Chapter 46 - Finally

Chapter 46: Finally

FengJiu felt like she was floating in an endless space.

Her mind was a bit fuzzy.

\'Where am I?\'

\'Why am I here?\'

FengJiu noticed that she was standing on a bridge.

She felt something was leading her towards the opposite side.

When she started to walk forward, she realized that her body felt at ease, like she was being lulled in her mother\'s womb.

She was almost at the end of the bridge when she felt a suction force coming from where she was standing before.

She could hear a voice calling her name.


FengJiu wake up...

Please wake up... I cannot live without you...

Without you and our child...\'

FengJiu found the voice familiar.

\'Who is it? Who is calling my name?\'

Once again, the voice spoke.

\'FengJiu... If you die... I\'ll die with you..


Please don\'t give up...

For my sake...

For the sake of our child, please live...\'

FengJiu paled as she recalled everything that happened.

\'Little Bump!!\'

She immediately touched her abdomen and found out it was empty.


She fell and cried.



I beg you...

Don\'t leave me..

Don\'t leave me alone...

If you die...

Our child will also die..

I beg you..


MinFeng\'s voice sounded so heartbroken.

His voice was trembling as he uttered those words.

FengJiu tried to stop sobbing.

But she couldn\'t.

She pressed her hands on her mouth to suppress her voice from crying out loud.



FengJiu stood up but she fell.

Darkness crept into her.

Seconds later, she blacked out.


MinFeng was still sitting on the chair while holding Little Bump\'s Ultrasound picture when the door opened and a doctor stepped out of the Operating Room.

MinFeng immediately ran towards him and asked anxiously, "How is she?"

MinFeng\'s voice was hoarse.

His eyes were red.

He looked like a wandering soul[1].

The doctor asked when he saw him, "Are you the patient\'s guardian?"

MinFeng nodded.

"We were able to save the baby. Luckily, the baby is already fine but..."

MinFeng sighed out of relief as he heard that their child was okay but he once again, he paled as he heard the rest of the doctor\'s sentence.

"But the mother is still in coma. She had a surgery on her head as we found a blood clot in her frontal lobe[2].

If she wakes up before tomorrow evening, she will be out of danger. But if she does not wake up by then, I\'m afraid that she may not wake up ever.

The patient is pregnant. There are cases of coma patients giving birth but the success rate is very minimal.

We already did our best. The rest is up to her."

MinFeng immediately went towards FengJiu\'s private room.

He saw her lying on the hospital bed.

He felt his heart was being gnawed by hundreds of tiny insects.

He felt suffocated.

He couldn\'t breathe.

He wanted to run beside her but his body wouldn\'t move.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that she might not wake up.

He was afraid that she might leave him.

Leave him for good.

Together with their child.

Without turning back.

MinFeng just stood at the door.

He stood like a robot for almost half an hour.

When Chen Hao arrived, he saw his boss standing at the door.

MinFeng did not enter the room.

He just stared at FengJiu foolishly.

Chen Hao sighed.

This is the first time he saw his boss like this.

As if he became a different person.

A person who lost all hope to live.

Chen Hao spoke.

"Boss, Young Madam needs you by her side. You should speak to her and tell her to fight. Boss... Do not give up. If you give up now, what would happen to Young Madam?"

MinFeng woke up from his deep thoughts.

He turned his head and looked at Chen Hao.


MinFeng sincerely thanked him.

Chen Hao smiled.

"Boss. Young Madam is waiting for you."

MinFeng nodded and took a step forward towards FengJiu.

He sat on the chair and grabbed FengJiu\'s hand.

He whispered while tears rolled down his cheeks.

"FengJiu... FengJiu wake up...

Please wake up... I cannot live without you... Without you and our child..."

MinFeng tightened his grip.

"FengJiu... If you die... I\'ll die with you..

Please.. Please don\'t give up... For my sake... For the sake of our child, please live..."

MinFeng did not notice FengJiu\'s forefinger move.

He touched her cheeks.

Her lips.

Her eyes.

Her nose.

He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead that was wrapped with thick layer of bandage.

"FengJiu.. FengJiu... I beg you... Don\'t leave me.. Don\'t leave me alone...

If you die... Our child will also die..

I beg you.. Please..."

MinFeng did not care that his snots and tears were already mixed together.

He did not care that he could not open his eyes anymore due to intense crying.

He did not care that he could no longer speak clearly because his voice was already very hoarse.

He did not care about himself.

All that he cared about was FengJiu..

And their unborn child.

He placed FengJiu\'s hand on his lips and kissed it.

He closed his eyes and continued to whisper,

"I love you.. I love you... I love both of you... Please don\'t leave me.. I need you.. I need both of you.. Please.. Just... Please.. I beg you.."

MinFeng kept talking and talking.

He was still talking incoherently when he heard FengJiu\'s voice.

"M-Min... F-Feng."

MinFeng immediately opened his eyes and saw FengJiu staring at him.

Tears also fell from her eyes.

"D-Do you...real...l-ly love... me?"

MinFeng looked towards the door and immediately shouted,


Luckily, Chen Hao was still present. He ran outside to inform the doctor that FengJiu already regained consciousness.

FengJiu stared at MinFeng.

She stared unblinkingly.

"FengJiu... Are you okay? Does your head hurt? Do you want to drink water? Are you thirsty?"

MinFeng was overjoyed that FengJiu was finally awake.

FengJiu shook her head. She stubbornly asked him again.

"MinFeng... D-do you... really l-love me..?"

MinFeng froze.

Then he smiled and gave a peck on her lips.

"Silly.. Of course.. I love you, FengJiu.. Only you.. No one else."

FengJiu cried.


The words she longed to hear.

(A/N: You already heard it, dear... When you were drunk.)

Now she understood why that female lead forgave that man who hurt her [3]. The man she tried to hide from for five years.

It was not because she was foolish.

It was because of the words that man said..

[I Love You.]

Three simple words that had a huge impact in every relationship.

People say that action speaks louder than words, but sometimes, words are needed to clarify things.

Action is not enough.

Communicating with one another is the best way to to express your thoughts..

Because sometimes, love needs to be uttered.


MinFeng stared at her.

FengJiu stared back at him.

"Why did you hide our child from me?"

FengJiu\'s eyes shook.

(A/N: Oh no! You are busted!!)



[1]. A ghost

[2]. Front part of your head. Google for more info

[3]. The movie she watched when she was eating noodles at aunt and uncle Ling\'s house.


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