Chapter 99 - The Second Young Master

Chapter 99: The Second Young Master

"Don\'t you dare lie to me! Tell me the truth.. was Yeye poisoned? He did not die because of his heart disease but because he was poisoned, am I right?"

FengJiu\'s body shook with anger.

She glared at MinFeng. She could not believe that he tried to conceal everything, leaving her in the shadows.

If she hadn\'t heard their conversation, for sure, MinFeng wouldn\'t tell her the truth.

She had the right to know the truth regarding her Yeye\'s death.

She pulled her hand away from MinFeng\'s grip and sat on the chair.

Chen Hao, sensing the negative atmosphere, discreetly went out of the room.

MinFeng sighed and sat beside her.

"Tell me the truth or else I will divorce you!"

FengJiu\'s nose flared as she glared at MinFeng.

The poor man could only spill the beans[1].

"Assistant Long said that Yeye was poisoned few years ago. The personal nurse who was taking care of him was the daughter of a fallen businessman. She poisoned Yeye as her revenge for the death of her father.

Yeye was not able to find the person who helped the nurse since she died on the second day she was captured.

No evidence was found but Yeye was sure that the person behind his poisoning was your Second Uncle."

FengJiu bit her lips. She could not help but feel sad when she thought of how her Yeye had lived these past few years.

MinFeng pulled her in his embrace.

"Don\'t worry... I will seek justice for Yeye.. I won\'t let them get away this time. Chen Hao already found a lead. We\'ll just wait for his report later."

FengJiu nodded. She raised her head and asked.

"Was it Yeye who asked you to hide this from me?"

"Mmm.. he did not want you to be reckless. I\'m sorry if I tried to hide it from you."

"No... It\'s okay.. now that Yeye is gone, Second Uncle will surely plan to covet the company."




Their conversation was interrupted when someone knocked on the door.

Assistant Long entered the room and saluted.

"Miss Jiu, Mr. Lu."

"Assistant Long, what\'s the matter? Is there something you need?"

Long Jin shook his head.

"I just wanted to ask Miss Feng about Chairman Feng\'s funeral."

"No need to bother yourself. I will prepare everything regarding Yeye\'s funeral.

FengJiu wanted it to be as private as possible. Only the closest friends and a few business partners will be able to attend."

Long Jin nodded.

"Miss Jiu, Chairman Feng ordered that if he died before your birthday, all Feng Members will be notified to attend the reading of his Last Will a day before your birthday. He also said that you should not cancel the celebration just because he passed away."

FengJiu nodded and smiled.

Even when he was on the brink of death, her grandfather still thought of her first before himself.

\'Yeye... May your soul rest in peace... Don\'t worry... Ah Jiu will avenge you... Those who plotted against you will die in my hands.\'


When Xiao Mei woke up, MinDe already left. She stared at the wall clock and saw that it was already eight in the morning.

She sat on the bed and stretched her limbs.

She immediately picked up her phone when it rang.


Xiao Mei took a deep breath and answered the phone call.

"Hello, dad."

"Where are you?"

"I-I\'m still at home."

"Home? At the ancestral house?"

Xiao Mei wanted to slap her mouth.

\'Home?! My gosh!! I\'m already accustomed calling his place \'home\'.\'

She\'s been living with MinDe and she subconsciously treated the penthouse as their love nest.

"N-No.. I mean I\'m at the hotel where I stay."

\'I\'m not lying ahh.. I\'m still living in a hotel..\'

Xiao Mei could only cross her fingers for lying.

"Okay then. I just arrived. Let\'s meet up."

"Enn.. okay dad."

Xiao Mei picked their meeting place.

A few minutes later, she arrived at the restaurant which was located near the hotel.

When she went inside, the waiter ushered her to the farthest table where her father sat.

When she saw him, Xiao Mei felt like crying. She missed her father so much. Even though their relationship was not as good as she hoped, she still yearned for his love.

She knew he came here because of her and Robert\'s wedding but she could not help but be happy to see him again.


Xiao Mei kissed her father\'s cheeks and sat on the opposite chair.

"Mmm.. how are you? Did you see Robert? He came here to pursue you."

"Dad, I----"

Before Xiao could finish her sentence, she saw Robert walking towards them.

"I also invited him since we will be talking about your wedding."

Xiao Guan smiled and stood up. He patted Robert\'s shoulder and told him to sit down beside Xiao Mei.

"How are you?? Did the two of you talk?? How was it?"


"No worries.. No worries.. You and Ah Mei were already betrothed. I suggest that the wedding be held a month from now."

Robert smiled painfully.

He could still remember when he called Little Mei\'s phone and a man\'s voice answered it.

Since then, he avoided her.

He did not know what he wanted.

He wanted to stay away from her and give his blessings but he also wanted her to marry him.

Wasn\'t he a bastard?

For days, he had been contemplating whether to call off the engagement or not.

He loved Xiao Mei and he wanted her to be happy...

But he also wanted her for himself.

When Robert raised his head, he subconsciously looked at the entrance door. He saw a familiar face entered the front door.

\'Isn\'t he the Second Young master of Lu Corporation?\'

Robert knew him the man who just entered at the restaurant. He met him few years ago.

The man looked towards him.

Robert was startled when he saw anger on that man\'s gaze.

If looks could kill, he would\'ve died on the spot.

\'Is he angry at me? Why?\'

He saw the man walked towards them.

When the man arrived at their table, he unceremoniously pulled Xiao Mei and kissed her in front of them.

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Robert felt like his heart shattered into pieces.



[1]. Tell everyone


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