Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Empress Wu’s Trick

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The care-taker almost defecated in his pants watching that scene.

Of course, there were wild horses in the stables, but normally, they would be trained before they could be ridden by the customers. For those horses who had a feral streak, the stable would assign a jockey to watch over them. This served two purposes; one, to make sure the horse did not go berserk; two, to give an introduction and explanation to the customer. For example, “The ride is not that smooth, isn’t it? We have a more obedient horse at the stables, would you like to give that one a try instead‽”

Something like this should not have happened, or at least, it had a small chance of happening. This was due to two reasons as well. Firstly, the caretaker felt a certain affinity to those who shared a same interest in horses as he did, so he did not chase Ye Shuang away at the first given notice. Secondly, this horse had just arrived at the stables, so her aggressive mood was partly caused by her unfamiliarity to this new venue. Not expecting someone would be so daring as to ride her, she responded by going berserk.

Even the care-taker was caught by surprise by the mare’s aggression. Just as the man thought the girl was about to be sent flying by the horse’s kick, the young lady pivoted circuitously and very easily avoided the kick.

The care-taker saw the mare’s two powerful front legs brush past Ye Shuang and land squarely on the cement floor just outside of the stable. Following which, a loud clang as the horse shoe slammed against the floor.

Realizing that she had missed, the mare neighed angrily and wanted to give it another try. This time, the care-taker finally reacted fast enough to pull on the mare’s rein to yank her back into her stable. As he closed the gate, he did not forget to remind Ye Shuang, “Don’t come too close, she has quite a temper on her. Don’t provoke her or you’ll regret it!”

Well, he got the temper part correct, alright… Ye Shuang narrowed her eyes before smiling. “It’s okay, I won’t get too close.”

Although she said that, internally, she thought, I’ll show you! Dare to be so haughty after assaulting me‽

After taking a stroll through the rest of the stables, Ye Shuang had locked onto this particular horse. Even though she had no idea what the international racing horse would be like, based on physical quality alone, this mare would not be too lacking… well, provided that she would listen to orders.

The care-taker only seemed to be responsible for miscellaneous duties like cleaning and feeding; he was nothing more than a glorified barn hand. The mare was still huffing and stomping the ground angrily within her stable, neighing and flipping her head about. Facing this situation, even the care-taker was at his wit’s end. “Why don’t you carry on looking at the other horses? I’ll go get her personal jockey to come and calm her down.”

“Okay.” Ye Shuang did not argue, and as she followed the care-taker away, she asked, “There’s still someone else who looks after this horse?”

“Yes, and that person only takes care of her.” The caretaker led Ye Shuang away. “But since he’s such a VIP, the menial chores are relegated to me temporarily. Remember, don’t get too close to her; if something happens, no one will be there to save you!”

After leaving the stable ground, the caretaker reminded her again before leaving in a hurry to search for the VIP jockey.

Ye Shuang wandered about aimlessly, and after making sure there was no one else about, she wandered back to the horse’ stable. She smiled and waved at the mare that had calmed down slightly. “Hi…”

The mare responded with anger and challenge.

The annoying woman from earlier was back! The mare’s emotions that had calmed down started to boil once more. She fidgeted in her stable agitatedly. She even raised her front legs to kick at the gate several times, attempting to dash out.

The sounds were scary, and combined with the actions and observable anger on the horse, even if they knew the thick iron gate wouldn’t be kicked down by a horse that easily, it was indeed enough to scare off most normal people!

…Even though the group of socialites had great expectations for Ye Shuang, Ye Shuang technically only had theoretical knowledge. She had no idea how to tame a horse; the stuff that she knew she learned from either books or the internet.

According to rumors, one would have to ride the horse to tame it. If one held on long enough until the horse was tired, then she would surrender to one’s dominance. Ye Shuang wanted to try that, but knowing how the racecourse cared about their customers’ safety, she knew if she did that, someone would definitely come out to interrupt her by ‘saving’ her.

Well, desperate times called for desperate measures.

I wonder that trick by Empress Wu works or not? Or if it’s historically exaggerated…Ye Shuang looked left and right. Making sure there were no security cameras around her, she took a careful step forward. She stomped her left feet lightly on the ground as if trying to get the mare’s attention as she whispered insincerely, “Don’t worry, I’m here to help.”

As she said so, her left leg shot out at lightning speed, and the iron bar of the gate that was at least three meters thick snapped and slashed through the air, just barely brushing past the mare’s skin.

“…” The mare.

“Wait‽ What happened here? How did the gate break‽” When the caretaker returned with the VIP jockey, he was shocked by the scene that he saw.

The tough looking iron gate was swinging weakly on its hinges, and several straight iron bars were twisted beyond belief, lying inside the stable like they had been rammed into by some unimaginable force.

“It must have been done by Rosie.” The blonde-haired jockey was also initially shocked, but he soon came up with an explanation. Since the gate is made in China, a place where even a bridge can crumble on its first day of operation, this gate is probably made of horrible quality.

He brushed the incident off and moved into the stable and patted the curiously obedient mare lovingly. “Tired after you vented everything? Such a feisty little girl… Just hold on for a few more hours, then we’ll be able to return home. After today’s race is over, Daddy will help you escape from this little cage.”