Chapter 94 - Xiao Mei, Marry Me

Chapter 94: Xiao Mei, Marry Me

Xiao Mei wrinkled her brows as she opened her eyes.

She wanted to sleep more but her stomach growled from hunger.

She stretched her arms and lazily climbed down from the bed. Her lower body felt sore. It kept throbbing. She couldn\'t even walk straight.

\'MinDe, you bastard!!\'

MinDe bullied her until she fainted! He didn\'t even care that someone saw their lovemaking!


\'That\'s right... That old man... Why was he here? Don\'t tell me--\'

Xiao Mei realized the resemblance of MinDe and that old man.

\'Aiyoo.. now I know where MinDe got his shamelessness. It runs in the blood. No wonder bad gege is also shameless.\'

Xiao Mei\'s month twitched when she remembered the shameless words that old man uttered.

\'Great. I had sex with his grandson and he saw it. Just great. Bravo.\'

Xiao Mei inwardly mocked herself.

She raised her head and looked at the wall clock.

It\'s already afternoon. She immediately took a shower and went outside the room.

When she saw that she was the only one inside the house, she could not help but sigh in relief.

Seemed like MinDe went out with his grandfather.

Honestly, she was embarrassed to see the old man after what happened.

Hell! She felt like she was caught in the act while doing something bad.

Xiao Mei went to the kitchen and prepared food for herself.

She grabbed her phone and found out that YanFei gege and Ah Jiu both called and texted her.

What happened yesterday was still a mystery for her. Someone clearly harbored ill intentions towards her but when she woke up, she was already inside their room.

She opened YanFei gege\'s message.

[Ah Mei, how are you? Did you arrived safely?? Who was the man who carried you away? Was he your boyfriend? Call me and Ah Jiu later.]

\'Huh? MinDe... was the one who brought her home? Then the man MinDe was talking about yesterday was definitely YanFei gege.\'

Xiao Mei chuckled.

\'Heh.. was MinDe.... jealous of YanFei gege?\'

She was still grinning when she saw FengJiu\'s message.

FengJiu explained to her about the real reason why she was targeted.

It was RongRong---no, YanRong\'s scheme.

The invitation, the drugs, the text message.. everything.. it was all that evil woman\'s plan.

Xiao Mei sighed. She really believed and treated YanRong as her friend. She even hoped that the three of them could become sisters but YanRong was just faking their friendship.

She was not really angry. She was just... sad...

She was not really close to her family aside from her mom and grandfather. She was also the only child of their family, so she longed to have siblings, someone who would accompany her in her craziness, play with her and love her as a family...

She treated both Ah Jiu and YanFei gege as her family. When she met YanRong, Xiao Mei was very happy because she thought that she found a new friend she could treasure like Ah Jiu and YanFei but she was wrong.

The goodness YanRong showed her was nothing but fake.

Xiao Mei shook her head to remove her negative thoughts. She sent a message to YanFei saying that she was okay.

She tried to call FengJiu but she was not answering her call. She could only sent her a message.

She finished eating and went back to bed. Her body still ached so she wanted to lie down to ease the pain.

She tried to massage her waist and legs. Seemed like she must avoid having sex with MinDe at all cost!

Sex was very tiring and painful.

Half an hour later, the door opened and MinDe entered the room.

"You are back?"

Xiao Mei tried to stand up but MinDe was faster than her. He immediately climbed up, lied down and hugged her tight.

"What happened to you?"

MinDe shook his head. He stared at her and his pupils narrowed.

"No one can hurt you as long as I live."

Xiao Mei smiled. The first time she saw him, she shamelessly flirted with him, accusing him of stealing her heart. She thought he was a harmless bunny but she was wrong.

When she learned about his true nature, she ran away like a frightened squirrel but she was captured and carried to his lair.

She did not know when but she just woke up one day and realized she could no longer live without him by her side.

Her fingers tried to smooth his wrinkled brows. She laughed and spoke shamelessly.

"Now that I\'ve already licked every part of your body, no woman would want someone else\'s saliva.

It seems like I have to take responsibility and marry you... So... Lu MinDe... Will you marry me? I won\'t take \'No\' for an answer."

(A/N: no one could beat her shamelessness XD.)

MinDe froze.

When Xiao Mei saw his ears turned red even though his facial reaction did not change, she could not help but laugh loudly.

"HAHAHAH! I\'m just jok---"

MinDe grimaced. He immediately pounced on her and locked her hands above her head.

He captured her lips to stop her from laughing at him. She moaned and tried to escape from his grip.

The kiss was long.

Long enough to ignite the fire burning inside both of them.

MinDe was angry at Xiao Mei for stealing his thunder. The shameless woman already proposed to him before he could propose to her. She even brushed it off as a joke!

As a man, how could he allow that?

He must punish her.

Punish her thoroughly.

"MinDe, no!"

Xiao Mei tried to push him away but she lacked strength. She was starting to melt in his perverted assaults. He nibbled her earlobes while undressing her.

She gasped when the last piece of her clothing was pulled away.

Her inverted triangle was already dripping wet but MinDe was not in a hurry to swim inside.

He teased her sweetly until she could no longer hold it. She whimpered as she pleaded for mercy.

"MinDe.. MinDe.. please.."

"Please what?"

He stared at her who was squirming beneath her.

"P-please... please.. I--- I need you.."

"You need me? But you sounded like you were joking."

"No.. N-no.. it wasn\'t a joke.. mmm.. I need you.. only you..."

MinDe smirked and positioned himself.

As he thrusted inside her, MinDe whispered in her ears.

"Xiao Mei, tell me your greatest desire."

"Ahh.. ahh.. Y-you! You are my-- ahh! Ahh!! my greatest d-desire!! Enn--ahh!"

MinDe kissed her.

"Then Xiao Mei, Marry me.. this time, no more joking."

He changed their position and quickened his pace.

Xiao Mei wanted to smack his head. If she was still clear-headed, she would have rolled her eyes and glare at him.

\'Who\'s joking? I just wanted to see you blush!! And.. does it really matter who proposed who?!\'

She wanted to argue with him but Xiao Mei was still under his spell, she could only nod at agree with him.

"Enn! Enn--ahh! Ahh! Yes! Yes! I will! I will-- ahh! Ahh! MinDe! MinDe!!"

She shook as she felt her insides quivered. MinDe did not pull his mighty rod but switched their position. They lied down on the bed as they both panted heavily.

She was above him. Her head was on his chest while their limbs were still wrapped with each other.

After the bone-cracking lovemaking, Xiao Mei felt like she could no longer move her body.


She tried to reach her phone but she couldn\'t. MinDe reached for it and shamelessly read the message.

His countenance darkened as he gave her the phone.

[I\'m coming to Beijing this weekend.




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