Chapter 107 - Two Puppies

Chapter 107: Two Puppies

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After a peaceful day, when Ye Shuang recovered from the tiredness of the Shanghai trip, she returned to the world in her female form. Finally, I can openly go home to rest and be lazy!

Ye Shuang was exceptionally happy. She grabbed her phone and wallet and told Little Brother Ye, who was still camping at her place, “I’m going home. Are you coming home for dinner tonight, or are you going to settle it yourself?”

Little Brother Ye did not even pull his eyes away from the game he was playing. He raised his hand to wave at him. “There’s a guild war tonight. I need to go farm some materials, so I’ll just eat some instant noodles.”

Ye Shuang thought about it. “Do you want me to bring you some food back?”

Even though she had just moved out, Ye Shuang had gotten used to having her little nest; she would come back home to sleep even when she was in her female form.

Little Brother Ye was finally willing to turn his head around, his eyes glowing with great interest. “Yes please. Bring as much as you can, then I’ll be able to save on the food tomorrow.”

Ye Shuang flashed him the finger before going out to call a taxi and headed back home. When she was home, Father Ye cornered her and asked about her recent situation. Ye Shuang said that the amount of memory influx that occurred had greatly decreased; it was probably because she had reached the rudimentary education level of the alien race and would need to discover the rest on her own.

The issue of changing gender was not that big of a problem. There were only apartments on each floor of the building. She had moved in for half a month already, and she had not met the neighbors. It was probably because their schedule did not align, so the possibility of being exposed was limited.

Mother Ye, though, was more worried about her children’s everyday lives. Yes, her daughter’s cooking had improved greatly, but was she patient enough to cook all three meals every day?

Ye Shuang quickly comforted Mother Ye. Little Brother Ye had classes in the morning, so he had his breakfast and lunch at the school canteen. He would just find a random place to have his dinner. It was even more direct for herself. All the outside restaurants used too much seasoning and oil; with her advanced taste buds, she could not stand that anymore. That, combined with her easily hungry stomach, meant that even if she did not like it, she had to cook for herself, and it had become a habit for her.

After dealing with her parents, it was finally time for dinner. Mother Ye’s cooking was not at the level of a 5 star chef but at least she had raised two children with her cooking. To be honest, Ye Shuang had already gotten used to the taste, so it did feel quite comforting. Winter melon soup, braised ribs, stir-fried beef… and the key benefit was that she did not have to cook!

This is the real life! Ye Shuang ate her fill with tears in her eyes. Thankfully, Mother Ye had gotten used to her daughter’s new appetite—more than eight plates of food were on the table.

After a leisurely nap, Ye Shuang went for a walk with her parents. Before she left, she was given a bucket… yes, a bucket of braised ribs. Ye Shuang then returned home happily, all prepared to feed Little Brother Ye.

Whenever she had food in her hands, Ye Shuang’s appearance would be welcomed with great passion by Little Brother Ye. However, this time, after she opened the door, the quiet living room unsettled Ye Shuang. The kid is probably still farming in his game.

Ye Shuang placed the bucket in the kitchen and walked into the guest room without knocking. And then… she was blinded by the mane of blonde hair that was sitting before the computer. Wait! Who is this‽

Ye Shuang thought that there was a thief; she was about to grab something to assault the man when Little Brother Ye came out of the bathroom. “Hey, Sis, you’re home!”

Little Brother Ye bounced toward her happily, but before Ye Shuang could reply, the blonde before her took off the headphones and grumbled, “Ye! Got the item you wanted. Is there a more challenging raid?”

The golden locks, azure eyes, big smile, and baby face…

Wait, why is this golden retriever at my place‽

Just as Ye Shuang was spacing out, Little Brother Ye abandoned his biological sister and rushed toward the golden retriever. “Really‽ You’re awesome! The fastest I’ve beaten this raid was one hour, and it only took you forty minutes.”

“Actually, it’s quite simple. You just need to know the right trick.” When he turned around, Anthony also saw Ye Shuang. After he answered Little Brother Ye, he greeted her with a bigger smile. “This must be… Miss Shuang‽”

Since he had already designated the “Ye” for a certain someone, Anthony had to come up with another term of reference for Ye Shuang.

