Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Use the Bathroom!

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As expected of a new driver, Little Brother Ye left an inevitable mark on the car. As the car stopped in the hotel’s carpark, Ye Shuang had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. When she got down from the car, she glanced at its rear, and a big, conspicuous scratch on the bumper smiled right back at her.

Ye Shuang glanced at Little Brother Ye out of the corner of her eyes and said, “Just how you passed your driver’s test is beyond me. Hopefully, he’ll forgive you on account of us saving his life.”

Even though Ye Shuang didn’t know much about cars, she had heard quite a bit of gossip about Fang Mo at the company, especially among the female workers, like “The general manager sure is rich, even his car is worth several hundred thousand…” At that moment, Ye Shuang felt something weighing down on her shoulders…

Little Brother Ye held his shattered worldview in his arms as he watched his sister picked up the unconscious man as easily as picking up a baby from the back seat. Until now he still had trouble accepting this as normal… Little Brother Ye shook his head to calm his mind before claiming officiously, “It’s better than leaving his car by the roadside and have it stolen, right?”

Ye Shuang ignored him. After all, it wasn’t Little Brother Ye who would need to deal with the boss the next morning…

When they entered the hotel, the valets’ eyes were round and wide. They looked on as a tall and handsome man walk into the hotel carrying a man in his arms and another man trailing behind them… Just what the hell was happening‽

Even though their proper training meant that they wouldn’t openly discuss this, it didn’t mean that they weren’t curious. Many furtive glances followed the trio as they made their way to the reception desk. After the receptionist helped them open the room with a similarly dumbfounded expression, Ye Shuang felt like the limit of her patience had been upgraded once more. Thankfully, the additional income that night helped balanced out the additional payment needed to upgrade the single bedroom room to a larger room with two single beds.

When Fang Mo regained consciousness, he felt like someone had poured cement into his brain; it felt heavy and slow. It felt like there was something throbbing inside his skull, threatening to escape. He moved sluggishly. When he felt the bed had a feel completely different to his own bed, Fang Mo tried to force his eyes open to look around.

However, before his heavy eyelids were peeled open, a cold, damp towel fell on his forehead, a timely balm to his discomfort. The man groaned in satisfaction as his brows slowly relaxed. Later, his eyes flickered open, and he saw a handsome man sitting lazily on the edge of his bed.

The dim light of the room showered reservedly on the man, who was leaning against the headboard. His long legs were slightly bent and lifted off the ground, with one of his arms placed gingerly on them while his other arm was flipping through the magazine provided by the hotel.

The man’s facial features were bathed in a warm glow, and the air around him seemed to slow down as if unwilling to leave his side…

Fang Mo’s breathing unconsciously slowed, and at that moment, he understood the true meaning of the term ‘breathtakingly gorgeous’.

It was then that Ye Shuang realized the change in the rhythm of Fang Mo’s breathing. She glanced at the bed and realized the person in it had woken up.

“You’re finally awake‽” Ye Shuang uttered a completely useless observation as she removed the towel from Fang Mo’s forehead to feel his temperature. Sighing in relief because the fever seemed to have gone down, Ye Shuang stood up from the bed to reach for the phone, asking, “I just called the hotel staff to prepare a bowl of chicken porridge, should I call them to bring it to the room?”

Honestly, Ye Shuang had stayed for quite a while before realizing that something was wrong with Fang Mo. His discomfort seemed to stem from more than a hangover. After watching the man toss and turn in bed as if he couldn’t find a comfortable position, she had reached out to test his temperature… It was then that she had realized she had to surrender to the responsibility of looking after him…

Regardless, a good sleep did wonders for Fang Mo. He sat up in bed as he removed the towel. He nodded in appreciation. “Thank you, sorry for troubling you, but do tell them to bring it up; I am feeling rather hungry.”

Ye Shuang shrugged as if to say that she didn’t mind before turning to call the front desk. After she hung up, she grabbed the magazine and walked to the other bed in the room. Ye Shuang didn’t think much of what she had done for Fang Mo, but Fang Mo thought otherwise.

First, he was saved by this man and his brother from an open burglary. After that, he didn’t expect he would faint on the spot. Technically speaking, they had no obligation to take care of him, but this man had done exactly that, and he did so with the utmost patience and kindness.

Fang Mo could feel his heart, which had hardened from years of struggling in the business world, warm with gratitude. He placed the towel back inside the basin that was left on his bedside table and got down from bed to head into the bathroom to take a shower. He had sweated so much from the fever that the clothes he had on had stuck to his skin. It was very uncomfortable.

When he walked past Ye Shuang’s bed, he noticed the man was uncharacteristically focused on the magazine in his hands. Compelled by curiosity, Fang Mo stopped to ask, “Is the magazine that interesting?”

After the question left his lips, Fang Mo realized how dumb it sounded. Alas, it was already too late. After all, ever since he was young, he had always been approached by others, and this was the first time he reached out to another person…

The man in bed raised his eyes to look at him curiously. “What do you mean by that?”

“…” Fang Mo was silent for a moment before dry-coughing to change the subject. “By the way, I really want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me tonight. You shouldn’t have stayed up to take care of me…”

“Don’t mention it, I can’t sleep after all.” Ye Shuang wasn’t lying. Ever since 1 am, a lot of information had kept filtering into her brain. Based on what she understood, this was the result of the memory inheritance brought upon by the alien cell… Her brain felt a bit heavy from the overload of information. Since this deprived her of her sleep, Ye Shuang figured she might as well help take care of the man.

Fang Mo thought the man was just being overly courteous, so he didn’t comment on it further. However, he did remember this kindness in his heart so that he could repay it in the future.

After retrieving the pajamas from the cupboard, Fang Mo started unbuttoning his shirt without a second thought… After all, they were both males in the room; he didn’t think too much of it.

However, the moment he removed his shirt, revealing his strong and firm back, a pillow arced through the air accompanied by the swishing sound of the wind before it hit him firmly on his back. Then, he heard a hectic male voice shouting, “Please use the bathroom to undress!”