Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Poor Rosie’s Feelings

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“Hmm? Good girl, why did you suddenly become so quiet?

“Rosie? Darling, tell daddy what’s wrong with you! Weren’t you quite excited to run the course earlier‽

“Oh my God, don’t tell me you’re sick…”

The foreign jockey immediately discovered something was wrong. His horse had changed from a spirited mood to one of dejection; the contrast couldn’t have been more obvious. This change was so sudden and without warning that the foreign jockey quickly got down to care about his precious horse, the thoughts of the competition completely removed from his mind. Even the young man could not help but glance with concern at his competition.

Ye Shuang, though, could not have cared less about the little purebred who swindled her feelings. After doing what she was supposed to do, her eyes fell on their dumb horse and sighed. “You’re still better, Blackie. Good luck in the race, I’m sure you’ll win!”

Horses’ intelligence was considered quite high among animals; they were as clever as two to three year old children. In other words, while they could not comprehend complicated matters, they could still sense intention directed at them.

Although Ye Shuang was a powerful martial artist, she did not have any threatening presence like those masters in Xuanhuan web novels. Furthermore, she still maintained her soft and kind voice; therefore, the dumb horse didn’t feel threatened in any way. In contrast, it nuzzled its head into Ye Shuang’s palm to rub against it twice. I might not understand it, but you sure can count on me!

It was different for Rosie though. The girl was still living in the haze of terror from before. She could not understand how there could be other horses that could face the demon so calmly…

F*ck! What is even going on‽

It was to be expected that the horse would have a less stellar performance during the race since her concern was more on her life than the race itself—basically, she would turn around every thirty meters and stagger every twenty steps. From the start of the competition, she kept an eye on the smiling Ye Shuang, who followed the competition from the side-line. The mare was deathly afraid that the young woman would suddenly go berserk as she had done at the stables…

The dumb horse, who focused on finishing the competition, very soon surpassed the purebred.

The audience was baffled. Be it the group that was overly confident or the group that was already prepared to surrender, all of them wore masks of shock. Even the provincial champion, who was about to win, was watching all this unfold with plain disbelief.

The foreign jockey was at his breaking point. “Rosie? My good girl, what’s wrong with you?”

Rosie could not even utter a neigh. Can you please consider my feelings…

When the dumb horse crossed with finish line, half a lap ahead of Rosie, Yuan Ruan’s cheers could be heard throughout the racecourse. Ye Shuang, who had been focusing on the purebred with her laser eyes, finally pulled her gaze away. She scratched her chin… Actually, she did not expect something like this to work, but it seemed like she was not as unlucky as she thought.

“Tsk! What have you done to that horse‽”

Suddenly a man’s voice appeared beside Ye Shuang. The voice sounded quite familiar. Even though when she first heard it, the voice was distorted by the electronic signal, the call had not been long ago, so Ye Shuang’s memory of it was still fresh.

She turned around, and a handsome man who was far younger than she imagined was leaning on the rails with his two arms. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone, and he turned to talk to Ye Shuang leisurely.

As he met Ye Shuang’s eyes, the handsome man straightened himself and continued his enquiry with his brows raised. “Rosie is a certified purebred; her ancestry can be traced back to share lines with Arabian horses and thoroughbreds. She is more than capable of winning an international match. The jockey is even more impressive; some of the prizes that he has won are practically unheard of for most horse trainers. If not for Mr. Fang’s desire to win over some girl, this kind small stage wouldn’t have been enough to host such a powerful pair.”

However, while using such a powerful pair, the result had been more than surprising. If this result had been broadcasted, probably half of the equine lover community would have lost their minds. Mr. Fang would lose plenty of face, and even the foreign jockey would be affected. His price would possibly have a one-third cut.

Ye Shuang smiled and said, “Han Chu?”

The handsome man nodded and raised his right hand for a brisk handshake. “Nice to meet you. I want to know if you have taken some special steps to win this competition… Don’t worry, even though it was me who helped Mr. Fang hire the jockey, the result of the competition has nothing much to do with me, the head-hunter. So, this is not an accusation or a dispute; I’m just curious about your ability and your talent for adapting to different situations.”

My talent? Does intimidation count? Ye Shuang thought about it and said, “Actually, this is all a misunderstanding. I initially thought that horse was open for all, and when I heard she has quite a temper, I decided to tame her, but who would have thought that after taming her, I found out she belongs to the competitor?”

Therefore, when she was standing at the rails, it naturally created an intimidation effect; the win was truly a complete surprise.

Han Chu’s interest was piqued. “You also know horse-taming?”

Before she could answer, the excited Yuan Ruan raced over to hug Ye Shuang. “We won! Now, let’s see if those people dare look down on us anymore.”

The unexpected win caused Yuan Ruan’s level of happiness to break its limit. It was understandable that the way she was acting was not exactly prim.

The other socialites also started to wander over, probably preparing to flaunt their victory in the faces of the people from the capital.

Noticing the group of girls that surrounded Ye Shuang, Han Chu knew it was not the right time to talk. He nodded at Ye Shuang, signaling to her that he would talk to her later before walking away to wait for Mr. Fang’s group, which was not looking so good, to come to him.