Actually, you can skip the miss… it makes me feel so old. Ye Shuang laughed drily. “Anthony?”

Anthony’s eyes shone. “Did the other agent tell you about me? Or was it Han?”

“Sis, you two know each other? Your friend is amazing—he is a complete pro. He plays the game like a professional game,” Little Brother Ye praised.

Ye Shuang almost cried. If you don’t know this guy, why did you let him into our house‽

Seeing the expression on Ye Shuang’s face, Anthony’s smile grew so big that his eyes were narrowed, and his rows of white teeth flashed. “Ye is a kind host, and I’m a good guy.”

“Whether or not you are a good guy is still debatable.” Ye Shuang rolled her eyes and used measured force to smack Little Brother Ye on his head and hissed, “I just cannot accept that my own brother is so dumb.”

In any case, Little Brother Ye thankfully did not run into an actual criminal, so after a few lectures, Ye Shuang let him be. She walked to the computer and extended her hand to the golden retriever. “Since you found this place, it must have been Han Chu who told you the address. Nice to meet you, I am the agent for San Lin City, Ye Shuang.”

Anthony stood up from the computer table. Initially, Ye Shuang thought he was young due to his baby face, but when he stood up, his 186-centimeter height and muscular body turned that impression around.

He shook Ye Shuang’s hand and introduced himself with a friendly smile. “Anthony… but you can also call me Tony. I believe you have seen my information. In this coming year, let’s be friends, Miss Agent.”

After the self-introduction, Anthony seemed to remember something. With a cute smile he added, “By the way, I have not found a place to sleep yet, do you mind helping me find a rental‽

“I can pay the rent myself, or are you willing to adopt me?”

What else could she say‽ Ye Shuang shot a smile that did not reach her eyes. This was the first time she had come across someone who was more shameless than she was. Ye Shuang knew that she had met her match. “You can stay at the hotel tonight, and I’ll find you a place to stay as soon as possible.”

After the introduction, Little Brother Ye made use of the opening to complain that he did not let just anyone in. It was mainly because the golden retriever mentioned Han Chu’s name first, and he assumed that he was a friend.

Before Little Brother Ye could finish his fake cry, Anthony sniffed and suddenly jumped up excitedly with his eyes glowing. His face was turned pleadingly toward Ye Shuang. “Shuang, did you bring any good food with you?”

Little Brother also sniffed the air, and his eyes similarly glowed. “Braised ribs, holy braised ribs! It has to be—I know this smell too well!”

Without Ye Shuang leading them, Little Brother Ye and his new best friend wandered on their own to the kitchen. Ye Shuang blinked, and in that moment, she felt like she saw two puppies rushing over to their food. Anthony was definitely a golden retriever while Little Brother Ye… well, he could be a Chinese Field dog.

When Ye Shuang walked into the living room, the two of them had opened the bucket and stood beside it with bowls and shiny oil on their lips. The Chinese field dog… no, Little Brother Ye patted his chest and told his new best friend, “It’s good, right‽ My sister’s cooking is even better! Come eat with us in the future, and I promise you, you’ll forget the American burger soon enough!”

It looked like she had lost her share of the braised ribs. Thankfully, she had just had her fill back home, and she was temporarily not hungry. Ye Shuang sighed to herself and walked to her bedroom to call Han Chu. She reported to him that Anthony had arrived in San Lin City and was at her home, having the time of his life. For some reason, Ye Shuang felt like she heard pity in Han Chu’s reply.

“Since you two know each other now, help me take care of him. After all, he has not been to this country before. In any case, I’ve found a house through Fang Mo, so he can stay there after I purchase it. Then you can leave him be. Even if you drop this man in the middle of Sahara Desert, he’ll survive.”

“…Brother Han, for some reason, I feel like you are hiding something from me.” Ye Shuang was suspicious.

“…” Han Chu took a long sigh. “Actually, it’s nothing. Tony sometimes likes to play. Just try not to get involved in his schemes.”

Sounds like a dangerous person this one… Ye Shuang was silent.

Han Chu continued. “Don’t worry, he won’t do anything illegal…”

After that, Little Brother Ye’s admiration-filled gasp came from the living room. It was so loud that even Han Chu on the other end of the phone could hear it clearly.

“Tony, you’re a God! You’ve hacked into the Pentagon before‽”