Chapter 104 - Western Parents Also Give Their Children Nicknames, Who Knew?

Chapter 104: Western Parents Also Give Their Children Nicknames, Who Knew?

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The Tony Han Chu spoke of was Anthony. Just like how Chinese parents liked to give their children pet names, it was the same for western parents. If possible, the full name would be taken in its short form, and that would become the name used between close family and friends.

From the term of endearment, it was clear that Han Chu was close to the golden retriever; their rate of affection was at least seventy to eighty percent. However, from the Han Chu’s tone, it also sounded like the golden retriever was a constant pain in Han Chu’s butt.

“I don’t remember adding you to my talent storage.” Ye Shuang heard the concealed anger through the phone, but behind it, there was a thick sense of helplessness. “I have not sent any headhunting requests your way before, and my computer isn’t connected to the internet… So how did you manage to plant your information into my files?”

Since the conversation was two phones away, no matter how powerful Ye Shuang’s hearing was, she could not hear the answer, but the thing she could confirm was that after the person gave his answer, Han Chu became even angrier. Even his lowered voice had unconsciously risen for several octaves, interlaced with unbridled fury. “You stole my computer‽ Tony, how did you even do something like that‽”

Ye Shuang silently moved her mouth away from the phone in case her laughter slipped out. It sounds like boss is currently busy. I’d better call back later.

Regardless of the personal relationship between Han Chu and the golden retriever, the only person who had replied to her request for the manager was that Wang Daqiang… or rather, Anthony. So, if the person was indeed qualified, Ye Shuang felt like she had to fight for it with Han Chu. She could not meet Miss Bai empty-handed, right?

After watching a movie and drinking two cups of coffee, Ye Shuang went to take a shower. When she was done, she touched her chin that rarely grew hair. Ye Shuang was thankful that her gender change did not last more than three days and the hair growth on her male form was not that active, or else she would need to familiarize herself with standing before the mirror every day to shave. Then again, she had gotten used to peeing while standing up, so what was there that she could not get used to‽

Her emotions became complicated, and when Ye Shuang wanted to return to her table to play a game to relax herself, Han Chu seemed to have ended the negotiation with the golden retriever because his call came.

When Ye Shuang picked up the phone, she heard a heavily suppressed voice spit, “Bring Tony’s information with you. If Miss Bai is satisfied, then just sign the contract.”

“Oh, okay,” Ye Shuang answered naturally. After all, she was merely an agent. If the golden retriever did not want to come, she could not do anything about it. But since Han Chu had given the order, then it was perfect. “Mr. Han, I’ve gone back to check, and Anthony’s agent slot is empty, and so are his phone and address. I managed to find him with the search term ‘business management’. Should I contact him to get him to fill in the information?”

There were many types of business managers; some were more familiar with the daily working of a company while others specialized in marketing. If Ye Shuang did not broaden the scope of her search, she would not have spotted Anthony’s information. He was still an uncategorized talent.

“No need!” Han Chu hissed, and Ye Shuang could hear the sound of a keyboard typing on the other end of the phone. Han Chu was probably looking through the information himself. “No wonder I’ve been unable to spot him. He probably stole my laptop during our gathering two months ago when I returned to the States. Tony’s specialty is business management, planning, and computer technology. No need to waste your time categorizing him because he might lose interest in a few days.”

“Okay.” Ye Shuang shrugged. Don’t think just because you cursed under your breath, I can’t hear that ‘shit’. Looks like Han Chu is completely hopeless when dealing with the golden retriever.

“Right!” Han Chu continued typing before adding, “I’m sending you the information for a few extra people. Find their profiles and print them out. Bring them along with you when we meet Miss Bai this afternoon.”

Ye Shuang followed Han Chu’s orders but realized that these were all those experienced talents who she did not dare to approach earlier. Their resumes were longer than the earth was round, and some of them had even managed overseas companies before. “Mr. Han, I don’t think these people will be willing to come to a small place like San Lin City.”

“I’ve talked to them, and they’re willing to go!”

Did you strong-arm them‽ Ye Shuang blinked. “Okay, understood.”

