Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Quick, Run!

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The voice belonged to a familiar face. Ye Shuang had an uncle, and this girl was her uncle’s son’s girlfriend, the Luo family’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Mother Ye had moved to the city after marrying Father Ye, so it was rare for her to meet any relatives from her side of the family.

Therefore, if this greeting had happened at any other time, Mother Ye would have been very happy. It was such a happy occasion to have met her nephew’s girlfriend. If anything, she wanted to drag her home to have lunch. However, this time, the situation was different. As Mother Ye and Ye Shuang heard this crisp voice, their faces were covered with cold sweat.  Damn! Can there really be such a coincidence in the world‽

As they both turned around, a familiar looking girl was walking toward them with her eyes glowing, and her gaze was completely focused on… Ye Shuang!

“Quick, run!” Mother Ye was barely making sense to herself. She pushed Ye Shuang aside, wanting her to go and hide as soon as possible.

Her own daughter had suddenly become a man! If this news went beyond the confines of the immediate family, things could go very very badly. If anyone had a case of loose lips or someone intended them harm… She shivered just thinking about the possible consequences.

There were black lines all over Ye Shuang’s face. “Run? Why should I? And even if I want to, where can I run to‽”

Furthermore, the girl had seen her stood beside Mother Ye. Even though the girl called Mother Ye’s name, her eyes hadn’t left Ye Shuang as she walked over. If she really just ran away, then it would only make it look that much more suspicious.

Mother Ye also seemed to realize that solution wasn’t useable. As her nephew’s future wife got closer, Mother Ye looked around with sweat all over her forehead. Her eyes glowed as she grabbed a few sets of shirts and shoved them in Ye Shuang’s arms. She then shoved her son along, saying, “Go! Go try out these clothes! Have the salesgirl pair the trousers and jacket for you… Try them on slowly, one by one, make sure you’re in the changing room for at least an hour!”

As your mother, I will try to chase this nephew’s future wife away in that one hour…

Ye Shuang was thus deposited in the sweet salesgirl’s hands; the latter was so pleasantly surprised that she almost fainted from happiness… The amount of commission I could get, and that face…

It didn’t cross the salesgirl’s mind that Ye Shuang would try on the clothes but not buy them; she probably believed a handsome man wouldn’t do something as depraved as that. The salesgirl practically half-dragged Ye Shuang away, and she wasn’t slow, probably afraid that her competition would swoop in to steal the meat away from her mouth. And so, Ye Shuang managed to escape Ou Qianru, who had been stopped by Mother Ye.

“This is such a happy coincidence, Qianru! But why are you shopping in San Lin City? Are you here for work‽” When she saw Ye Shuang being ushered safely into the dressing room out of the corner of her eye, Mother Ye sighed under her breath and focused on dealing with the adversary before her. “Why aren’t you with Xiao Ce‽ Both of you aren’t getting younger, when do you plan to tie the knot?”

Ou Qianru was about ninety percent confirmed to the future wife of Ye Shuang’s cousin. Since Mother Ye and Uncle Luo were brother and sister, their children knew each other quite well. If they meet at work or outside, they would definitely go for a drink or something.

Ou Qianru might seem young, but she was already a planner at a famous entertainment company. To put it simply, she was a star-maker, not unlike a celebrity manager, but her relationship with her clients was not as close as the professional relationship between the manager and their celebrity.

Ou Qianru and Luo Ce had been a couple when they were at university. Then, they started working together. Perhaps females had an easier time in social functions and the entertainment circle because Ou Qianru had made a name for herself in the industry in less than a year, but Luo Ce was still pretty much an unknown; he was always assigned the hopeless new talents…

Even so, they shared a wonderful relationship. The only reason they weren’t married, even though they were fast approaching thirty, was Luo Ce’s ego issue. He probably thought losing to his future wife professionally was a shameful deal, and he forced himself to make a name for himself first before he popped the question. Of course, the hectic nature of Ou Qianru’s work was another reason. However, they had been living like a married couple for years already, both parents had seen and approved of this relationship. Honestly, it was only a matter of formality…

Ou Qianru’s face was colored with disappointment when she saw Ye Shuang run into the changing room. However, the next second, she gripped Mother Ye’s arm and breathed excitedly. “Auntie Luo, Ah Ce is still busy taking care of the new actors… By the way, who was that handsome man that was just with you‽ Do you think he’ll be interested in becoming a celebrity‽ As you know, Ah Ce is always assigned those D-class new talents, something that handsome man is definitely not. He has the potential to be really big; help me convince him to sign with Ah Ce. Don’t worry, since he’s family, we will definitely not treat him badly!”

