Chapter 44 - Hold on, Little Bump

Chapter 44: Hold on, Little Bump

FengJiu was still puzzled at who brought her home.

MinFeng already said that he will not sleep with her so maybe it was Little Mei and YanFei gege.

When FengJiu saw the time on the wall clock, she immediately stood up but she fell back because she felt that the world tilted all of the sudden.

\'Urgh. I knew it. I am a hundred percent alcohol intolerant.\'

Since she was already late..

As in super late with her work, FengJiu decided to call Ming Yue and inform her that she will take be absent for now because she was sick.

"Hello, Madam."

"Yue, I will not go to work today. Reschedule the design presentations. Tell the team that they will have one more day for finalizing their proposals."

"Yes, Madam.."

FengJiu knew Ming Yue wanted to ask something.

"What is it?"

"Madam... How are you?"

FengJiu knew that Ming Yue was not asking for her sickness but for what happened yesterday when Ming Yue saw her cry .

FengJiu\'s face softened.

Although Ming Yue was kind of clumsy, she was very adept in everything.

She did her work properly and FengJiu could see her dedication.

"Enn..I\'m okay. Thank you for advising me."

"No! No! It\'s nothing, Madam! It\'s my pleasure to help you."

"Enn.. Go back to work."

"Yes. Madam."

FengJiu ended the call.

She recalled the pictures that was sent to her yesterday.

She knew that someone wanted to destroy their relationship.

There are only two types of people who would do that kind of thing.

The first one was a business rival. They were afraid of Feng and Lu Family\'s Union.

The second one was a love rival. To be precise, her love rival towards MinFeng.

Although she wouldn\'t scratch the fact that it could be the opposite but the probability of it is less than one percent since MinFeng was the only man she interacted with.

So the only possibility is that it was a woman.

If the person who sent her the pictures and the woman who was with MinFeng in the pictures were the same or not, FengJiu was still not sure.

She knew that even if she tried to trace the origin of those pictures, she wouldn\'t find a single clue.

That person was brave enough to hire a delivery company to harass her. It means that everything was still within that person\'s grasps.

FengJiu sighed and searched her bag.

She wanted to see the woman who was with MinFeng. She was not able to see that woman\'s face clearly because she was feeling angry and jealous.

Now that she was in her right mind with a proper brain working, FengJiu wanted to know that woman.

She and MinFeng were already husband and wife. Although they only had five months at most, it wouldn\'t change the fact that right now, they were still married with each other.

As long as the the five-month agreement was still not up, FengJiu decided to fight for her love.

To fight for MinFeng.

To fight for Little Bump.

\'Ahh? Where are the pictures??\'

FengJiu was puzzled.

The last time she remembered, she placed the envelope inside her bag.

But when she tried to look for it right now, the envelope vanished in thin air.

She tried to recall everything but all she could remember was a fuzzy memory of her and someone kissing.

FengJiu paled.

\'The fudge!! I kissed someone?! Who?! W-was it... YanFei gege?!\'

FengJiu\'s face sank. She could not believe that she was so perverted that she even ate YanFei gege\'s tofu[1].

She closed her eyes and tried to recall as much as she could.

The man she kissed was not YanFei gege. It was MinFeng.

FengJiu exhaled as if she avoided a death sentence.

But once again, she froze as she realized it was MinFeng who she kissed.

\'Why was he there??\'

Bits and pieces of what happened yesterday night suddenly entered her mind.

She shouted at MinFeng and told him she was jealous.

She kissed him and said she wanted to have sex with him.

She bit him and he bled.

MinFeng also said something but she was not able to recall it.

FengJiu almost vomited blood when she remembered saying to MinFeng that she was jealous.

\'What\'s the use of regretting everything?\'

FengJiu sighed. She would just cross the bridge when she get there[2].

She took a shower and got dressed.

She decided to go to the hospital to have a prenatal checkup.

She drank a little bit of liquor yesterday and she was afraid that it might affect Little Bump so she wanted to make sure that everything was fine.

Since she decided to fight for her love and would not run away anymore, informing MinFeng about Little Bump should be okay.

FengJiu went to the hospital.

She started to undergo series of test to ensure that Little Bump was healthy.

The doctor said that drinking too much wine and other type of liquor would indeed affect the child\'s development but a little sip would not.

But just to be sure, she should avoid any drinks with alcohol content.

When she saw Little Bump, FengJiu could not help but shed tears.

\'I\'m sorry Little Bump. Daddy was not here. But I promise, the next time we visit the hospital, Daddy would definitely be with us.\'

She received the picture of Little Bump and the given prescription for her pregnancy.

FengJiu thanked the doctor.

She immediately went to the pharmacy and brought the medicines and vitamins needed by pregnant women.

She decided to buy ingredients. She also bought candles and other stuffs for her plan.

She will cook food tonight and prepare a nice ambiance.

She wanted to tell MinFeng that Little Bump is growing inside her.

She was walking down the stairs when she felt that someone pushed her.

By impulse, she immediately protected her abdomen as she rolled down the stairs in fetal position.

Before she fainted FengJiu whispered,

"Hold on, L-little Bump. You must be strong because M-mommy needs you."


MinFeng was currently sitting inside his office when someone called him.


He ran towards the door and slammed it hard as he closed it.



[1]. Took advantage

[2]. You will not worry about a possible future problem but will deal with it if it happens.


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