Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Imposing on Their Hospitality

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The scariest thing was not meeting a familiar face when trying to keep a low profile. The scariest thing was when that familiar face didn’t intend to part ways when the meeting was over and instead showed great interest in staying around for a few days…

According to Ou Qianru, she had come to San Lin City to examine the viewing conditions for her company’s film crew. Since the Ye family was situated at San Lin City, she planned to impose on their hospitality for a few days. After all, the familiarity of family was more comfortable than a cold hotel room. Furthermore, she hadn’t seen her gal pal, Ye Shuang, for a very long time…

When Ye Shuang heard this, she almost wept… Even if you go to my home now, you won’t be able to meet ‘Ye Shuang’.

“…That’s how things are.” Thinking it was because she had appeared too ‘wolfish’ that she failed to convince the handsome man to her cause, Ou Qianru decided to take things slow—after all, with Mother Ye there, she wasn’t afraid the handsome man was going to escape from her grasp. Therefore, after clearing her mind, she explained to Mother Ye the reason for her sudden appearance. She smiled and said, “I actually came here to buy a present before visiting Auntie Luo and Uncle Ye, but it’s such a small world, isn’t it? By the way, Shuang Shuang should be home on account of today’s holiday, right?”

Even though the difference in age was rather big, the relationship between Ye Shuang and Ou Qianru was quite amiable. After all, Ye Shuang had gotten many signatures of famous celebrity through her, and whenever she went overseas for work, Ou Qianru would buy souvenirs for the Ye family. They had a very good impression of her.

Therefore, her request to stay at the Ye family’s home wasn’t out of line. To reject her openly was incredibly rude and out of line… Ye Shuang turned her gaze away with disappointment because this was something beyond her control. Auntie Ye, who intended to discuss this with her daughter, gritted her teeth. This blasted child sure is loyal; she dares push her own mother toward the barrel of the gun alone!

Ou Qianru, of course, wasn’t privy to the non-verbal communication that occurred between the pair of mother and son . Mother Ye didn’t say a word, but she didn’t mind. Instead, she pulled out her phone, an action that made Ye Shuang shiver in fear, and said, “If it’s inconvenient at the moment, how about I call Ye Shuang out for a shopping spree and I’ll go visit later?”

Please don’t do this to me! Mother Ye still hadn’t fully recovered from her shock, and Ye Shuang was still stunned. Before either of them could do anything, the next second, Ou Qianru pressed the speed dial. Sis, when did our relationship become so good that you have my phone number on speed dial‽

Ye Shuang felt like tears were coming to her eyes. When the familiar ringtone came from the pocket of the pants Ye Shuang had just changed out of, Ou Qianru didn’t get the implication at first, but after a while, she narrowed her eyes in suspicion…

“If I said, I accidentally took the wrong phone… will you believe me‽” Ye Shuang laughed awkwardly.

Of course, Ou Qianru believed her, well, half-believed her anyway. “Are you sure you didn’t take it on purpose‽” Like the exchange of personal effects between couples?

Facing the handsome man’s confused expression, Ou Qianru had her own speculation in mind. After settling on a thought, she pushed her phone back into her purse and she asked, “Or I should ask… What is your relationship… to Shuang Shuang?”

“…” Well, it’s completely normal really. We merely share the same body.

Both Mother Ye and Ye Shuang pretended not to hear her.

Their reaction seemed to have confirmed Ou Qianru’s thought. “Are the two of you really lovers‽”


After the chaotic meeting, Mother Ye brought Ye Shuang and many bags of clothes home alongside an excited Ou Qianru.

Ye Shuang had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach because she realized their home didn’t have enough space to accommodate an extra person. The Ye family home had three rooms and two living spaces. Under normal circumstances, Ye Shuang and Ye Feng each took one room, and the Ye parents would share the main bedroom. The allocation was perfectly fine and fair. If Ou Qianru came over, she naturally shared a room with Ye Shuang; that was also how they had bonded over time. However, with a ‘guest’ in the house, it would be awkward for Ye Shuang to continue to stay at home.

The biggest issue was… who was she going to sleep with‽ With Ou Qianru? Mother Ye couldn’t guarantee that the woman wouldn’t force herself upon her precious daughter in her sleep.

Sleeping with her little brother… Even if she had changed sex, she still had a woman’s heart; she couldn’t do something like that!

