Chapter 105 - A Different Kind of Pressure

Chapter 105: A Different Kind of Pressure

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Ye Shuang believed that the ‘losses’ Han Chu mentioned did not refer to financial compensation; after all, that would be illegal. However, even so, the threat had its weight, especially considering Han Chu would not be kind to fellow males. Ye Shuang had full confidence that if she had caused Miss Bai to forgo this contract, Han Cu would demand something impossible in return from her, like completing one million worth of contracts in a year.

Therefore, Ye Shuang had lost the worry and anxiety from meeting Miss Bai because it was completely replaced by a different kind of pressure.

When Miss Bai saw Ye Shuang, she was understandably shocked. The announcement from Director Zhou and Mingxin had its influence; even the people who were not directly related to the film were paying attention. Everyone thought that the main character in the commercial was biding his time or was waiting for the offer to get bigger, but no one had thought that the man was a real outsider and, on top of that, was a headhunter.

When Han Chu sat down, Miss Bai was still dazed, looking at Ye Shuang, who removed her glasses and cap to reveal her actual face. “Noah Real Estate came to you to help find him a commercial main character‽”

She assumed Fang Mo could not find a suitable candidate for his commercial and went to Han Chu to make a request and found this district agent. Then again, that did not make much sense. Han Chu was a middle-man and not a star manager, why would Fang Mo go to him for a case like finding a commercial actor‽

Ye Shuang pulled the chair back and sat down. There was a grace in her smile as she said, “I merely did a personal favor for Mr. Fang. I have nothing to do with the industry and have no interest in entering it.”

Every celebrity relied on make-up and the spotlight to shine brighter than most during everyday life, but Miss Bai realized that this person before her did not need to rely on things like that. No matter where he was, every single detail was flawless.

Ye Shuang pulled out the printed information with a smile and placed the files before Miss Bai. Due to privacy reasons, the information was already filtered. Other than their specialty and resume, all the other details like name, picture, and personal contact had been blocked. Miss Bai composed herself and decided to focus on her own issue first. She picked up the files and went through them before asking, “Mr. Han, do you have any recommendations? By the way, how shall I refer to this agent that you’ve brought with you?”

“My name is Ye.” Ye Shuang did not plan to give Miss Bai her full name. Han Chu understood and did not make the full introduction but continued Miss Bai’s conversation. “All this information is arranged according to Miss Bai’s requirements. Any of them are qualified enough to help you start and manage a company, but they have their contract limitations. The thing that you need to pay attention to is that after the contract is over, they have the right to leave your company, so if Miss Bai manages to find a suitable candidate to take over the company, please send them into the company as soon as possible to facilitate the take over.”

Obviously, Miss Bai would be worried if an outsider handled the company that she was going to use as a safety net for her retirement, hiring a professional manager to handle the difficult start-up. After the company was on track, Miss Bai would hand over the company to her father, and she would slowly fade out from the industry to assist her father. Therefore, Miss Bai was not looking for a permanent manager. However, using people and then kicking them out when things were going well was not a praiseworthy action, so instead of dragging the awkward situation until later, it was better if everything was cleared from the very beginning.

“Other than that, some of them would be doing this part-time, meaning they might be responsible for multiple companies. When they are free and willing, they might accept the headhunting case from other companies.”

Han Chu picked up one of the files, scanned the ID, and explained it to Miss Bai. “This gentleman, for example. Other than Miss Bai’s case, he is currently the marketing expert for two other companies. He has a good eye for such things and has the necessary courage to back it up. I am sure Miss Bai will not be disappointed by picking him. I am telling Miss Bai this to prevent misunderstandings in the future. Of course, I can personally vouch for these people’s work ethic if Miss Bai is worried about that.”

The misunderstanding Han Chu mentioned was if Miss Bai did not know about this and realized that the manager was working for other companies. She might think they were professional spies, so certain things had to be explained from the very beginning. Since Miss Bai had taken out most of her savings to enter this business venture, she was extremely cautious.

