Chapter 15

Chapter 15: So Romantic, So Valiant

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Without taking a close look, Ye Shuang realized with a glance that Miss Fang was a bit unsteady on her feet. Even though she still maintained a straight posture as best she could, with Ye Shuang’s new and improved eye sight, she could discern that the other party’s center of balance was slightly weighted to the right.

She glanced downward, and when she saw Miss Fang standing on tiptoes on her left leg, she immediately noticed the broken heel.

The sudden outburst earned Ye Shuang a fiery stare from the young lady. Eventually, Ye Shuang surrendered with a sigh… I’ll just consider myself unlucky. After all, this is the boss’ sister…

“Your big brother is coming out already, shall I go get him for you?” Ye Shuang asked in a kinder tone. Miss Fang continued to glare at her.

“…Or do you think my idea was actually quite good?” Ye Shuang suggested half-jokingly, “That way, you’ll achieve better balance; we’ll just change those heels into slippers.”

Miss Fang finally opened her lips to order, “Come and hold me!”

Hold you… The only thing I want to hold now is my forehead. If I really follow that order, then I’m a true dumbass. Based on how you treated me back in there, who knows if you’ll scream that I was trying to harass you‽

Even though Ye Shuang was a man right then, there were still certain experiences that she had no interest in trying, one of them being kicked in the nuts. She eyed Miss Fang’s broken heel and a chill rose up her spine… Even if she doesn’t use her feet, her knees could make contact just fine…

Miss Fang stared at her as if it was her honor to be given the opportunity to hold her, but Ye Shuang raised the bags that hung all over her arms and she said, “But my hands are fully occupied at the moment.”

Miss Fang’s gaze turned laser-sharp, like she was trying to cut her down with her eyes.

Technically speaking, Miss Fang could be considered someone who had social difficulties. This was because she had been raised upon a pedestal from a young age. That, combined with an elder brother who doted on her endlessly, meant that Fang Fei had a natural arrogance in her demeanor.

Her gaze wouldn’t linger for more than two seconds on those who didn’t interest her, which was more than half of the population, but those who she wanted to approach, she didn’t know how to, because like her brother, she was a little bit socially inept.

For example, her intention was to get another person’s attention, but when the words reached her mouth, they would be twisted into another form because she was worried that the other person would see through her desire, or perhaps she just couldn’t bring herself to be vulnerable to others, even in just a conversational context. This was not unlike how young boys attract the attention of the girls they like by bullying them or playing pranks on them. At the end of the day, they just wanted to be noticed.

This kind of action was understandable and could even be considered as cute from children, but from an adult, it naturally would be taken as being b*tchy and annoying. Ye Shuang was the perfect example; it completely flew over her head that Miss Fang was interested in her, and from how she saw it, Miss Fang merely had an inexplicable hatred toward her.

Just like that, after Miss Fang’s multiple failures to get close to Ye Shuang, her confidence was greatly affected, and her defenses came up even more… it created an endless, vicious cycle.

Looking at the tall and handsome man who was shrouded in the glow of the restaurant and the plain unwillingness in his eyes… Miss Fang suddenly felt outraged. One could say she turned her embarrassment into anger. “If you don’t want to help then get lost!”

The moment those words left her lips, Miss Fang felt like biting her tongue. Thankfully, Miss Fang had the self-consciousness to know how unreasonable she had acted that evening, but a habit she’d had for years couldn’t be changed just like that. However, her regret greatly decreased the next second, because the moment she finished her sentence, the handsome man walked away easily while sighing in great relief….


All men are disgusting creatures!

Miss Fang stomped on her feet angrily, but in her anger, she forgot about her broken heel. Her balance was lost, and the world started to tilt sideways.

Miss Fang closed her eyes to brace for impact just as she was about to kiss the ground. However, at the last moment, a warm hand reached out to hold her with unflagging stability. The next second, an arm reached underneath her legs and when she recovered, Miss Fang realized she was lying in a pair of broad and powerful arms…

“I’ll take you to find your brother!” Ye Shuang sighed helplessly. “But you have to understand that I’m not taking advantage of you; I’m just trying to be nice.”

No matter how horrid this woman was, Ye Shuang couldn’t stand still and watch her collapse face first to the floor. Therefore, her body moved before she even commanded it… Furthermore, she did know her brother; it wouldn’t reflect nicely on her when Miss Fang retold the story to Fang Mo. It would seem like he had refused to help her, even though he was just standing right there…

Miss Fang was completely stunned. Looking at the carved face looming over her, she nodded unconsciously; her earlier unapproachable presence had completely disappeared. Ye Shuang held the young lady who was more than 50 kg in her arms along with tons of shopping bags, which were dangling from her arms, as she walked back toward the restaurant. The ease with which she completed this task naturally attracted the attention of the crowd.

“That’s so romantic…” said one of the younger girls.

“That’s so valiant…” said one of the younger men, who was impressed by Ye Shuang’s physical strength.

Ye Shuang felt weirdly proud, like someone was shining a main character spotlight down on her. The moment she stepped into the restaurant, the young lady in his arms suddenly grumbled, “Didn’t you say your arms were completely occupied?”

“Erm… I guess you can say, when there’s a will, there’s a way,” Ye Shuang replied awkwardly.

Fang Mo really didn’t know how to describe his feeling when he saw his new friend return to the restaurant while carrying his little sister in his arms.

“What, what…”

What the hell is happening here‽

Fang Mo’s CPU was lagging.

“It’s a long story…” Ye Shuang sighed sadly. She passed the young lady to her brother and said, “Ask her if you want to know more. In any case, please take her back for now, one of her high heels has broken, and I’m in a hurry to go elsewhere.”

When Ye Shuang passed Fang Fei over, Miss Fang unconsciously reached deeper into Ye Shuang’s embrace. When Fang Fei realized what she was doing, she quickly released her arms from around Ye Shuang’s neck as a blush rose to her face.

When Fang Mo accepted his sister back, he could clearly see the unwillingness in his sister’s face… In less than a few minutes, her mind has changed, and she’s turned against her own brother so soon‽