Since the Ye family couldn’t chase their guest out and couldn’t explain the complicated situation, Ye Shuang could see a near future where she had to wander the streets for a few days before the tornado by the name of Ou Qianru blew over.

Thankfully, Mother Ye asked her to stay for dinner before slamming the door in her face.

However, during dinner, Ou Qianru felt like something was off… or more precisely, she had felt something was off from the moment she stepped through the door. In her mind, she had always shared a fairly good relationship with her boyfriend’s extended family. Previously, whenever she visited the Ye family, even though they didn’t roll out the red carpet to welcome her, they still treated her like one of their own. But today… the moment she walked into the room, the expressions on Uncle Ye and Little Brother Ye’s faces as if they had seen a ghost had unsettled her.

She felt weirdly unwelcomed…

During the dinner, Ou Qianru noticed the whole Ye family was hiding something from her, but she couldn’t pinpoint what. Pretending she didn’t notice anything out of place, Ou Qianru continued chatting with the Ye family, but as the dinner progressed, she excused herself to use the bathroom. She couldn’t help but be suspicious of the Ye family. Should I call Ah Ce to ask if something has happened to his auntie’s family?

Ou Qianru returned to the dinner table, her heart heavy with worry for the Ye family. Just as she waited for a lull in the conversation to question Mother Ye about her possible familial concern, she lifted her head and realized the handsome man was still sitting at the table…

“Mr. Ye, it’s getting quite late, isn’t it?” Ou Qianru commented with a smile. Having a stranger there made it difficult for Ou Qianru to have a heart-to-heart with Mother Ye, so she was hinting for Ye Shuang to leave in a roundabout manner.

Before the dinner started, she had already heard from the Ye family that their daughter wasn’t home, so naturally, there was no reason for her ‘boyfriend’ to overstay his welcome, right?

Since Ou Qianru hadn’t heard about this man from Ye Shuang before, this meant that their relationship was quite new. They wouldn’t have had time to really bond to such a deep level yet, so naturally, it wasn’t his place to intervene into the Ye’s family business…

When Ye Shuang caught the inherent meaning in Ou Qianru’s words, she almost burst into tears. Is there a worse feeling in the world than being chased out of your own home by a house guest‽

Both of her parents were speechless. They wanted to say something, but they didn’t know what, because logically speaking, Ou Qianru was in the right…

Father Ye coughed and said, “I still need to discuss something with Xiao Shuang…”

Then he turned to Ou Qianru and kindly said, “Xiao Ru, make yourself comfortable, Uncle Ye will be back in a bit.”

The daughter had to leave, but where would she go? As Father Ye ushered her away, Ye Shuang nodded in parting at everything and followed Father Ye into the study. As the door closed, Father Ye cut straight to the point. “Xiao Shuang, do you plan to go to the hotel after this‽”

“Yes…” Ye Shuang answered gloomily. “I’ll probably need to live outside for a few days or at least until Sister Qianru leaves.”

“Then have you prepared everything? Before your mother came home, she called saying you’ve bought a new ID…” Father Ye couldn’t help but be worried. Based on their previous experience, Ou Qianru might stay for up to half a month if the situation called for it. “But your new ID isn’t ready yet, right? Which official hotel will accept you?”

Ye Shuang felt like crying, “Then you want me to sleep on the streets?”

Father Ye almost sent a slap to his daughter’s face. “What nonsense are you talking about? A woman can’t sleep alone out on the streets, but wait, you’re a man now…”

Dad, need you remind me of that fact‽ Ye Shuang pouted with dissatisfaction at Father Ye.

“Never mind that, I’ll get Xiao Feng to accompany you to book a hotel room.” Since Father Ye couldn’t figure out a better option, he decided to send out his son to accompany Ye Shuang. At least this way they could look out for each other.

After the decision had been made, Little Brother Ye was summoned into the study. Then he prepared to escort Ye Shuang to the hotel.

“Here, don’t forget these!” Mother Ye placed all the newly bought bags of clothes in Ye Shuang’s arms and didn’t forget to remind her, “Don’t stay up too late, and playing too long on the phone will hurt your eyes.”

This parting confused Ou Qianru.

Is there that much difference between a nephew’s future wife and the future son-in-law‽ I don’t remember receiving such treatment before… or is this what they call… a face problem‽