctant to leave. As if she wanted to say something to her.


Ming Yue slowly said,

"Madam, everything has a reason. But sometimes, not everything we see and hear are the truth. You must not jump into conclusions and hurt yourself."

Ming Yue bow down her head and walked towards the door.

FengJiu\'s hand froze.

She then whispered,

"Thank you."

Ming Yue smiled as she closed the door.

\'Seems like Madam is not really a Demoness. She is just wrongly perceived by others.\'

After hearing Ming Yue\'s advice, her brain started to work rationally.

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The photos were deliberately sent to her.

She still did not know who was brave enough to send those pictures.

But she was sure that whoever planned this cheap trick wanted to destroy their relationship.

She sneered. Seems like someone found out that she married the Eldest Young Master of Lu Family.

Although she knew that the photos were deliberately captured, it won\'t change the fact that MinFeng had a dinner with a nameless woman.

She was still thinking of how to get even with MinFeng when Xiao Mei called her.

"Ah Jiu!! Where are you? Are you busy?"

"No. Why?"

"YanFei gege arrived at Beijing!! He\'s looking for you!"

"What?! Where are you now??"

"We\'re at the Drunken Immortal."

"Okay! I\'ll be there!"


MinFeng was very busy. Even though it was already seven in the evening, he was still in the company.

They were still conducting a meeting during this hour. He was listening to the project presentation when someone called his phone.

All of the employees immediately looked at him.

There was a policy in their company that using phone was strictly prohibited during meetings.

He grabbed his phone to turn it off when he saw FengJiu\'s number.

His brows tightened as he answered the phone.


He ordered the team to stop presenting the project proposal.

"Bad gege!! Help!! FengJiu is going wild! Boo hoo~ come here quickly! We\'re at the Drunken Immortal!"

Without any second thoughts, MinFeng immediately stood up and walked towards the door.

"I\'m coming."

He cut the call off.

"Chairman! Where are you going? We still haven\'t finished our meeting."

YanRong, the head of architectural department stood up.

She wanted to stop him by grabbing his arm.

But he avoided her touch.

He did not like touching other people or being touched by others.

He icily stared at her and spoke,

"Postpone the meeting. We will resume this tomorrow. Miss Yan should prepare and change the designs that I pointed out during the meeting."

He then turned his head towards the other employees.

"Meeting adjourned."

When he got inside his car, he immediately accelerated and drove it towards the Drunken Immortal Club.

It only took him twenty minutes to arrive at the venue.

When he walked inside. She saw Xiao Mei sitting in front of the counter. She was trying to stop FengJiu dancing beside her.

MinFeng\'s countenance immediately darkened.

He walked towards them and grabbed FengJiu by her waist.

"What happened to her?"

Xiao Mei was startled.

"Bad gege, you\'re here! Finally!! Look at Ah Jiu!!"

"Why is she drunk?? Did she drank a lot of liquor?"

He stared angrily at the woman who was currently hugging his neck.


He tried to restrain her as she was trying to undress him.

He turned towards Xiao Mei. He was busy trying to control FengJiu so he was not able to notice the man on Xiao Mei\'s side. The man threw daggers at him. To be precise, he was staring at his hand that was wrapped on FengJiu\'s waist.

MinFeng could feel the hostile stare coming from that man.

He was annoyed so he pulled FengJiu closer to him and tightened his embrace.

The man\'s eyes shook. Anger could be seen inside his eyes.

They stared at each other. Sparks could be seen flying above them.

Xiao Mei who was very oblivious towards their face off answered anxiously.

"I don\'t know. It was just a sip. A teeny tiny sip! After she took a sip, she suddenly became like that. Boo~ hoo~ she even almost assaulted YanFei gege. Luckily, I prevented her perverted actions."

\'YanFei gege? This bastard is that fucking fly??\'

MinFeng\'s eyes contracted.

He stared at Xiao Mei and asked,

"Assaulted? What did she do?"

Xiao Mei\'s voice raised a bit higher after remembering what happened.

"Gee!! She almost kissed him!! My goodness!!"

MinFeng glared at FengJiu.

"What are you doing??"

He stared at her who was busy clinging on his neck.

FengJiu stared back at him. She was drunk so he could tell she was not on her right mind.

"Ahh!! MinFeng~ you\'re here?? Hubby, why did you come so late~"

She grinned while she hugged him tighter.

"Why did you drink. You know you couldn\'t drink."

"Aiyaa~ I just took a sip. I\'m not drunk. See~ I can still stand straight."

She tried to escape from his embrace but she almost fell.


She giggled.

"FengJiu what\'s wrong?"

MinFeng could feel that there was something wrong with her.

FengJiu suddenly started to sob.

"MinFeng you bastard!!"

MinFeng\'s brows knitted together.

"What is wrong?"

FengJiu did not answer.

MinFeng whispered,

"If you won\'t tell me, I will not have sex with you anymore."

FengJiu immediately whined.

"Noo!! I want you right now."

"Then why were you angry?"

"Because I was jealous!!"



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