Just the routine explanation from Han Chu, and Ye Shuang could already feel Miss Bai was bailing out. As she expected, Miss Bai’s expression froze and became complicated. “Of course, I believe in Mr. Han’s eyes, but…”

Han Chu raised his brows, signaling for her to carry on. Miss Bai gave an embarrassed smile. “It’s nothing. I’m just wondering, is there someone who can focus fully on my company? And if it’s not too much trouble to ask, can any of them give me a guarantee of positive income?”

Han Chu was exceptionally patient with females, so even though Miss Bai had shown her suspicion and had asked a very unprofessional question, he explained, “No manager can guarantee that. Even the top CEO in the world can only promise to make the best and most suitable company expansion plan for you… especially since, Miss Bai, your company is just starting out. The main focus should be to get back your capital.”

Just like the economic bubble, even the best could only dare say they could help you protect your capital. For example, if you are a fried chicken seller, no matter how impressive your management is, the business is going to suffer when the chicken flu hits. The world of business was often quite rocky, yes, and the CEO was very important, but if fate decided to toy with you, even the best CEO had to submit to the power of fate.

Miss Bai had probably realized how unprofessional she sounded. Han Chu’s name was trustworthy among the upper society’s circle. Furthermore, he came from a renowned family, so no one believed that he would ruin his family name simply because of a small monetary gain.

Miss Bai was not worried about Han Chu, but she was worried about the people he recommended not working at their optimum condition for her. If they had many different responsibilities, wouldn’t that ruin their focus and concentration‽

Miss Bai’s concern was understandable. She was going to pay for the talent’s full price, so why should she share the service with some other party? She thought that the choices before her were not bad, but she wanted better. “I’m sorry, Mr. Han, but do you mind me asking if you have any candidate that do not have responsibility with other companies?”

If they have no other responsibility, it means they are unwanted. You’re a small company and not a giant. It is already a big compromise for them to come work for you, and you want them to cancel all their other more lucrative contracts‽

Han Chu wanted to say something to advise Miss Bai when Ye Shuang chimed in, saying, “We do.”

We do‽ Han Chu turned to Ye Shuang with a frown and unconsciously wanted to counter, but he realized with a start— F*ck, we really do!

Ye Shuang did not notice Han Chu’s expression, which looked like he had been constipated for three days. She pulled out a file and placed it before Miss Bai. “This is someone with a double doctor’s degree from an Ivy League University, a member of Mensa International. He is an expert in computers and management. Since he just arrived in China, temporarily, he has no other responsibilities, so I believe he’ll be able to fit Miss Bai’s demand.”

Miss Bai’s eyes glowed. “What is Mensa International?”

That is what you focused on‽ Gossiping is truly a female’s nature. Even the brightest focal point couldn’t beat an inquisitive heart.

“It’s the society for high IQ individuals of the world. It is a non-profit organization open to people who score in the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. There are currently about 100,000 members, and locally, we only have about 200 members.”

Han Chu pouted, very unsatisfied that the golden retriever had caught Miss Bai’s attention.

Then again, if not for the man’s unruly nature, his resume was indeed impressive. The man did not mind coming to China, and he did have a double doctorate. Even the Mensa International membership was enough to gain him entry to most places. It was not that Han Chu particularly favored the foreigners, but even with high IQ, it depended on how you use it. The foreigners tended to use their brains to explore questions and lifestyles that were of interest to them, but the local group of high IQ individuals used the Mensa label to gather online followings or write books.

Ye Shuang coughed to draw Miss Bai’s attention. “Then, is Miss Bai satisfied with this candidate?”

“Hmm, not bad.” Miss Bai finally realized that she was picking her company’s CEO and not a reporter snooping for information. She picked up the golden retriever’s information and glanced at it several more times before saying, “He’ll do.”

The most difficult manager had been decided. Then, Miss Bai randomly picked up the file for the lawyer. After all, the procedure for opening the company was the same, so Miss Bai’s requirement was that it had to be a local lawyer. Ye Shuang glanced at the file, and regretted that it was not for Lawyer Lin.

She sent the message to the two who were selected. Ye Shuang ignored the overly emoticon-filled reply from the golden retriever and calmly took out the pre-drafted contract. She also handed over the contact number for the lawyer and golden retriever to Miss Bai, and the case was considered successful.