Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Han Chu

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Basically, Han Chu could be considered quite a famous character among the capital circle. This fame came not only because of his insistence on treading the road less taken, but also, they were quite impressed by his head-hunting capability. As long as Han Chu was willing to name a price, no matter how difficult the issue was, the man would be able to send out the perfect candidate to handle it. The satisfaction rating of his clients was maintained at a very high percentage of 95. Unfortunately for Mr. Fang, he fell in that 5 percent.

“Han Chu!” One could hear boiling anger in his lowered voice. Looking at the group of girls who were waiting for him to take several steps forward for them to mock him, Mr. Fang suddenly felt like the light had been taken away from his life. “Didn’t you say this foreigner is the best horse rider?”

“He is indeed the best and the most professional.” Han Chu glanced at Mr. Fang, and ignoring the fact that Ye Shuang was eavesdropping on them, he continued with a trace of shame. “Oscar’s technique and basic skills are indeed the best of the best. He has participated in many international horse races and is the champion for many of them. If not for the fact that he’s planning to retire within the next few years, with his current price tag and schedule, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to get him to accept a private case like yours.”

Mr. Fang did not understand and did not really care for the rider’s shining resume. He was only concerned about one thing. “So, why did he still lose‽”

Han Chu glanced surreptitiously at Ye Shuang, who had been trying to appear uninterested in their conversation, and sighed. “Sometimes, luck is more important than skill.”

F*ck! In English please!

The angry Mr. Fang wanted to press, but Yuan Ruan, who could not wait to share the joy of victory with her friends, wandered over. She was so excited that her cheeks were flushed, and her large eyes were shining brightly. She tipped her chin up haughtily at Mr. Fang and announced, “I win!”

Mr. Fang was stunned, captivated by this cute show of arrogance. The anger from minutes ago left him immediately. “Err… Of course, I surrender!”

“Come on, cough it up!” Yuan Ruan could not have cared less about the emotional changes within Mr. Fang, and she extended her open palm, demanding, “The bet was for 10,000 RMB!”

Ye Shuang, who was worth only 40,000 RMB, sighed. Even Han Chu, who knew about the private bet between Mr. Fang and Miss Yuan, had his features twisted.

From a certain perspective, these two, who had practically drawn the whole elite circle from both San Lin City and the capital into the race to satisfy their personal interest, were truly meant for each other.

After Mr. Fang passed the money to Yuan Ruan, he was kind or dumb enough to add in another 30,000 RMB. Ye Shuang, who accepted her payment, did not know what kind of expression she should have had then.

The rich people’s world was truly something she could not understand.

The foreign rider, who was equally confused, was called over to join them. He was still worried about his precious little girl. Han Chu left the people from the capital and those from San City to interact on their own. He pulled Ye Shuang and Oscar to the side. He pulled out a thin notebook from his backpack and started jotting down information. “Please take a seat. By the way, Oscar, allow me make the introductions. This will be your future colleague; she might participate alongside you in a race in the future.”

Horse-racing was open to riders from both genders. After knowing Ye Shuang knew a thing or two about horse-taming, what he said earlier was not that out of place. Alas, Oscar did not think much of Ye Shuang. After all, an East-Asian face was rare in international races. If they were good at their job, Oscar would have heard about them already. Since he had never seen this woman before, naturally, it meant that there was no reason for him to pay her any heed. After all, horse-racing was not a field that could be entered by anyone with a rider’s certificate; a good rider had to be paired with a good horse.

The troubled Oscar had more concern for his own horse. “Han, I have to go see what’s wrong with my baby Rosie, can I give you an explanation after this? I swear, losing this competition was a complete accident!”

Han Chu didn’t think it was wise for Ye Shuang to make enemy during her first appearance, so he nodded and let the man go. He did not bring up the inside secret that he had heard from Ye Shuang earlier. “Don’t worry, I believe in your capability, but since this has already happened, do you mind if we lower your future case fee by one-fifth? Of course, the rate of my commission remains unchanged.”

Oscar nodded hurriedly and left with a drawn face. Ye Shuang saw the foreign rider walk away before she turned around and planted herself crudely on the seat across from Han Chu. “Does this mean I’m hired?”

“Yes!” Han Chu answered. He handed Ye Shuang a form to fill up her personal details. “Help me fill up this form. Remember to fill in your contact number, special skills, and personal case preferences. Now, let me brief you on the specifics of this line of work.

“You should know a bit about head-hunting already, but it is worth noting that personal and official head-hunting are two different things.”

As Ye Shuang filled in the form, Han Chu pulled out a bottle of water from his backpack. He twisted it open to take a gulp before continuing. “For official head-hunting, we will only request payment from the client that came to us for our service, and we will not request payment from the talent employed. While for personal head-hunting, like what I’m doing today, when I accept and assign the cases, I’ll take payment from both the client and the talent. The percentage of commission is dependent of the level of the case. For example, I’ll take twenty percent for Level C cases, fifteen percent for Level B, and ten percent for Level A. The highest won’t be over forty percent, but don’t worry, that number is normally reserved for Level F intern cases. Since I promised that if you win this competition, you will start from Level C cases, you can just skip all the intern cases.”

Ye Shuang was quite satisfied with this result, but she had a key question she needed to ask. “What if I have a partner who accepts and completes the cases with me? Is that acceptable‽”