Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Dramatic Change

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Their daughter had become a son. This dramatic change had truly challenged the Ye parents’ acceptance. Even their son, Ye Feng, who was an avid reader of web novels, had a hard time figuring out exactly what had happened to his sis— well, brother.

The whole family had lost their appetite, thus they sat there, quietly waiting for the unconscious new son to wake up.

Ye Shuang, when he was a she, couldn’t really be considered a beauty, at most, she was easy on the eyes. Therefore, with such a basic foundation, even when she transformed into a man, it was natural that his looks would only be slightly above average. This was observable from Little Brother Ye’s physical features; the Ye family gene pool didn’t have the potential to create miracles.

However, while Ye Shuang was unconscious, her… his body was changing with a speed that was observable to the naked eye. Even though they couldn’t understand what was happening inside Ye Shuang’s body, it appeared to the remaining Ye family members that Ye Shuang’s physical body was changing, like each individual cell was coming alive. They were improving and rearranging into a new formula.

The weakened and old cells were removed, thus only the perfect cells remained. The body’s potential that had gone silent after puberty had finished was reactivated. The links that were missing in the DNA chains reproduced themselves…

For a total of four hours, from morning to late afternoon, the Ye family sat quietly and watched the dramatic change that was happening to the son right before their eyes.

Ye Shuang had morphed into a completely different person… Of course, this referred to something beyond sex… His skin was glowing like a pearl, his bone structure was pulled taut, making the man’s physical features look more exquisite, and his height that had stagnated at 160 cm continued to increase. The muscle that was exposed underneath the clothes seemed to be wiggle indiscernibly before they settled into brawny and smooth lines…

Little Brother Ye couldn’t help but reach out to peel off his brother’s clothes, and to his dismay, discovered that the person who had never exercised in her life now had a six-pack!

Even though it wasn’t the overly muscular type, this kind of balanced and smooth lines was more in tune with the modern eye for beauty. No matter how they looked at it, this new son was indubitably a handsome man.

The crystal-clear skin, the chiseled facial features, the lashes long and curled, even the hair was lustrous and flowing… in any case, definitely not a typical Ye.

“Ol’, Ol’ Ye…” When the son on the sofa finally stopped grimacing and the transformation of the body had stopped, Mother Ye couldn’t help but grab her husband’s arm and ask with a shaking voice, “This, this is our child‽”

It was hard to tell whether the tremble in her voice was due to fear or excitement.

“…It has to be, right?” Even Father Ye was uncertain.

Of course, the child had to be theirs, but the situation was a bit… Maybe they should go for a DNA test for confirmation?

Just as Father Ye was considering their options, Ye Shuang finally awakened. After the eyelashes flicked open, a pair of eyes that were shimmering like black jewels stared at them. Mother Ye’s heart couldn’t help but shiver once more.

When the tired-looking son sat up from the sofa, the first impression that came into Mother Ye’s mind was that they were dealing with a prince in distress…

“Mom, Dad.” Ye Shuang held her head in her hands as if she could still feel the tearing sensation that permeated her body from when the cells in her body had been changing…

Father Ye was the first to recover; he rushed forward to ask concernedly, “You’re awake‽ How are you…”

In her state of consciousness, a great amount of information had been forcibly fed into Ye Shuang’s brain. She knew what had happened to her body, so she understood the worry in her father’s voice and why he was so hesitant to finish the question.

Looking at her family’s faces, which were full of concern, Ye Shuang’s congested feeling from suddenly knowing so many things improved. She smiled bitterly before saying, “You want to ask me why this has happened, right‽”

“If I knew that breaking that jade kitten could make a person so handsome, I would have done it a long time ago!” It was to be expected of Little Brother Ye to make a joke out of the situation. “Sis, this is such a waste on you! If I change into the form you’re in, would I even need to worry about a girlfriend in the future‽”

“Don’t be stupid!” Ye Shuang shot him down like she usually would.

Mother Ye was brought out of her daze by the sudden scolding that had escaped from the handsome man’s mouth. Then the thought This is still my daught… son!cropped up in her mind… No, wait, my daughter is definitely not my son, what in the world‽

Ye Shuang arranged her thoughts, and with a drawn face, started to explain, “To put it simply, that jade contains DNA.”

