Chapter 14

Chapter 14: So Shy

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

The lady in red, Fang Fei, stood transfixed at the door for a whole minute before she recovered. She assumed a demeanor that was as cold as ice and nodded lightly at Ye Shuang. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” Ye Shuang was startled; how could this young lady appear to be even more unapproachable than when she was at the company‽

Ye Shuang’s observation was not wrong. In an instant, the fiery woman turned into an ice queen, the fury that surrounded her earlier extinguished completely. She turned her gaze condescendingly away from Ye Shuang. With her chin held high, she asked Fang Mo coolly with a voice dripping with discontent, “This is your guest?”

“Fei Fei!” Fang Mo frowned at his sister with disapproval.

Fang Fei harrumphed coldly. She scanned Ye Shuang with her patronizing gaze before she grabbed her purse and turned around. “Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom first!”

Then, she strode away in her high heels.

Fang Mo turned toward Ye Shuang with an apologetic and friendly smile. “I’ve never seen Fei Fei act so shy around a stranger before. I’m so very sorry, please forgive her impoliteness.”

“It’s okay…” What the f*ck? That’s what you call being shy‽ Which normal human being would manifest their shyness in such an unapproachable manner‽

Ye Shuang laughed awkwardly before turning her attention back to the menu. She had decided to stay away from that haughty young lady from that moment on—she was certain they weren’t meant to be friends, and she was perfectly fine with that!

After Fang Fei returned, instead of harboring a condescending attitude toward Ye Shuang, she acted as if Ye Shuang wasn’t in the room at all. She focused on conversing with her elder brother only. Fang Mo tossed Ye Shuang multiple apologetic looks, but all Ye Shuang did was smile kindly in return.

That wasn’t all Fang Fei did though. In his capacity as the host, Fang Mo tried bringing Ye Shuang into the conversation, but the cold-faced beauty always managed to interrupt the conversation or stir the conversation completely away from Ye Shuang.

Since Ye Shuang didn’t think it was beneficial to ruffle this young lady’s feathers, she pulled out her phone and continued reading her web novel instead. Fang Mo was caught between a rock and a hard place—one of them was his little sister and the other was a new friend he had a very good impression of, one whose friendship he wished could be lasting.

It was fine if they really couldn’t see eye to eye, he would just decrease their interaction in the future, but they had to at least do some homework on the surface, right? With this thought in mind, Fang Mo, who usually had a soft spot for his sister, couldn’t help but glare with dissatisfaction at Fang Fei.

Fang Fei was shocked by his glare. After a miserable pout, she finally stopped dominating the conversation. The food was soon served, and Ye Shuang just so happened to finish a chapter. When she raised her head, she saw Fang Mo was in the middle of putting a plate of delicious food before her.

“It’s time for dinner,” Fang Mo said with a smile as he rolled up his sleeves to plate several crab meatballs for her, adding, “You have to try this; it’s the chef’s specialty. I assure you, you’ll never taste a better Chinese meatball elsewhere.”

It was awfully intimate for Fang Mo to personally serve Ye Shuang, but Ye Shuang could understand why from the heavy apology on Fang Mo’s face—he was obviously representing his little sister in apologizing to her.

Since her older brother already was doing so much on her behalf, what else could Ye Shuang do or say? She couldn’t just slam the table, stand up and say, “Do you think I have nothing better to do than to suffer your prissy attitude?” and leave, could she?

However, before she could even take a bite of the Chinese Meatball, Fang Fei harrumphed coldly. “Big Brother, why would you serve an outsider but not your own sister‽”

“…” Ye Shuang felt like if she stayed any longer, her dignity as a human being would be lost, so she put down the chopstick and stood up, saying, “I suddenly remembered I have something urgent to attend to, I’ll meet up with you again next time!”

Or never again, adieu!

Fang Mo realized he couldn’t mediate this anymore. He slammed the chopsticks down and berated his sister, “I still have something to discuss with Mr. Ye, you go home first!”

“But I…” Fang Fei still wanted to say something, but she was snubbed by Fang Mo.

“If there’s anything you want to discuss, we can talk about it at home!”

Eventually, Fang Mo won out. After Fang Fei grabbed her purse and blasted out of the room in a ball of fury, Fang Mo sat back down and sighed. “I’m really sorry, Fei Fei is not like that normally.”

“I understand, girls always have a few days in the month when they aren’t themselves,” Ye Shuang said naturally, but when she saw the offense and shock on Fang Mo’s face, she realized that wasn’t something she could comment on, considering her current sex. “I mean… you shouldn’t have apologized.”

The atmosphere was already ruined, so whatever she said next could only be awkward. At the end of the day, Fang Mo had only known Ye Shuang for one night; it was really inappropriate for Ye Shuang to have commented on his little sister’s personality and bodily function. Therefore, even though Fang Mo still asked Ye Shuang to finish the dinner, there wasn’t much conversation between them after that…

When the dinner was finished, Ye Shuang sighed in relief. Even with the company of her handsome boss, the meal was unpleasant due to the broken atmosphere.

While Fang Mo was busy paying the bill, Ye Shuang ignored the question of decency and escaped when she saw the opportunity. “Thank you for your treat today, I really have something to attend to, see you next…”

Fang Mo realized this was an attempt to escape, so he immediately called after Ye Shuang. “Wait, let me send you home!”

“That’s fine!” Ye Shuang didn’t give the other party a chance to say anything else. Remembering her own bags of clothes, she left, carrying them in her arms. “See you again, bye!”

“Wait…” Fang Mo was about to stand up to chase after Ye Shuang when a voice from outside the door drifted into the room. “Want to run without paying‽ Xiao Mo, you’re trying to dine and dash at my restaurant‽”

Ye Shuang turned to see a fat chef in a white hat appearing out of nowhere, heading inside the room she had just escaped from. Based on the tone, it sounded like this was someone Fang Mo knew.

Fang Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Uncle Lou, I’ll definitely…”

Before he could finish the sentence, Ye Shuang’s shadow had already disappeared. The chef scratched his head curiously. “Wait, wasn’t there a person standing there just now?”

Fang Mo gave a long sigh. “I guess I’ll apologize to him next time.”

Like that, his new friend had been chased away by his own little sister. Looks like I need to have a serious talk with Fei Fei after I get home, lest she scares all my new friends away…

What Fang Mo didn’t know was while he made that decision, his new friend ran into Miss Fang the moment he exited the restaurant. Miss Fang was standing by the roadside in a bright red dress. She was extremely conspicuous and was practically standing in the middle of the entrance, so even if Ye Shuang wanted to pretend to not have seen her, that was impossible.

Just as she was wondering what to do, Miss Fang happened to turn around. When she saw her, she scoffed, “What are you looking at! I’m not here waiting for you!”


“Why aren’t you talking? Are you mute or blind? Can’t you see one of my heels has broken‽”



Ye Shuang finally lost her patience. “Do you want me to snap the other heel so that they can match‽”