Chapter 51

Chapter 51: You Plan to Muck About?

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After getting home and having a chat with Father Ye, Ye Shuang realized earning a certification was more complicated than she thought. First, certain professional skill tests would only be carried out twice a year at a specific time, and to participate, one would need to register in advance. There were sometimes requirements even for registration.

Secondly, even after the registration was done, the timing of the test might not match the sex of the registered Ye Shuang. So, other than driving test, Ye Shuang would have trouble gaining any other professional certificates.

“In that case, let’s listen to Xiao Fang’s advice and focus on selected main skills.” Father Ye was also feeling helpless. He had such a perfect daughter, but her talent was limited by the fact that her sex could not be controlled. Even earning a professional certification had become so difficult.

To focus on selected main skills was to pick the path of an eccentric expert… to create the impression that she was famed across the world but would not accept just any case.

Everyone should have an idea of the prerequisite for this to happen. First, one needed to be famous, or at least enjoy a certain level of fame among the rich and famous. Secondly, one had to defeat those individuals who were already considered experts in the specific field to solidify the fact that one was indeed the best of the best in that particular field.

But… how would she get famous?

“Big Sis has shot an advertisement, right?” Just as Father Ye and Ye Shuang were in the middle of the discussion, Little Brother Ye, who happened to have just come home, overheard them and offered a solution. “After the advertisement is broadcast, with a face like hers, Big Sis will definitely be famous. After that, she’ll only need to seduce a rich second-generation lady… F*ck! Sis, why did you hit me? Dad, you too‽”

Even though the troublemaker had contributed nothing worthwhile to the conversation, it did remind Ye Shuang of something important. “By the way, this weekend, I’ve promised to join a group of San Lin City’s second-generation young misses for horse appraising, do you think I can use this opportunity to get to know these people?”

How could Father Ye know that? At most, his connection to the rich and famous was he had taught several students from good family backgrounds in university, but he was not especially popular with students, and even if he was, there had to be a distance between students and their professors. In the end, he thought about it and concluded uncertainly, “Possibly, but what is the use getting to know these people?”

“I honestly don’t know, but it could help me earn some trust.” Ye Shuang decided to abandon the normal route, but then she remembered there was nothing normal about her situation in the first place. “For example, if I lose this horse racing and cause the group to lose face, then it might be the end of everything, but if I can help them win this race, then perhaps they might think I’m not so bad and will come to me in the future when they need any help.”

Father Ye frowned. What his daughter had said sounded fine on paper, but for some reason, it sounded like truancy to him. “So your plan is to muck about all day?”

What else can I do, Father‽

If this did not work, then Ye Shuang was out of ideas as well. When she heard the suggestion from Fang Mo, it did sound decent, but when she wanted to put it into action, the issue with the examinations was like a bath of cold water over her fire. Thankfully, Ye Shuang did not have to be troubled over this for long because Fang Mo’s call came the next day.

“I went home to think about it, and I realize it seems rather difficult for you to directly enter any examination in the foreseeable future.” After looking up the schedule of the various examinations at home, Fang Mo also realized the problem with his advice. He was feeling ashamed of himself because he had pointed his friend down the wrong path.

To be fair, he had not done it on purpose. With Fang Mo’s family background and personal skills, he was one of the Clients; naturally, he did not know too much about the stuff regarding the Foxes, so his mistake was totally understandable.

Thus, he came to apologize the day after and tried to rectify his mistake. “I realize the registration for these exams is either already over or the examinations are too spread out, so it’s hard to pinpoint which one to focus on. However, Xiao Ye, if you’re confident, what do you think about talking to my friend in person?”

“But didn’t you say that head-hunters are normally very busy and that they don’t have time for personal interviews?” Ye Shuang asked with shock.

Fang Mo was cornered. He was too ashamed to admit that he had used his friendship to leverage this favor, so he said, “Head-hunters occasionally do accept private cases, since some of the clients might have weird requirements or the work involved might not require a long list of Foxes.”

Of course, there were cases where the clients could not be put on the official list, and sometimes, the head-hunters might want to earn a little something on the side. Fang Mo coughed and moved the topic away. “However, for any cases that he passes to you, he’ll need to draw a certain percentage of commission.”

In other words, it was the difference between a personal manager and a management company. The former had few restrictions, but the latter had more resources; each had their pros and cons.

If Ye Shuang accepted, she would be working under someone else; this was the main reason Fang Mo could call in this favor. If she was a real hidden talent, then it would open up a new revenue source for the head-hunter. If Ye Shuang entered a company, even if there were plenty of cases to go around, why would they give the chance to a newcomer with no qualifications‽

No matter the individual, everyone would be a little bit selfish when it concerned themself.

“I don’t mind it either way. After all, I only wish for an income source.” The thing that Ye Shuang was more worried about was something else. “Speaking of the interview, will it be me who decides the date and venue or him?”

This was related to what her sex would be on the day of the interview.

Fang Mo hesitated before replying. “That friend of mine is a national-scale head-hunter, so I can’t tell for sure… But I hear he’ll be coming to San Lin City in the coming few days, so pay attention to your phone; you might receive a call from him soon.”

The “I can’t be sure” from Fang Mo created plenty of trouble for Ye Shuang. She wished to get this done when she was in her male form, but alas, there was no call from the head-hunter before she transformed back into a female.

That Sunday, when Ye Shuang was having breakfast at home, waiting for Miss Yuan to call her, the phone call that she had been waiting for the entire weekend finally arrived.

“Hello, is this Ye Shuang‽”

Hearing the strange male voice that came through the phone, a bad feeling settled in Ye Shuang’s stomach. “Yes, speaking.”

After those two words, there was at least half a minute of silence on the phone. Then, Ye Shuang could hear clearly the surprised gasp of the person on the other end of the phone.

“F*ck, you’re a woman‽”

Ye Shuang couldn’t tell whether he was angry or astonished.