Chapter 102 - He Won't Be That Unlucky

Chapter 102: He Won’t Be That Unlucky

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With the words from two powerful players, almost everyone in the business tried to locate Brother Shuang. Fang Mo was a no-go; he was not in the entertainment industry, so normal individuals would not be able to get the information from him even if they wanted to. An unknown character even wanted to try threatening the CEO of Noah Real Estate‽ That was no different from suicide.

For people like Eva who had been impressed by Brother Shuang before had that ‘Damn! I have seen this person.’ Then? Then, there was nothing. So what if they had seen him before? Could they find him? Did they have his contact number? Hell, everyone had seen him before in the commercial!

When the entertainment industry started to get serious, they realized with a start that the mysterious man in the advert was nowhere to be found. No one had any idea where to search.

…Of course, there was still that one person hiding among the feckless crowd who knew about Ye Shuang—Ou Qianru, whose offer was once rejected by the Ye family.

As Ye Shuang’s future sister-in-law, Ou Qianru did not need any reason to visit the Ye family. She was a busy woman, unlike Luo Ce who was still rolling around the industry with a bunch of C-list celebrities. Ou Qianru’s business was huge, and her schedule was full. As a manager of a certain stature, Ou Qianru had a complete team working under her like make-up artists, personal assistants, and drivers. They were there to serve the biggest and brightest stars under Ou Qianru. Therefore, unless there was a serious contract that needed her presence, Ou Qianru would not be there for normal cases.

It was because of this that Ou Qianru managed to clear her schedule to pay a special visit to the Ye family.

“I told you before that the man will be famous,” Ou Qianru grumbled with heartache as she pulled out presents from her luggage. “You see, he is famous from just one commercial. Even Director Zhou is looking for him. If he would just walk around with Ah Ce, then he’ll be able to fight for more exposure like more lines even if it’s just for an extra. By the way, Uncle Ye, this is wine I brought back from France. The taste is not bad, give it a try.”

Mother Ye was rather embarrassed. After all, Ou Qianru was close family. She was respectful to her elders and had a good relationship with both Ye Feng and Ye Shuang. If not for Ye Shuang’s unique condition, they would definitely have helped her.

“At the end of the day, the man will be an extra, what can he get from more lines?” Little Brother Ye asked heartlessly.

Before Ou Qianru answered, Ye Shuang, as an expert who had been to a few film sets before, explained seriously, “Well, for example, when a group of extras play soldiers that are being demolished, the few lucky ones will have focused shots showing them dying on screen.”

Little Brother Ye gasped. “That’s all‽”

Ou Qianru blushed from slight embarrassment. “Even though the people Ah Ce leads are not that mainstream, he has to do his best for them.”

Little Brother Ye turned to her with curiosity. “Like how?”

“…Like if a bunch of extras are chasing after someone in the night, one of them might be given the chance to shout, ‘Look!’ Something like that.” Ou Qianru thought for a while, but afraid that they might get the wrong idea, she immediately added, “This is the nature for extras. They are only given less than a second, but as time goes on, they might slowly gather popularity. Other than those who are fortunate or have special talents, this is how most actors have their humble beginnings. That king of comedy from Hong Kong was an extra for seven years before he caught his big break, remember?”

“Seven years… By then Qianru, you would be old already. Is it okay for you to have the baby with Ah Ce at forty‽” Mother Ye said worriedly.

Ou Qianru felt like coughing blood. Now was not the time to discuss what age was suitable for her to have a child; the key was that the man had already created such a commotion within the industry, so it was only a matter of time until he was discovered. If he was going to participate in Director Zhou’s latest movie eventually, why not benefit Luo Ce with this chance?

Ye Shuang and Little Brother Ye had purposely been called home to deal with Ou Qianru. Ye Shuang naturally knew what Ou Qianru meant. Since Luo Ce was her cousin and if it did not hurt anyone, giving a family member a helping hand was no biggie.

Furthermore, Ou Qianru was already very kind toward them. She came over to the Ye family to mumble and grumble, but she had not said a word to the outsiders. If she wanted to, she could have leaked the information.

