Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Overlapping

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

In that moment, Fang Mo felt like his newfound friend’s expression and demeanor had overlapped on this girl before him, but when he took a closer look, he realized they couldn’t have looked more different. I’m probably too tired if I’m seeing things…

Fang Mo shook his head to shake the ridiculous thought from his mind. He saw the girl end the call, and simultaneously, the call to his friend also ended.

“…” Fang Mo put away his phone with a frown; he then walked over to the girl and asked directly, “Do you know Ye Shuang?”

Ye Shuang laughed awkwardly. Ou Qianru looked at Fang Mo with a curious gaze and then at Ye Shuang. She asked hesitantly, “Shuang Shuang, do you…”know this crazy man‽

Her mind still hadn’t caught up to the fact that Fang Mo was referring to the other ‘Ye Shuang’. However, when Fang Mo heard the nickname used by Ou Qianru to refer to the girl, he was suddenly reminded of the break application his new friend had requested from him. As everything registered in his mind, he uttered, “You’re that Ye Shuang‽”

If the crowd had just been suspecting that Fang Mo had something wrong with his mind earlier, now they were certain. Feeling the crowd’s questioning gaze on him, Fang Mo realized how weird he must have sounded, and he blushed. With his hand raised awkwardly to his lips, he coughed and explained, “Don’t misunderstand, I was merely asking you about your… boyfriend.”

Fang Mo assumed that was the relationship between the two ‘Ye Shuang’s based on the fact they shared the same cell phone. Now Ou Qianru had finally caught up to the situation, “Mr. you’re talking about Shuang Shuang’s fiancé? You two know each other‽”

“Fiancé‽” Fang Mo was shocked before recovering quickly. He smiled and said, “I once received some help from Mr. Ye Shuang… I was about to call him to discuss something, but I didn’t expect his phone would be with… Miss Ye.”

A simple sentence had managed to capture all of the weird nuances of this relationship. Having a similar name wasn’t something out of the ordinary, but sharing the same name across two genders was rare. On top that, they were also a couple‽ Fang Mo suddenly felt like if he kept being around this new friend of his long enough, he might one day develop schizophrenia.

“He has already left the city yesterday due to work!” Ye Shuang said in a hurry before explaining, “It’s hard to tell when he will return; it won’t be for at least two or three months…”

Of course, the key was whether she would run into this man again… If it wasn’t a necessity, Ye Shuang really didn’t want to have overly complicated interactions with others in her male form, after all, who could tell when that identity would disappear. Of course, that prefaced itself on the fact that she got to entrap a man to hump… Cough!

Fang Mo frowned. “So long? If you don’t mind me asking, is Mr. Ye in the military?”

“Military‽” Before Ye Shuang could answer, Ou Qianru gasped with her eyes widened. “With that face of his‽ That would be such a waste!”

“…” Even though he felt that statement was a bit… crude, Fang Mo still nodded in agreement. She’s not wrong…

“Actually, I’m only guessing.” Fang Mo smiled confidently. “After all, an occupation that bans communicative device and demands work for two to three months in one go, the only possibility I can think of is the military.”

Ou Qianru’s face was scrunched up in contemplation and she concluded, “You may be right…”

“…Don’t you think that hairstyle of his is a big give-away that he has nothing to do with the military‽” Ye Shuang didn’t know what to think; these two had a greater imagination than she did. If a soldier kept a head of hair that was as long as that of ‘Ye Shuang’, he would have been warned for god knows how many times already.

After hearing that, Fang Mo hesitated for a moment before leaning his body conspiratorially forward to whisper, “You mean… He’s in some kind of special unit that needs to hide his identity‽”

Ye Shuang couldn’t help but roll her eyes at this man with an overly imaginative mind.

Noticing the well of condescension in Ye Shuang’s eyes, Fang Mo straightened himself and coughed awkwardly. “I’m merely of the opinion that Mr. Ye’s talents are unlike a normal citizen’s…”

“…” Ye Shuang also felt like this man’s IQ was unlike a normal citizen’s…

Afraid that, their chatting drifted away from their original topic, so Fang Mo’s assistant wandered over like a spirit in the dark to remind Fang Mo of the task at hand. “Mr. Fang, about that advertisement spokesperson…” Can you all please leave the chit chat for later when we’re off work‽ Truly, the Big Boss will never understand the pains of us normal workers…

After that reminder, Fang Mo immediately turned to ask Ye Shuang, “By the way, the reason I’m trying to find Mr. Ye is because I wish to hire him to shoot an advertisement. If it doesn’t disrupt the schedule of his job, do you mind contacting him for me?”

“An advertisement‽” Two voices gasped at the same time. However, Ye Shuang did so with utter shock, and Ou Qianru’s gasp was with pleasant surprise…There’s already a demand for him before signing the contract; this has to be a sign that the man will be huge!

Ye Shuang frowned and opened her lips to reject. “I’m sorry, but he…”

Hearing the imminent rejection, Fang Mo interrupted Ye Shuang calmly while tossing out some bait. “Even though Mr. Ye is not a celebrity, he has a face that not many will forget, so even if this will be his first advertisement, I’m willing to give a six-digit payment.”

In the professional field, a six-digit payment wasn’t all that high, but if the spokesperson was a random nobody with no exposure before, that was a sky-high investment. Obviously, Fang Mo had great confidence in that face, which could even stop time in its tracks.

In Ye Shuang’s mind, the figure was swapped into cold hard cash, and as she swam in it like Scrooge McDuck, her conviction started to waver. Even Ou Qianru had a hard time believing her ears. Six digits… Even if that first digit was a one, that was already a great sum of money!

Especially since, at that moment, Ye Shuang was unemployed, and she couldn’t go out searching for a new job on account of her shifting genders. That amount of money would be like a much-needed lifeline… Ye Shuang was extremely excited and touched that her red-tinged eyes. “How— how long will this advertisement shooting be‽”

Fang Mo looked at Ye Shuang and said, “I remember Mr. Ye told me you work at my company, right? Then you should be familiar with our latest company project… The content of the shoot will be a collage of the main character moving into his new house. If everything goes well, then the shoot will probably take three to four days.”

“Okay!” Ye Shuang decided on the spot. “His break time isn’t long, but I’m pretty sure he can squeeze out two to three days of free time, but that is only possible on the weekend!”

“…” Wait, didn’t you just say he has left the city and won’t return for two to three months‽

Ou Qianru instantly glanced at her cousin with disdain.

Fang Mo was pleasantly surprise before he asked hesitantly, “But can you make such an important decision on his behalf?”

Ye Shuang said confidently, “Don’t worry, I guarantee you, he’ll be there!”