Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Did You Know‽

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Just as Mother Ye was about to drag her newly minted, perfect son out to show the world, Father Ye, who had just finished breakfast, stepped in to stop his wife and pulled Ye Shuang into the study to continue their earlier conversation.

“Xiao Shuang, you said the jade sculpture carried residual memory, then can you tell me exactly what happened to you‽”

Flipping through a thick encyclopedia, Father Ye started to search for the definition that could explain what had really happened to his daughter.

Father Ye wasn’t an avid reader of web novels, so he wasn’t privy to the common reactions of these main characters blessed with a sudden system or upgrade. However, even if Father Ye knew about it, he would most likely brush it off.

The main character who experienced such a miraculous event would hide it from their families and the public, afraid that they would be dragged to the lab to be tested as lab rats. However, eventually, the truth would be revealed, and using their inhumane talent, they would begin a path of endless face-slapping and harem-collecting!

However, the authors of such stories must have a screw loose somewhere. Why didn’t any of the main characters worry about their body collapsing from cellular rearrangement or that the random system was not a perfect assistant but a schemer that meant them harm‽

The host in such novels would be completely under the control of a higher existence… So just how did those main characters believe such a wonderful upgrade would not carry with it a fatal downside? Why did the authors create such main characters that could not see beyond themselves to realize the possible dangerous consequences‽

Father Ye was practically a blank sheet of paper when it came to this kind of knowledge; he hadn’t been brainwashed by web novels to think that only good things would come to Ye Shuang from this encounter. From how he saw it, be it a good thing or bad thing, they needed to first identify the origin and degree of this change. They couldn’t leave everything to fate now, could they?

“The main changes involve the optimization of the physical body and the brain. However, as to the degree of change, I’m not so sure myself because the memory didn’t contain any information regarding that.” Ye Shuang understood that this was her father’s way of expressing his worry and love, so she treated it seriously. “There are no superpowers; the optimization process is curbed by the limits of the body… Temporarily, there is no observable side effect.”

Father Ye sighed in relief. “It’s good that there are no side effects, but you had better get used to your new body as soon as possible… You can’t go breaking all the chopsticks in the house simply because of carelessness.”

Thankfully, this time it was just a pair of chopsticks, but if Ye Shuang became too excited when shaking another person’s hand… Father Ye didn’t dare to imagine the consequences.

Ye Shuang felt like crying. It was not that she wanted to break the chopsticks; it was all thanks to that annoying little brother of hers….

“How about a little test?” Father Ye thought about it and decided to start with an investigation of the brain power. He passed the encyclopedia to Ye Shuang. “Let’s see how good your memory and logic skills are.”

Memory skill… Ye Shuang used a mere 10 minutes to memorize ten pages of the encyclopedia. Father Ye grabbed the book back with a drawn face. “Enough, I understand!”

F*ck, this world sure is unfair!

Father Ye, who was rarely jealous of his children, tried to calm his emotions. “Wait here, I’ll go get some math papers from the university!” This would be the logic test.

“Dad, please don’t!” Ye Shuang pleaded with tears in her eyes. “Please just give me some IQ tests instead! I feel the brain is quite vibrant at the moment, but…”

But most of the mathematical formulas she had learned had been returned to her teachers fully wrapped.

“…” Father Ye who was familiar with his daughter’s math skill was silent for a moment. Even if the logic skill is enhanced, she wouldn’t be able to create the formulas out of thin air; she’s not Einstein after all. It’s quite unfair to test her math skills when her foundation is so weak…

“Then, we’ll forget about that and test your physical strength.”

With the command from Father Ye, the hard-wood table in the study had a deep palm print embedded in it; the anti-burglary window pane had one of the iron bars bent; even their guest bedroom had a new hole in the wall…

The Ye family of three stood silently beside the hole in the wall and looked at the handsome man who laughed awkwardly as he hauled a several hundred kilogram cupboard to block the hole from view…

“Ol’, Ol’ Ye‽” Mother Ye clutched her chest and wheezed out, “Perhaps we should take Shuang Shuang to the gym‽” So please stop doing these things around the house, or did you all forget about the unfinished house loan already?