Ye Shuang sighed. “Sister Qianru, it’s not that we do not want to help you, but Brother Shuang has already gone to Shanghai for work. He will not return anytime soon… Besides, he really has no interest in entering the entertainment industry, can’t you suggest another candidate to that Director Zhou?”

“I’m not famous enough to even see Director Zhou, much less make a recommendation for his character. Wait a minute, you said he is currently in Shanghai‽” Ou Qianru clapped, and a glow lit up her eyes.

This was not a lie. The schedule was already planned. When she changed that night, she would fly, so Ye Shuang answered easily. “Yes.”

Ou Qianru thought about it and then suddenly laughed. She passed them two name cards. “The man is walking into the trap on his own. Give him this number. If he decides to take the movie offer, tell him to contact Ah Ce. Give his family a hand, okay?”

At this point, the woman’s professionalism appeared. She looked particularly clever and competent.

Ye Shuang’s heart skipped a beat, and her hands that went for the name cards were shaking. “Sister Qianru, what do you mean by this?”

“Don’t you know? Director Zhou is also currently in Shanghai…”

F*ck! Didn’t you say his new movie is currently shooting‽ Celebrity Luo’s fans are all visiting him on set at XX Studios, right‽ If you’re the director, why aren’t you following your crew? Why are you in Shanghai‽

Ye Shuang was stunned beyond belief, but thankfully, Mother Ye recovered fast. She saw the problem, and with a worried look thrown at Ye Shuang, she said, “How about… you ask Xiao Ye to skip this trip? What if they run into each other in Shanghai?”

Ye Shuang looked at her mother with sadness.

Don’t go‽ Of course not, this was an order given by Han Chu. Technically, this is first case as the new agent—the missing person one didn’t count as an official case. The first case will decide the rest of my career, and this case came directly from my boss. How can I reject it?

The call Han Chu received during Ye Shuang’s housewarming was a call from Shanghai. China had nine luxury clubhouses—four of them were in the capital, and the remaining five were in Shanghai. They were the gathering place for the top echelon of society in China. Han Chu left the headhunting business in other states to the regional agents, but he personally handled the cases in Beijing and Shanghai because of the threshold required by these clubhouses.

The joining fee ranged from 20,000 to 100,000, and then every month, there was a membership fee of upwards of several thousands. The main eight clubhouses comprised of members from the financial industry, but the last clubhouse had a more varied clientele. It had famous individuals from other walks of life, like artists, sports people, or celebrities.

Of course, one could enter the place if one had money, but even if one was a member, it did not mean that one had a free pass into the social circles; that mainly depended on one’s social skills. Han Chu might have been a headhunter, but his history and academic standard were all recognized by the upper circle. He was easily accepted, but if he sent other agents, they would be ostracized.

This latest case was negotiated at that last clubhouse. It was not something big. A celebrity who came from San Lin City wanted to invest in a company at her hometown so that she had a place to call home when she felt like retiring. San Lin City had just been handed over to Ye Shuang, so since the deal involved San Lin City, she was called over to negotiate the deal. The celebrity needed someone to handle the business and then someone to go over the official red tape like applying for business registration and the like.

Normally, this required a professional manager and a lawyer. Since the celebrity did not know much about business, she decided to place her complete trust in Han Chu. This was a huge case. The lawyer part was simple. The contract would be one or two months long, and after settling the official documents, the lawyer’s job would be complete. However, the professional manager had to sign up for at least one to three years. If this case was successful, Ye Shuang would not need to worry about her expenses for a whole year.

This was a huge piece of cake falling from the sky, and what it needed from Ye Shuang was to go to Shanghai and pull suitable names from Han Chu’s talent storage. Why would she reject it?

After weighing the pros and cons, Ye Shuang gritted her teeth and announced, “It’ll be fine. It’s just two or three days. He won’t be so lucky as to run into that Director Zhou.”

That’s right. Shanghai is big, so their paths wouldn’t necessarily cross!

“I wouldn’t be so sure!” Ou Qianru said with a wicked grin. “Aren’t you forgetting what that guy looks like?”