Her family stared at her in complete confusion. Ye Shuang sighed and elaborated, “There are many planets in the cosmos, and the scientists have always believed there are other sentient lifeforms on these planets and that they might be more advanced than us… Understand?”

“Yes!” Little Brother Ye nodded continuously with his eyes glowing. “Sis, go on!”

“Okay, I’ll try to make this as simple as possible. A long time ago, there was a civilization on Earth… By the way, archaeologists have found many signs of advanced civilizations underground before, you all know about this, right?

Ye Shuang who received a glare from Father Ye, rubbed her nose and returned to the main topic. “Okay, fine… I’ll continue.

“During these prehistoric times, aliens once visited Earth, and the jade contains the DNA of one of those aliens,” Ye Shuang explained patiently. “The DNA has the ability to optimize the mental and physical attributes of the recipient. At the same time, it was the ability to input residual memories that allow the recipient to absorb several decades of knowledge without the labor of studying…”

“Such a treasure!” Little Brother Ye, who had just flunked two subjects, slapped his thigh with the glow in his eyes intensifying.

“…But there is a fatal flaw.” Ye Shuang cleverly chose to ignore her little brother. “This alien lifeform didn’t have a determined sex before they reached adulthood, and their sex was formed through the first partner they chose to have sex with… In other words, after the transformation, although I’m no longer a female, I cannot be considered a male either.”

Mother Ye and Father Ye were complete blank; even Little Brother Ye had a hard time following her explanation. After a long time, Father Ye finally opened his mouth to say, “What, what do you mean by that‽”

Had his daughter transformed into a hermaphrodite‽

Ye Shuang’s facial expression twitched. “It means that before the fusion is completed, I will maintain this life of switching between sexes… Now I might look like a man, but I’ll probably change back into the form of a woman in three days.”


“If I wish to put an end to this kind of lifestyle, I need to exchange the sex chromosomes with a person from the opposite sex when I’m in the sexual form that I desire and use that to stabilize my future sex.”


Since her parents still hadn’t understood it, Ye Shuang had no choice but to make things very clear. “To put it simply, if I wish to become a woman, when I’m in the female form, I need to find a man to have…”

Mother Ye screamed in a panic to stop Ye Shuang, “Stop! How can a lady talk so openly about stuff like that‽”

Ye Shuang pouted like she was greatly hurt. It was not that she wished to lay it out so openly, it was because they couldn’t understand her. How could that be her fault?

Little Brother Ye stopped being envious of Ye Shuang. The thought of being a woman for three days, and quite possibly more than that, chilled his heart to the core…

Father Ye tried his best to digest all the information for the sake of his daughter. He stood up on swaying feet and announced the end of the family meeting. “Give… us time to process all the information. We’ll continue this talk tomorrow.”

Mother Ye still had something to say out of concern, but Father Ye didn’t give her the chance as he dragged her into their bedroom.

“Wait, we’re not going to have dinner anymore‽” Ye Shuang looked at the door of her parent’s bedroom, which had been slammed shut.

Neither of them had stayed to comfort her fragile spirit? Damn! Were those really her biological parent‽

“There’re plenty of instant noodles in the cupboard!” Her little brother did stay but the first words out of his mouth were devoid of any warmth. They could even be described as heartless.

Ye Shuang rolled her eyes at him and looked at the sweat that covered her body. She stood up and defiantly chose to walk away. She definitely had nothing to say to that little trouble-maker!

“Sis… Brother! Where are you going‽” Little Brother Ye looked at the fleeing Ye Shuang dumbly.

Ye Shuang replied, without turning around, “To take a shower! And to use the toilet, my bladder is bursting already!”

“Okay, then… wait!”

Little Brother Ye was suddenly reminded of something. He called after his brother to stop him, but before the words left his mouth, Ye Shuang had already walked into the bathroom.

Ten seconds later, Ye Shuang came out of the bathroom with an awkward expression on his face and quietly settled back down on the sofa.

“Weren’t you going to use the toilet‽” Little Brother Ye, who knew Ye Shuang was in a pickle, had to poke the bear.

“…” Ye Shuang hissed through gritted teeth, “I believe I can still hold it in.”

Little Brother Ye was also holding something in. He scratched his face and legs as he sat on the sofa before finally blurting out, “Sis, a man’s prostate is very important; you’re going to ruin it if you continue to hold it in.”