Father Ye seemed to have aged ten years as he waved his hands weakly. “Go ahead then, let me… think about this.”

Did sis become a Super Saiyan? Little Brother Ye, who had been a spectator throughout, had the desire to rush online to see whether there was another unlucky boy in the world who had to live with a Super Saiyan sister with a horrible temper. Thinking about the many times he had angered his sister to the state of explosion and the image of his sister’s bare hand knocking a hole in the wall… Little Brother Ye suddenly felt like his future was shrouded in darkness…

Before Mother Ye left with Ye Shuang, Father Ye, having just recovered, lightly reminded her, “Xiao Shuang, try not to use your strength too much before you get used to it. Be careful around everything.” Especially people, don’t go breaking them…

“…” I’ll just stand aside and watch, that’s okay, right?

The new Ye Shuang was definitely the tallest in the family. It was hard to tell how tall she was as a woman, that would have to wait for another three days, but as a man, she definitely stood out. 184 cm with the perfect ratio, wide shoulders and a slender waist. Combined with the perfect facial features, he was like a walking movie poster.

On that first day of transformation, Ye Shuang had been wearing a skirt. At the time, everyone had still been too shocked at the transformation to notice this incongruence. Furthermore, it did look like she was modelling for some alternative magazine. However, the problem arose when Ye Shuang needed to leave the house… Father Ye and Little Brother Ye were both at least one head shorter than the eldest son . Their longest pants on Ye Shuang instantly became cropped jeans. They didn’t even need to test the shirts. Their tiny shoulders meant that their shirts couldn’t possibly fit Ye Shuang.

Putting on the extra-large T-shirt that she used as pajamas and Little Brother Ye’s stretchable sport pants, the issue of clothes was temporarily resolved. However, this was only temporary; Ye Shuang had to buy a new set of clothes, including underwear… She couldn’t walk around in strawberry-print panties underneath a suit or jeans, right?

Therefore, this shopping spree became even more necessary than before. Even though Ye Shuang tried her best to keep a low profile, the glow of a diamond couldn’t be suppressed. Mother Ye and Ye Shuang had just stepped outside when they were accosted by their neighbor.

“Such a handsome young man! Sister Luo, he’s your relative‽” Mother Ye’s maiden first name was Luo… The neighbor auntie’s eyes were practically popping out of her sockets. It was rare to run into such a quality young man; she would get all the information on him before she let them go. “Young man, what’s your name?”

After realizing this was her mother’s friend, Ye Shuang, in a moment of weakness, blurted out, “I’m Ye Shuang.”

Eh? Wait a minute! I’m a man now!

When Ye Shuang realized what was wrong, both Mother Ye and the auntie were stunned.


The auntie said hesitantly, “The same name as your daughter?”

Mother Ye laughed awkwardly. Thankfully, it didn’t cross the auntie’s mind that the two Ye Shuang’s were one and the same. However, using her own imagination, she filled in the blanks and came up with her own speculation. A speculation that was confirmed when she noticed the familiar T-shirt Ye Shuang was wearing.

The auntie’s eyes glowed conspiratorially, “Sister Luo, this here is your new son-in-law‽”

Reality tells us to never underestimate the observation of any neighborhood aunty. These creatures of mysterious nature gather normally at a scary place called ‘the neighborhood committee’, and every single one of them contains unimaginable information as they observe the whole neighborhood from their perch…

The types of dishes served on each dinner table, the exam results of each family’s children, the relationship status of the young men and women… No information can escape their grasp. These ladies… they are natural spies and information collectors.

Ye Shuang had only worn this t-shirt, at most, three times in public, but it still couldn’t escape the auntie’s eyes. Therefore, the connection was made instantly. After Mother Ye and her ‘son-in-law’ left the building, the news was quickly spread through the community grapevine…

“Did you know‽ There’s a very handsome young man who visited the Ye Family, and he was wearing Xiao Shuang’s clothes.”

“Did you know‽ The Ye family just played host to their new son-in-law.”

“Did you know‽ The Ye family’s Xiao Shuang is already pregnant…”

Therefore, while Ye Shuang was dragged to the mall on a shopping spree, without her knowing, she had gotten in a relationship, got married, and was even carrying an illegitimate child…