Chapter 45 - I'm Your Daddy

Chapter 45: I\'m Your Daddy

MinFeng was currently sitting inside his office when someone called him.


He ran towards the door and slammed it hard as he closed it.

Chen Hao informed him that FengJiu was brought in to the hospital.

She got into an accident and she\'s currently critical.

When MinFeng ran towards the elevator, his mind was in total chaos. His heart could not stop beating fast.

As if his heart was being pounded like a drum.




MinFeng kept on pressing the elevator button but it was still on the 11th floor. He was at the 90th.

Not able to wait anymore, he run towards the stairs.

His employees were baffled as to why he was running towards the staircase rather than to wait for the elevator.

He ran as fast as he could as if his life depended on it.

MinFeng did not know how he was able to climb down from his initial position towards the first floor of the building.

He did not care that he stumbled few times on the stairs before he was able to successfully arrive at the lowest part of the staircase.

He was sweating hard when he reached the first floor. The employees who were busy working froze at the sight of him.

His face was pale and he was soaked in sweat.

His hair was unkempt and his eyes were red as if any minute by now, he would burst into tears.

The man that was viewed as a Ruthless King of the Business World looked like a soulless person.

MinFeng was gasping for air as he reached the front door.

Before he was able to go out, a delicate hand grabbed his arm.

It was YanRong.

She came from outside, as if she just arrived at the company.

"Chairman Lu! Where are you going? We have a very important meeting towards our new business partner. We need to seal this deal. We can\'t afford to lose this contract. I implore you to sort out your priority."

YanRong tightened her grip.

(A/N: Bitch!! Wanna die?! Germs!)

She stared at his eyes and there was an unyielding fire inside it.

MinFeng shrugged her hand. He glared at her and said,

"Fuck. Off."

YanRong paled but she once again grabbed his arm, not letting it go.

"Feng ge[1]!! Are you crazy?! We need this contract!! Whatever business you need to do outside, I\'ll do it! Just leave it all to me, okay? Let YanRong help you."

She pleaded while staring at his eyes. She was looking at him intensely while trying to tug him back inside.

MinFeng grabbed her hand that was pulling his arm and forcefully flung it away.

"May I remind you Miss Yan that you don\'t have the right to meddle in my private affairs. Get.The.Fuck.Off!"

Without giving a second glance, MinFeng ran towards the parking lot, leaving YanRong who cried pitifully.

When he reached his car, Chen Hao was already waiting for him at the driver\'s seat. Chen Hao knew that currently his boss wouldn\'t be able to drive safely towards the hospital.

"Drive fast!"

MinFeng ordered as he sat at the back of his BMW.

Chen Hao immediately stepped on the accelerator and drove towards the hospital as fast as he could.

When they arrived, one of the hospital\'s personnel immediately greeted them.

"Mr. Lu. We were very happy to receive you in our humble place, we---"

"Enough with your chit chat. Speak. Was Miss FengJiu of Feng International brought here?"

He asked as he walked inside.

"Yes. Miss Feng is currently at the emergency room. She has to undergo surgery.

We notified Mr. Chen about Miss Feng\'s accident because we were not able to contact Chairman Feng. We cannot decide whether to transfer Miss Feng to other hospital or not."

The hospital higher ups were aware of Feng International and Lu Corporation\'s silent war in business world.

DuXing Hospital was one of the subsidiary business under Lu Corporation.

They did not want to offend their Boss\' boss by helping the Heiress of their business rival.

MinFeng glared at them when he heard they wanted to transfer FengJiu.

"Why would you transfer her?? Are all of you worthless?? What\'s the use of employing you here if you don\'t even know how to save someone\'s life and heal their injury?! If that\'s the case then, all of you better pack your things and scram!"

All of them shivered as MinFeng\'s countenance darkened.

Sensing his Boss\' anger, Chen Hao whispered to his ear.

"Boss. Young Madam is still in critical condition. It\'s best if you are present at the emergency room. Just leave them to me."

MinFeng nodded and looked at one of the doctors.

"You. Lead me to the emergency room."

The poor doctor who was just standing at the back of the group almost peed in his pants.

MinFeng looked like he wanted to devour everyone.

Few minutes later, MinFeng was standing at the front of the operating room.

He was pacing back and forth while holding his head.

Every now and then, MinFeng would touch the door of the operating room while his eyes were closed.

The poor doctor that was dragged there by MinFeng was just standing stiffly at the corner.

He was afraid to look at MinFeng.

He could only look at his feet while praying for Miss Feng\'s wellness. The poor doctor could tell that if something happened to her, this hospital would cease to exist.

Chen Hao arrived together with FengJiu\'s things.

He went beside MinFeng.

"Boss... Young Madam is.."

Chen Hao did not know how to say it to MinFeng.

He could only give the small picture to MinFeng.

MinFeng stared at the picture.

His pale face became paler.

He whipped his head towards Chen Hao and asked,

"Is this.."

Chen Hao nodded.

"It was found together with Young Madam\'s things. I also looked at her chart. Boss... Young Madam is pregnant.."

MinFeng staggered.

If not for Chen Hao\'s assistance, he would\'ve fell on the ground.

He slowly sat on the chair.

Seconds later, tears fell from his eyes.

He laughed crazily while crying hard.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He whispered as he put the picture on his forehead.

"Little guy, I\'m your Daddy."



[1]. Big brother. Can be blood relative or not.


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