Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Shattering His Worldview

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Fang Mo actually had an acceptable tolerance for alcohol. Even though it wasn’t to the stage of not feeling the effects after downing several hundred shots, it was rare for him to get drunk at a normal social event. Furthermore, there weren’t many who could force him to drink, considering his post in the company; the few who could wouldn’t be blasé enough to slam the table and say, “Today, we’re not leaving here until the sun comes up!”

Therefore, based on these two points, Fang Mo rarely found himself in a drunken state.

That night was an exception because it had to do with something more than alcohol. The main reason was he had been feeling weak and light-headed since waking up that morning. He felt a fever was coming. However, he had a project to rush that day, and on top of that, he had an important client coming to San Lin City for a business meeting. The debate between prioritizing his client or himself was short; he had to go meet up with this client… Believing his body could handle the stress, Fang Mo hurried to work after popping two pills into his mouth.

The long day of work combined with the few glasses of alcohol at night caused his slight fever to worsen. Fang Mo forced a smile throughout the meeting, and it was not until he left the hotel and returned to his car that his body reached his limits. He had just reached his car when his stomach started to turn.

The encounter with the ruffians and the cold breeze only exacerbated his situation… Therefore, Fang Mo’s sudden fainting wasn’t all that surprising. Well, it was not that surprising to Fang Mo himself anyway. The Ye family siblings, though, were stunned by his sudden collapse.

“What happened‽” Ye Shuang demanded hotly. “How come he was fine when he was surrounded by all those rascals but fainted the minute I gave him my name‽”

Little Brother Ye rolled his eyes. “Sis, it has nothing to do with that, okay? It’s obvious that he fainted from too much alcohol intake!”

Fine, based on Fang Mo’s pale face and the brows that were furrowed deeply even in his unconscious state… based on these few clues, a random stranger would have a hard time differentiating whether the person had fainted from drunkenness or a fever. Especially since neither of the Ye family siblings had studied medicine.

Ye Shuang frowned deeply. “He collapsed from drinking too much alcohol‽ Damn… Why must all men be like this? Know your limits. So, what do we do now? Leave him here‽”

Little Brother Ye turned his lips up and glanced at the ‘body’ on the floor and said sarcastically, “Good idea, leave him for the group of ruffians to come back and rob him?

“In the condition he’s in, they’ll get back more than his wallet and car keys; they could probably even steal the clothes on his back.”

“How about his cell phone?” Ye Shuang’s brain was whirring. “Maybe we can find his girlfriend or family’s number on it…”

As she spoke, she started moving. Finding the phone was the easy part, but the moment Ye Shuang opened it, she felt like crying. F*ck! How am I supposed to know his phone password‽

The Ye family siblings were caught in a conundrum. They had to leave someone by the roadside after saving him‽ If that was the case, they might as well have not saved him earlier.

Little Brother Ye squatted beside Fang Mo for a long time wordlessly. His fingers poked the unconscious man repeatedly before saying, “Since you’re going to the hotel anyway, why don’t you just share a room with him‽”

Ye Shuang felt like kicking her little brother’s butt and sending him flying. “You have the audacity to suggest having your sister share a room with an unknown man through the night? You traitor!”

“Stop being such a woman about it, after all, both of you are men now!” Little Brother Ye retorted with a shrug. A normal man wouldn’t have assaulted his sister in the night, considering the state she was in. Furthermore, even if this man did bend that way, he would have to be able to physically suppress his sister first, and Ye Feng didn’t think that was something a drunken man was capable of.

Little Brother Ye urged with impatience, “Hurry and come up with your decision. Leaving him to lie on the floor like this is not a solution; what if someone walks by and thinks we’re trying to rob him?”

As much as she hated to admit it, Ye Feng was right. Since Ye Shuang couldn’t really bring herself to leave her boss there in the cold, in the end, they had to drag him away and deposit him somewhere, the real question was where…

Like Little Brother Ye, since they couldn’t contact Fang Mo’s family and they were out on the streets as Ye Shuang had been kicked out of her home, there was really no other solution than taking Fang Mo along to the hotel…

They soon came to a decision, and they hauled Fang Mo to the hotel with them.

“Perfect, I’ve been itching to try out my driving skills!” Little Brother Ye rubbed his hands with glee. “Ever since I got my driver’s license, I haven’t had the chance to practice. Last month, Dad finally promised he would buy me a new car… I shall practice with his car first, lest I ruin the new car on its first day.”

“…” Ye Shuang was silent from guilt. She didn’t know whether she should tell her little brother or not; that dream car of his would probably stay a dream. The reason was none other than her new ID.

The new ID was pricey, and the price was several tens of thousands of dollars. In other words, it had exhausted one-third of the Ye family’s savings. Why had the family saved so little‽ Well, the Ye family’s sole breadwinner was Father Ye. He not only had to provide for his two children, he also had to pay for their tuition fees, school fees, book fees, entry fees, and so on for them to have a good education… Raising one child was expensive, let alone two. Therefore, several tens of thousands of dollars was already good enough!

What of the children’s futures? Well, for Little Brother Ye, both Ye parents believed a grown man should be able to look after himself. If he wanted to buy a house or a car in the future, they might sponsor the down payment, but beyond that? He would be on his own.

While in Ye Shuang’s case… the Ye parents were traditional in the sense that their family plan didn’t involve her after she got married.

Therefore, be it son or daughter, the Ye parents planned to get rid of them after they reached adulthood. Whether they ended up a criminal or a respectable citizen, it had nothing to do with them anymore!

Thinking about Little Brother Ye’s dashed hope, Ye Shuang coughed awkwardly to change the subject. “Even if it’s another person’s car, you have to be careful. Go open the door and help me put him in the backseat.”

Little Brother Ye was in a good mood, so he followed her orders obediently. Unfortunately, his physical body was barely above average. Watching the 20-year-old young man trying to support Fang Mo, who had a body full of muscles from being a gym rat, Ye Shuang couldn’t help but frown with worry. Fang Mo’s body was swaying dangerously as he hung onto Little Brother Ye’s slender frame. It looked like both of them were going to fall at any moment.

Finally losing her patience, Ye Shuang rolled up her sleeves and grabbed Fang Mo under his shoulders as she pushed Little Brother Ye away. “Shoo, let me!”

Then, Little Brother Ye looked on in shock as Ye Shuang hauled the man off the floor with one of her arms under his shoulders and the other under his knees. She then walked to the car without the slightest disturbance to her breathing.

Little Brother Ye, at that instant, felt like his worldview had been completely shattered.