Chapter 97 - Thanks For Loving Me

Chapter 97: Thanks For Loving Me

"Remember.. we are your family.. Little Bump and I are also your family... Do not think that Yeye is the only one that loves you... FengJiu... I will die without you...

Do you hear me? I cannot live without you... So please... Be strong... Be strong for my sake... For Little Bump\'s sake.."

FengJiu nodded. Her eyes were full of worries. She kept pressing the wound on his chest to try to stop the bleeding.

"MinFeng... your wound.."


MinFeng stubbornly refused to treat his wound.

FengJiu bit her lip. She looked in his eyes.

"I swear... I will not leave you again... so please... please... let\'s treat you wound, okay?"


FengJiu nodded. Her heart was very anxious when she saw that MinFeng\'s face was now pale due to blood loss.

"I promise... I promise.. please... MinFeng..."

FengJiu blamed herself.

She blamed herself for being a coward.

If she did not run away and close herself once again, MinFeng wouldn\'t have done such a foolish thing.

"Please.. I beg you.. don\'t scare me anymore..."

FengJiu wanted to touch his face but her hands were still on his chest, pressing his wound.

MinFeng smiled before he fainted.

FengJiu screamed and hugged him.


She immediately pressed the emergency button.

When the doctor entered, he was shocked silly when he saw the blood on the bed.

"Doctor!! Hurry!! Hurry!!"

The poor doctor immediately ran forward and checked MinFeng\'s wound.

FengJiu who was sitting on the bed was shivering as she stared at her hands that were full of MinFeng\'s blood.

\'MinFeng... I\'m sorry... I\'m sorry... Please forgive me..\'

The doctor immediately called some nurses. They transferred MinFeng to the emergency room.

FengJiu almost fainted but she forced herself to hold on.

She already promised MinFeng to be strong.

So she would try her best.

If she were to once again fall into darkness, who would take care of MinFeng?

FengJiu closed her eyes and calmed herself.

She wanted to follow them but the doctor immediately vetoed her idea. After he checked her vital signs, he advised her to stay inside, sort out her emotions and wait for MinFeng\'s return.

When she was left alone in the room, FengJiu sat on the chair.

She closed her eyes and prayed.


When MinFeng arrived in the emergency room, he opened his eyes and sat on the stretcher while pressing the wound on his chest.

He waved his other hand towards the nurses, trying to make them leave.

"How is she?"

MinFeng stared at the doctor.

"Miss Feng is fine, Mr. Lu. She\'s crying but her vitals were stable."

MinFeng nodded.

When the doctor checked him a while ago, he immediately signaled him to follow his lead in acting.

He wanted to punish FengJiu for being irresponsible and at the same time, he wanted her to feel guilty so that she wouldn\'t try to close herself once again.

"Good. No need to fret. I just need a couple of stitches. I\'ll leave a few hours later. Tell her that the surgery was difficult."

The doctor almost puked blood. His hands that were suturing the wound stopped.

\'What difficult surgery ahh?? You just need three stitches.. THREE STITCHES!\'

The doctor suddenly felt sorry towards FengJiu for loving a black-bellied man like Lu MinFeng.

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He could only sigh and resume suturing his wound.

Two hours later, the \'bedridden\' MinFeng was sent back. He \'weakly\' looked at FengJiu who was anxiously checking him.

"How is it?? Are you okay??"

FengJiu immediately sat on the bed and touched MinFeng\'s face. She was so scared when the doctor told her that the surgery was difficult and MinFeng almost lost his life.

"I\'m sorry.. it\'s all my fault.. it\'s all my fault.."

FengJiu grabbed his hand and repeatedly kissed it. Her tears fell on the bed but she tried to wipe them away and smiled at him.

She did not want MinFeng to see her weak side ever again.

MinFeng raised his hand and touched her cheeks.

"FengJiu... I\'m okay... It\'s not your fault... Come.. lay down with me."

MinFeng slowly moved to the side and pulled FengJiu down.

FengJiu obediently laid down and cupped his face.

"Do you know how scared I was when I saw you bleed? Don\'t do that again!"

MinFeng nodded. He touched her hands that was on his cheeks.

"Now you know how I felt when you fell into shock."

MinFeng \'coughed\' and \'winced\' as if he was in pain.

FengJiu paled when she saw that he was deeply hurt.

"I promise.. I promise I won\'t do it again... Will you forgive me?"

FengJiu bit her lip. Her conscience was killing her.

She scooted forward and carefully hugged MinFeng without touching his wound.

She did not manage to see his evil smirk.


Two days had passed and FengJiu started to accept the fact that her grandfather only had few more days to live.

She decided to face the truth. She visited XuanTian everyday without breaking down.

Since MinFeng was \'deeply\' hurt, he was sitting on a wheelchair. She did not want others to take care of him so FengJiu was the one pushing him.

In the past two days, FengJiu realized that she had to be strong. Strong enough to care and protect his husband and child. She did not want MinFeng to take care of her forever. She wanted to take care of him instead.

MinFeng sacrificed many things for her. It was now her turn to take good care of him. Since then, FengJiu stopped crying.

She started to view life positively.

She did not know but her grandfather already found out what happened between her and MinFeng.

He silently made an approval sign to MinFeng as if saying,

\'You did a good job.\'

He knew, even if he passed away, her granddaughter will be fine with MinFeng by her side.

"Ah Jiu..."

FengJiu smiled and touched XuanTian\'s face.

"I\'m here Yeye.."

"Child... I am so...*cough* *cough* grateful for having a granddaughter like *cough* you...

I know it was... my fault for robbing *cough* *cough* you of your childhood.. at an early age, I forced you... to shoulder the weight of our *cough* *cough* company.

Child, forgive Yeye.."

FengJiu shook her head.

"No.. you are wrong.. It\'s my greatest joy to manage the company you love. Feng International was you, Yeye... I don\'t want your blood, sweat and tears to be wasted..."

XuanTian smiled.

"Right now... I wanted to live just *cough* *cough* a little longer to see... my little angel but it seems *cough* *cough* like my time is up... Child... Ah Jiu.. *cough* *cough* Yeye is happy... to know that you are not... alone anymore.. *cough* *cough* do not grieve when I die. Do not... cancel your birthday *cough* *cough* celebration because... of me."

XuanTian knew MinFeng will propose on FengJiu\'s birthday. He did not want to spoil everything.

"MinFeng.. *cough* *cough* please take good care of my granddaughter.. I\'ll leave her to you."

Feng XuanTian smiled and slowly closed his eyes.

The doctor slowly covered the old man with white cloth and looked at his watch.

"The patient passed away at 10:35 pm."

The nurses slowly unplugged the machines that were used to monitor XuanTian\'s vital signs.

FengJiu cried and buried her head on the bed while gripping XuanTian\'s hand.

\'Yeye... Yeye... Thank you for loving me.. don\'t worry... Ah Jiu will live happily..\'



Author\'s Side Note:

Goodbye Yeye...

Don\'t worry.... Using my magic pencil, I will definitely punish all those who conspired against you..