Of course, since he’s family, it would be a waste for him to benefit our competitors.

Ou Qianru, even though she had met many A-list celebrities, still managed to have her breath taken away and her heart stopped for about one minute when she first glanced at Ye Shuang. This went to show how damaging Ye Shuang’s good looks were. The first emotion that came into Ou Qianru’s mind when she recovered was joy, because her husband was finally going to have his big break!

Nowadays, what do you think the most important factor to becoming famous is? The answer is definitely the face… Of course, if you’re that ugly, it’s still possible to carve a unique road out for yourself.

The reason Luo Ce hadn’t made something of himself was because he hadn’t been able to show any results. However, it was not easy to do that in the entertainment business, it needed plenty of good luck and good talent… The company had been assigned him new talents, but honestly speaking, those doe-eyed hopefuls would have a better life working a normal job. If the celebrity was not famous, of course the manager wouldn’t have a good life either.

However, this man was different; he had the potential to be huge…

Ou Qianru’s face flushed with excitement. With her hand on her chest, it was all she could do to stop herself from rushing into the changing room to pull the man out and force him into the business… I mean, to sign a valid debut contract.

Noticing the fiery glow in Ou Qianru’s eyes, Mother Ye felt like the pressure above her head was increasing. “That, that person… will never enter the entertainment business…”

How could she‽ Alternating sexes every three days… Is she going to play both male and female roles? The only role she can play is probably a transvestite!

Ou Qianru was visibly disappointed. “How come‽ It’ll be such a waste if he doesn’t become a celebrity… Even if he’s just a vase, he has the potential to be an antique Grecian urn.”

Mother Ye broke out in cold sweat and lied without blinking an eye. “The main reason is his family… is very serious; they won’t let him become an actor.”

Ou Qianru retorted, “Today’s celebrity is no longer just an actor! They have to understand that a famous celebrity can have astronomical income and enjoy great support from the public… Ahhh! He’s out!”

Her words all amalgamated into a surprised scream. Mother Ye turned around hotly to see Ye Shuang walking out of the changing room. This blasted child! Why can’t she stay in there longer‽

This wasn’t a situation Ye Shuang could control. She had been inside the changing room for more than ten minutes already. If she had stayed any longer, the salesgirl would probably think she was inside doing something illegal.

By the way, all the clothes Mother Ye had grabbed in her hurry would probably have looked better on Father Ye than a young man… However, as the saying goes, as long as one has confidence, one will be able to pull off any outfit… Of course, that was a lie.

The only reason the outfit looked reasonable on Ye Shuang was because the model itself was of such high quality that it didn’t matter what he wore.

The dark and conservative design was not at all youthful or current, but the dark grey fabric and reserved design that was buttoned up to the neck shrouded the handsome man in an air of chivalric beauty, an old-school charm.

Ou Qianru felt her fingers twitching. She felt like knocking the man dead and dragged him back to the company in order to force him into a contract. No matter the method, she had to make this man their company’s asset!

Ye Shuang felt the hair on her back rise as she was assaulted by Ou Qianru’s gaze and the stares of every other female customer in the shop. She sucked in a deep breath before walking forward to greet her former… girl pal.

“He, hello!” After an awkward greeting, Ye Shuang tossed her mother many pleading looks, asking for help…

Mother Ye swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying, “Qian, Qianru, let me introduce you… This is my friend’s son’s colleague’s cousin…”

“What is your name!” Ou Qianru ignored those frivolous details and cut straight to the point.

“My name is Ye Shuang!” Ye Shuang answered as if on reflex.

It was too late to regret it now. However, it was still okay, after all, the new ID used that name as well. If someone realized the similarity… they could just act dumb!

Ou Qianru’s CPU processing power was all exhausted on ‘capturing’ the handsome man, so it probably wouldn’t cross her mind to consider the veracity of the name.

“That’s a wonderful name! But how come it sounds so familiar‽”

Oh… Cruel world!  despaired Ye Shaung.

Whereas, Mother Ye worried, The nephew’s future wife won’t steal Shuang Shuang away from me, right…