Chapter 43 - What Happened?

Chapter 43: What Happened?

"Because I was jealous!!"

FengJiu shouted.

MinFeng could feel his mouth curve upward.

When FengJiu saw him smiling, she was angered to death.

She glared at him while gnashing her teeth.

MinFeng chuckled.

He remembered the first time they met. FengJiu was also dead drunk then. As he observed her, he knew that this woman had zero alcohol tolerance. Even just a little sip would make her drunk.

Thinking about FengJiu\'s attitude when she\'s drunk, MinFeng could only sigh.

Luckily, Xiao Mei immediately called him or else, he might turn into a demon and kill anybody who took advantage of FengJiu while she was drunk.

MinFeng once again threatened FengJiu.

"Do you want to have sex with me?"

"Enn!! I want you now!!"

"I don\'t want to."

"Why?!" FengJiu pouted.

"Because you won\'t say why you were jealous. NO SEX until you tell me everything."

"Nooo! You are bullying me!!"

FengJiu grabbed his arm and stared at him pitifully.

"Speak. Or else I will not sleep with you tonight."

FengJiu fell silent.

Few seconds later, she angrily said,

"I was jealous because I love you!!"

FengJiu grabbed his neck and kissed him.

MinFeng immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss.

They only stopped when Xiao Mei coughed.

"Uhm.. Bad gege.. I-I think you should go home.. Ummm.. Yeah.."

Xiao Mei was blushing hard after she saw their live action.

MinFeng saw YanFei staring at FengJiu who was grinning like an idiot.

He immediately shielded FengJiu away from YanFei\'s gaze.

He possessively pulled her closer and kissed her forehead.

"Okay. I\'ll take her home."

MinFeng immediately carried FengJiu.

Because of the sudden action of MinFeng, FengJiu thought she would fall.

She subconsciously protected her abdomen.

"Ahh!! Little Bump[1]!"

MinFeng glared at her.

"It\'s not bumpy[2], you\'re just drunk."

FengJiu giggled.

"Hubby~ can I kiss you?"


FengJiu kissed her while he was still walking towards the exit.

"Hubby~ I want to eat you~"

"Wait for a little longer."

"But I want you now."

FengJiu pouted and bit his ear.

MinFeng felt his rod harden as the pain on his ear intensified.

He growled.

"FengJiu. Do not test my self control. I will take you here right now if you don\'t behave."

FengJiu whimpered.

She licked his ear as if trying to ease the pain.

She stared at his face and smiled widely.





"MinFeng~ I love you~"

FengJiu giggled while trying to cover her mouth.

MinFeng stared at her. His eyes softened and answered.

"Enn.. I love you too."

They arrived at his BMW. He wanted to put her at the back seat so he could drive but she wouldn\'t let him.

She clung at him like a leach.

MinFeng could only sigh and called for a driver.

"I need a driver. I\'m at the Drunken Immortal."

"Yes Young Master."

After he called, he went at the back seat with FengJiu.

He cuddled her while FengJiu buried her face in his chest.

While waiting for his driver, he tried to probe some informations.

"FengJiu... Why were you jealous?"

FengJiu looked up and glared at him.

"You bastard!! You better not lie with this young lady or else I will spank you to death!!"

He chuckled.

"Why are you angry at me?"

FengJiu suddenly bit his neck.

He only tightened his embrace and allowed her to bite him until her anger subside.

He continued to caress her hair until he felt that FengJiu released his neck.

"You\'re not angry anymore?"

FengJiu slowly nodded.

MinFeng tilted her head.

He stared at her and slowly asked,

"Why were you jealous? Can you tell hubby?"

FengJiu avoided his eyes.


"I saw you eating dinner with a random woman."

FengJiu mumbled. She clutched her hands on his chest and stared at him.

Tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Do you like that woman? Don\'t you want FengJiu anymore?"

MinFeng froze.

"Who said that?"

FengJiu fetched the envelope inside her bag and gave it to MinFeng.

MinFeng\'s eyes darkened as he saw the pictures inside.

It was him and YanRong.

That was the time where they needed to wait for a business partner. His brother, MinDe was also present at that time.

MinDe and YanRong are childhood friends. Before he went abroad, he always saw YanRong inside the ancestral house playing with MinDe. When she graduated, she applied at their company.

He only saw her again after he succeeded his grandfather\'s legacy.

MinFeng crumpled the pictures.

\'Someone wanted to destroy our relationship.\'

MinFeng sneered.

\'Let\'s see if you are worthy of my time.\'

MinFeng kissed FengJiu\'s nose.

"I never thought my wife was a very jealous woman."

FengJiu giggled and kissed his neck that she bit a while ago.

Her hands were starting to wonder inside his clothes.

"MinFeng... I want you.."

MinFeng exhaled.

He also wanted her.

He started to undress her clothes. She was wearing the long sleeved turtle neck blouse he prepared for her.

He pulled the blouse upward and unhooked her bra.

He started to kissing her breasts while holding her waists.

FengJiu kept squirming above him.

He sucked her breast hard until she moaned.

He was preparing to unbuckle his belt when he realized that FengJiu fell asleep while clutching his hair.

MinFeng could only curse.


He whispered.

He sighed and pulled down FengJiu\'s blouse while trying to reattach her bra.

He pulled her in his embrace and closed his eyes, trying to control his desire.

Few minutes later, the driver arrived.

"Young Master."

"Your Young Madam is asleep. Slow down a little when you drive."

"Yes. This subordinate understands."


FengJiu woke up in the afternoon.

She rubbed her head.

She realized that she was sleeping inside their room.

The only thing she remembered before passing out, she drank a little bit of alcohol because of Xiao Mei\'s scheme.

After she felt dizzy, everything went black and she could not remember anything.

\'What happened last night?!\'

\'Huh? who brought me here?!\'

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[1]. 小颠簸 (Xiǎo diān bǒ) means Little Bump (noun). 颠簸 (diān bǒ) can be considered a verb.

[2]. 颠簸的 (diān bǒ de) means Bumpy/to bump, jolty/to jolt etc.


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