Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Hidden Boss

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After hammering out the deal and sending Fang Mo away, Ye Shuang realized the way Ou Qianru looked at her had changed. She pretended not to notice and changed the subject in a hurry. “Where’s Celebrity Luo‽ Quick, I still want his signature.”

“Want your head!” Ou Qianru finally erupted. “Didn’t you say your boyfriend is averse to the entertainment scene‽”

“Sis, that’s my boss!” Ye Shuang explained with a placating smile. “He is in full control of my professional life. Furthermore, there’s a 6-digit income by working for only a few days… only an idiot wouldn’t snatch at such a beneficial deal.”

Ou Qianru gritted her teeth before sighing weakly. “If you’re willing to let Ah Ce manage your man, Sister Qianru guarantee such an advertisement deal would come every other week… Just imagine how fabulous it’ll be if you get a new bungalow as your bridal house after you’re married. That’s happening soon, right?”

Ye Shuang was speechless. In just a matter of 24 hours, she had advanced from her own boyfriend to fiancé and now soon-to-be husband… even a cheetah didn’t move so fast.

A tired outing later, Ye Shuang felt like her bones were going to shatter when she returned home, but a bigger tragedy awaited her there. Perhaps Ou Qianru was inspired by the incident at the studio because after she returned home and changed, she pulled out her phone to make a call.

Ye Shuang didn’t think much of it, but after the call was accepted, Ou Qianru said into the phone, “Uncle Luo, I’m at Uncle Ye’s house, did you know Xiao Shuang is already engaged…”

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Ye Shuang practically jumped up from bed with a somersault. Her eyes widened with disbelief as this woman exposed her ‘secrets’ to her family.

Grab the phone‽ No, that will be hard to explain, after all, this is not something shameful. Since the relationship has been admitted, if I prevent her from telling the rest of the family, it’ll only be that much more suspicious. But I can’t allow this news to spread, can I? Since that Ye Shuang has disappeared, where the hell am I going to find a fiancé to introduce to the family‽ Ye Shuang was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Since Ou Qianru wasn’t paying any attention to her, she flashed out of the room and flew into the kitchen to seek help.

“Mom, this is bad! Our family is currently under siege! The secret is about to be exposed!”

Mother Ye was in the middle of cooking a pot of soup. She was moving the pot away from the stove when Ye Shuang stormed into the kitchen. It gave her quite a shock and the pot of soup slipped from her fingers.

Ye Shuang, with her great reflexes, grabbed the table cloth to hold the pot. In the blink of an eye, she swept the pot into her arms and placed it gingerly on the counter. Mother Ye felt the weight in her hands disappear, and when she recovered, the pot of soup was sitting safely on the counter with her own daughter fidgeting anxiously beside her.

“…” After calming her heart, Mother Ye glared at Ye Shuang viciously. “What is it that makes you want to scare your own mother to death?”

Ye Shuang said tearfully, “Sister Qianru is speaking to Uncle Luo in my room, telling him I’m engaged.”

“What nonsense! You haven’t even brought home a boyfriend before, who are you…” Mother Ye caught herself in mid-sentence and gasped. “Wait, she’s telling your uncle the secret‽”

“Yes, she’s still on the phone now!” Ye Shuang nodded with tears in her eyes. She turned to Mother Ye pleadingly. “Mom, I’m sure you will be able to cover this up for me, right? I’ve heard rumors that you ruled the Luo family when you were young. Uncle Luo’s angpao money 1 would never survive the second day of Chinese New Year. I heard it had something to do with him paying you protection money…”

In any case, this meant that Mother Ye’s and Uncle Luo’s combat capability were not a same level. Now, Ye Shuang’s only hope was if this hidden boss could show herself to deal with Uncle Luo, because if not, she would be like a fish taken out of water, waiting to be served.

Mother Ye’s elderly face blushed slightly. She hissed, “Who told you that‽”

“Grandmother!” Ye Shuang violated the code of confidentiality readily.


After some coaxing and convincing, Ye Shuang finally managed to persuade Mother Ye to make her move. Ye Shuang had just sighed in relief when Ou Qianru finished the call and exited her bedroom. Mother Ye was in the middle of carrying a large steel pot to the dining room.

“Qianru, feeling rested?” Mother Ye’s smile directed at her hid many knives. “Come take a seat, your Uncle Ye is coming home soon, tonight we’re having steamboat… Xiao Shuang, help me take the soup over from the counter.”

Ye Shuang dashed into the kitchen to grab the soup. Without any further orders from Mother Ye, she obediently poured the soup into the large steel pot. Then she carried over the chopped ingredients and slowly dropped them into the steamboat to let them cook.

Ou Qianru blinked curiously… Steamboat in the middle of summer‽ So be it, this is not the first time the Ye family has acted out of the confines of normalcy after all…

While Ye Shuang was slaving away, Mother Ye wiped her hands clean and pulled Ou Qianru aside for a chat. The first thing she needed to do was, of course, find out how much the enemy knew. “Qianru, did you call to talk to Ah Ce? When a girl is outside alone for work, it’s better to call home constantly so that the elderly don’t get worried.”

“Hmm, I just finished talking to them; I also took the opportunity to tell them about Shuang Shuang’s boyfriend.” Ou Qianru had no idea she was walking into a trap and continued speaking easily. “Actually, this is such a coincidence because Grandmother Luo is currently at Uncle Luo’s house; she was so excited when she heard the news about Shuang Shuang’s engagement… Everyone said they will come to meet him in a few days.”

Everyone‽ Who is everyone‽ Mother Ye shuddered; she hadn’t been expecting the appearance of this Final Boss.

Ye Shuang, however, didn’t handle the news as well as Mother Ye; the chopsticks slipped from her fingers and clattered to the floor.

The pair of mother and daughter looked at Ou Qianru with their mouths wide open. Finally, Ou Qianru realized something was wrong. She blinked innocently at the two of them, “…Is there going to be a problem? I’ve already told them everything. They said they will be coming this weekend when Shuang Shuang’s boyfriend returns for the advertisement photoshoot. They’ll definitely be able to catch him.”

In that instant, Ye Shuang felt like crying.