Chapter 59

Chapter 59: You Have Probably Heard of Her Before

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“You mean like a workshop?”

While Ye Shuang was hesitant to ask, Han Chu accepted it rather easily. After the short initial shock, Han Chu got down to business. “How many members are there? What are their individual talents?”

So, having a workshop is rather common, it seems. Ye Shuang sighed and was silently impressed by how complicated the whole head-hunting business was. “I suppose you can call it a workshop, but technically speaking, there’s only one other member. When I’m not free to work on the case, it’ll be taken over by this other member. Er, from the look on your face, there seems to be some problem?”

“A workshop is harder to pick up than an individual, but of course, this doesn’t mean that a structure like yours can’t work.” Han Chu sighed and started to regret doing this favor for Fang Mo.

Fang Mo was a close friend of his, and it was rare for Fang Mo to ask him for a favor, so denying the favor after accepting it would probably ruin their friendship. However, before accepting the favor, Han Chu wasn’t tipped off to the fact that accepting this new talent came with its own conditions. Han Chu sighed and asked for his laptop back. He scrolled through it as he asked, “So basically you mean, it’ll be a small team of two, but you’ll still only accept cases meant for an individual? Are there any other conditions or limitations?”

Based on Han Chu’s head-hunting habits, be it facing the client or his workers, their requests were normally not within his considerations. He only cared about two things: the usability of his workers and their mission completion rate. Of course, he understood that the greater the talent, the greater their demands and limitations. In fact, it was not uncommon for people to reject cases based on their preferences or their refusal to work with certain clients.

Preferring to have a partner handle cases together was not something that difficult to understand. After all, in Han Chu’s hands, there was a hacker sibling team. It was not that big of a deal. However, two individuals could never have perfect synergy, so there would be inadvertent mistakes when passing off the job. Furthermore, there had to be a difference in the two people’s abilities and specialties. In conclusion, the flexibility of such a structure would not be as good as someone who worked alone. Of course, it was a completely different story if it was a large workshop.

After Ye Shuang told him that her partner had no demands or limitations in terms of the accepted case, Han Chu’s congested feeling started to get better. He lowered his head to look through the form, and indeed, the box for case preferences was left empty, but the list of specializations was a bit…

“Fighting, cooking, good memory, driving, mastery of foreign language…” As Han Chu read through it, he started to feel even more helpless. After he read over the form and saved the digital file, he rubbed his temples before saying, “I feel like there’s some misunderstanding here. Fang Mo said you’re an impossible talent…”

But based on the form, how come it doesn’t appear that way at all‽

First, it is one thing for the specializations to be all over the place, but even the content is incredibly vague. For example, fighting… Both professional boxing and two women clawing each other hair out on the street could be considered fighting. So, which one are you‽ At least put down the fighting style you’re familiar with and how good you are at it!

Han Chu felt like he had been scammed.

Ye Shuang laughed awkwardly. “I don’t want to toot my own horn, but trust me, I believe I have many unexplored talents, but the key is I don’t have the time to take the certificate examinations, so there’s a lack of official recognition.”

For example, horse appraisal. Indeed, she did not have any professional knowledge of this skill, but from the usage of the inherited memory and based on her newfound understanding of animal physiology, she could complete the task that was given to her. In other words, Ye Shuang had a huge storage of theoretical knowledge, but she had no idea what kind of situation it would be useful for.

Combined with issues like experience and practice, it created the awkward situation Ye Shuang currently found herself in.

“You believing it has no real meaning.” Han Chu frowned. “How about this? Based on your current status, no one will be able to confidently hire you, but since this a favor for Fang Mo, I’ll still assign you Level C cases, but only assistant-type work. And if the client is not satisfied with your work, I’ll have to move your case to someone else, and naturally, you’ll get no money, is that okay with you?”

Afraid that Ye Shuang could not complete cases that were too professional, he had to settle with assistant-type work that was not too crucial or in a hurry to complete. In case something went wrong, he would still have the time to have someone else come in to salvage the situation. He had given up on Ye Shuang; he considered doing this a favor to his friend. After Ye Shuang had her fun and failed, he would bring up the issue of firing her with Fang Mo. At least then, the request wouldn’t sound so out of place with the evidence of failure.

“Of course!” Ye Shuang nodded readily. As long as there was money in it for her, she was okay with anything.

The frown on Han Chu’s face relaxed once more, and he sighed in relief internally. Even though this girl’s personal info is less than desirable, at least she did not have crazy demands simply because she is close friend of Fang Mo’s.

“Level C cases also have both individual cases and group cases. Since this is your first job, it’ll be safer for both of us for you to take up a case with another person first. In other words, I’ll assign you to a task force, and naturally, your pay will have to be shared.”

Ye Shuang still had no issue with that.

Han Chu felt even more satisfied. He opened his laptop to look at the headache-inducing profile before adding a few notes and saving it. He closed the laptop and stood up. “I guess, welcome aboard. By the way, every individual’s personal profile will have to be updated every three months, and there might be physical or written exams to go with it, so I hope you’ll be prepared then. I’m telling you now so that you will have your schedule open then. Alright, if there are no questions, I’ll bring you to go meet your first client!”

“So soon‽” Ye Shuang gasped.

Han Chu stood beside the sofa and glanced down at her. “The client happens to be here, so why not? However, if she refuses to employ you, I’ll have to assign you some other work.”

Ye Shuang jumped up instantly. “Coming, by the way, doesn’t this mean that the client is one of the people from the capital‽”

“I guess you can say that. It’s Mr. Fang’s elder cousin who moved to this place after her marriage. Recently, she has moved out of her home due to an imminent divorce, so temporarily, she needs a personal assistant, a private cook, a bodyguard, and a lawyer,” Han Chu explained as he walked. “You have probably heard of her before. Recently, the news has reported on her. Her husband’s family name is Chen, full name, Chen He, and Mrs. Chen’s maiden name is An Zining.”

Wait, isn’t that the name of the lady who gifted me that apartment earlier?