Chapter 12

Chapter 12: How Do You Know‽

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The night passed without incident. Since the next day was a Monday, Fang Mo had to make use of the last few hours available to rest before work. Generally speaking, Fang Mo had a good impression of Ye Shuang. He was impressed by his looks, in awe of his physical prowess, and most importantly, admired his kindness… Nowadays, it was rare to find a friend who could be described as kind.

The only surprise for Fang Mo was this newfound friend of his was curiously conservative. The incident with the earlier changing of clothes aside, even Ye Shuang’s pajamas were something else… This was the first time Fang Mo had seen someone’s pajamas buttoned up to the very top in the middle of summer.

Fang Mo was woken up by his biological clock at 7 am the next morning. After changing into the clothes that he had sent for dry-cleaning the day before and calling for breakfast room service, Fang Mo glanced at the man who seemed to just have fallen asleep hours ago. Worried that the man was an office worker that had a strict schedule, Fang Mo thought about it and walked to shake the man awake just in case.

“It’s 7.30 am, do you need to get to work?” Fang Mo asked politely. “I need to get to my company, so if you’re in need of a ride, do tell.”

“Get to work‽” Ye Shuang jumped up in bed on reflex. She was about to nod before she realized the state she was in. “…It’s okay, thank you.”

Even if she went reporting at work, probably no one would have believed her. Since the boss was standing before her, after a little hesitation, Ye Shuang helped herself apply for a working leave. “By the way, I have a friend… Erm, she was in a bit of an accident lately and can’t arrive for work today, is it possible to ask for a leave from you?”

Ye Shuang looked at the confusion on Fang Mo’s face and then realized where the problem was. She explained, “That friend of mine is from your company; I know that from the name card you gave me yesterday…”

Fang Mo nodded in understanding. This was nothing to him, so he nodded easily. “Of course, which department is your friend from?”

“Admin, her name is Ye Shuang.”

Fang Mo looked at her with shock. “A similar name to yours?”


“Such a coincidence, isn’t it!”

Not long after that, breakfast was served. Both of them planned to leave shortly after.

Since she had already woken up, even though Ye Shuang was still quite tired from the influx of information the night before, she was afraid that she might incur more payment if she overslept past the check-out time… Furthermore, the hotel was still less comfortable than her own home. Perhaps Ou Qianru would have gone out with the film crew by the time she returned, who could really tell…

Fang Mo was truly a gentleman. When they reached the hotel parking lot, the first thing he saw was the large scratch on the bumper. However, other than a temporary pause in his step, he didn’t point it out or ask Ye Shuang about it. He got into the car like he hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. He asked Ye Shuang calmly where her destination was.

Ye Shuang tried to play the innocent party to the best of her ability. She had Fang Mo send her to the nearest bus station. It was not that she didn’t want to return home directly, but exposing her address to the man might cause future problems… and more importantly, her little brother had ruined his car. Fang Mo not commenting on it was him being gentlemanly, so she felt making such a demand would be too callous…

When Ye Shuang reached home, Ou Qianru was, as she expected, already out. Little Brother Ye, due to his summer break, was out with his friends. The people who remained were the Ye parents, who had been waiting anxiously for her the whole morning.

“You’re home‽” The first thing Mother Ye did after opening the door was to drag her in. “Did you get hurt‽ I heard from Xiao Feng, you two met with an open robbery last night? Recent security around this place has been getting quite horrible… By the way, Qianru said she will stay for a whole week here. She has no schedule today and will return around noon. You’d better quickly finish breakfast and get back out to hiding before she returns.”

“…” Ye Shuang didn’t even know how to reply to that. This was her home, but she felt like a trespasser in it. “But I still want to sleep for a few hours.”

Ye Shuang sighed as she rubbed at her temples. “I can skip breakfast; I already had some at the hotel. I’ll find something for lunch later outside…”

“Your sleep can wait a little while longer,” Father Ye interrupted. “Xiao Shuang, come with me to the study, tell me if there have been further changes to your body.”

Ever since the dramatic change, the person who had been most passionate about this was Father Ye. Perhaps this was an effect of his profession, or perhaps he was that worried about his daughter, or quite possibly, it was a combination of both. Regardless, Father Ye treated this as an interesting research topic.

Other than the earlier experiments, Father Ye now wanted to do some follow-up analysis… Ye Shuang was on the verge on tears. With the information crowding her mind, all she wanted to do was collapse on a bed and sleep. Was that really too much to ask for‽

Ye Shuang tried to struggle. “Dad, we can do that after I wake up…”

“When you wake up, Qianru will be home already,” Father Ye said sternly. “Aren’t you worried about your body’s condition? You’ve always been such a clueless child; such a big change has happened to you, but you can treat it like it was nothing…”

Thus, Ye Shuang was dragged into the study by Father Ye. After telling him honestly that nothing else had happened to her and about the influx of information the night before, Father Ye was as excited as a greyhound winning the race. He spent the whole morning pestering Ye Shuang about that information.

The clock struck twelve, and Ou Qianru called home to say she wouldn’t be able to make it for lunch. Ye Shuang was so touched by this stroke of good luck that she felt like crying. However, just as she was about to retreat to her room to sleep, she received a call from Fang Mo.

Ye Shuang’s first reaction after answering the call was surprise. “How do you know my phone number‽”

After a short silence, Fang Mo chuckled. “…The shopping receipts have the client’s number. The clothes that you bought yesterday were all left in my car, don’t you want them back anymore?”

“…” F*ck! No wonder I felt something was missing when I came home this morning…

Ye Shuang was devastated. She sighed and said, “I’ll meet you at your company?”

“Okay!” Fang Mo agreed easily. “But I have to meet a client this afternoon, so please come around off duty hours.”