The hotel provided a free printing service, and Ye Shuang carried a USB to the service counter to ask for the printing. Of course, she could have waited in her room for the printing to come, but that was a waste of time, and most importantly, the information she was printing was confidential. The receptionist was professional, and combined with the effects of Brother Shuang’s looks, when Ye Shuang leaned against the counter, before she had even said anything, they had already done everything for her.

The information was printed on thick 80-gram paper, and they were put inside an opaque file. A middle-aged man who also asked for the same service looked at the paper bag in his hands, and his face darkened deliciously.

“Please do come back if you need any further help!” The receptionist was exceptionally kind and passionate when sending Ye Shuang away.

Ye Shuang left that afternoon with Han Chu. When the booked taxi arrived, customer service called to inform the two of them. After grabbing the printed contract and individual talent files, Ye Shuang did not bring much else other than her laptop, phone, wallet, and room key.

Han Chu was waiting for her at the elevator. He turned when he heard the footsteps and nodded at Ye Shuang before turning back.

Just as Ye Shuang thought Han Chu would continue to ignore her, to her surprise, Han Chu spoke. “I’ve talked to my friends about your situation.”

Ye Shuang turned to the man with shock. Han Chu’s gaze was kept on the number above the elevator, but he was definitely talking to Ye Shuang. “Director Zhou is a senior director in the national movie scene, and he has won several nominations and awards. His attention will definitely influence you… As I’ve said, your face is too much trouble.”

“…Mr. Han wants me to go ruin my face?” Ye Shuang grumbled.

“That won’t be necessary.” Han Chu finally glanced at her, but it was still coldly and with disinterest. “Theoretically, I do not limit my agents from taking on part-time or even full-time work. After all, my occupation is to provide talent to those who need it. Therefore, if you plan to enter the entertainment business, it will have nothing to do with me, unless your job will make you too busy to fulfil my demands. If that’s the case, after consideration, I will consider ending the contract with you.”

Ye Shuang did not quite understand what the man was getting at.

Han Chu explained it clearly. “However, if you kept being under the spotlight, this will definitely influence your headhunting career because certain clients do not wish for their case to be followed or exposed. Therefore, if you do not have any interest in fame, I suggest you try to limit your exposure.”

The entertainment industry was all about exposure—many stars could barely finish a movie in a year, so how could they make sure they were not forgotten by the public? The only option was to create drama, like sending out rumors about infighting among the crew or hooking up with someone.

On top of traditional media, they also faced challenges from the internet. With the rise of many popular people online like the prettiest Sister XX or the most handsome Brother XX, they would have to find ways to survive.

The public was forgetful; they would follow you to the end of the world when you were famous, but the fame left as easily as it came. Ye Shuang was at her height of fame; after all, Brother Shuang’s face was too unforgettable, so it would not leave the public’s mind for a while longer. However, if Ye Shuang did not want to create trouble for herself in the future, maintaining a low profile was what she should do.

Director Zhou’s invitation was indeed alluring; for the people in the industry, it was sure way to reach to the sky. Even if Brother Shuang did not reach the height of superstar, with this experience in his resume, he could easily nab a role of the second male lead in lesser films.

Han Chu did not mean to pressure with his words; he only meant to comment on the possible development in the future. He could see that Ye Shuang was rather anxious about dealing with this. Just the gaze that kept being tossed his way during breakfast had made the man visibly uncomfortable.

Whether he was entering the business or not, the first thing he had to do was to fix his way of thinking. At the end of the day, it was that same idea—Do not let it influence your actual work!

After taking a deep breath, with a half understanding of what Han Chu was trying to say, Ye Shuang replied, “No problem, Mr. Han. Even if Miss Bai is from the industry, I do not plan to enter it, so there is no point in me being extra cautious around her.”

Ye Shuang did feel better after listening to Han Chu’s comforting words.

“Okay.” Han Chu turned back to the elevator and after a while, he added, “But if Miss Bai withdraws from the contract because of you, you are going to be responsible for the losses.”

Mr. Han… What about the consolation earlier? Are you just toying with my feelings?