Chapter 109 - Dangerous Woman

Chapter 109: Dangerous Woman

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Any audio recorder or spy camera would emit a wireless signal whereas wired signals were used for official equipment like security cameras and the like. Therefore, it was not hard to detect these things. The simplest method, if one did not have a specialized device to detect wireless signal, was to turn on one’s phone or wireless radio and walk around the place. If there was an interruption to the sound, there was a wireless signal nearby. However, people would not normally do that. This was not a spy film, who would be so free‽

It had to be said that Han Chu knew his friend well. That golden retriever had managed to plant a bug inside the slit of the sofa from a simple visit. If not for Ye Shuang’s superhuman hearing, discovering that bug would not have been easy.

The detector Yao Zhixing brought was meant for a car, so while it was usable, its range was rather small, only about five meters. It was a temporary measure. Ye Shuang had to carry it and walk around her house for it to work. To be fair, it would be more convenient if Ye Shuang just walked around the place with her phone on. At least she could hear signal distortion within a ten-meter radius.

However, Ye Shuang understood to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Ye Shuang accepted it and strolled around the house. She did not discover a second bug—it looked like Anthony only managed to sit in the living room for a while before being dragged by Little Brother Ye to play his game. The time was too short for him to be able to leave any other toys.

Perhaps, the one bug was simply out of habit; just as kleptomaniacs could not stop themselves from taking something, this golden retriever could not stop himself from leaving something. In other words, it was not his intention to spy on other people’s lives.

After confirming there was no trash left in her home, Ye Shuang thanked Yao Zhixing and sent him away. She sat in the living room, and at around midnight, Little Brother Ye finally returned home.

“Come here, inspection time.” Ye Shuang waved at Little Brother Ye, and the latter jogged over happily and allowed Ye Shuang to inspect him like airport security. There was no problem, so Ye Shuang placed Little Brother Ye in the guest bedroom while she returned to watch her shows.

Since she had no case, there was no job. It meant that she was free to lazy about. Ye Shuang was very satisfied with her current life, but there was nothing interesting on the television, especially around midnight. Therefore, the television was merely there as background noise. She had other concerns on her mind.

Miss Bai’s contract was confirmed. When she returned to San Lin City in a few days, Ye Shuang would bring the lawyer and Anthony to meet her, and after that, the contract was wrapped up. She was only required to check in once in a while.

So, where should she find a new case? Han Chu worked on an international stage and would not focus on developing a particular city. Therefore, this time, she was lucky. If she did not actively reach out next time, she probably would not have a case for another year.

Therefore, widening her social circle was a must. Other than Fang Mo and Yao Zhixing, Ye Shuang was still relatively unknown in San Lin City’s upper society. Han Chu was right; she had to make herself seen at those high-end clubs that he recommended. The price of admission was high, but at least there was free air conditioning. Of course, she had to be careful not to just stalk one particular location. This way, her shifting gender would not matter or attract the suspicion of other people.

Midnight passed, and the memory influx soon began. Compared to before, the amount of information during the influx was negligible. Trying to stay awake did not require much effort, but as long as she did not resist it, the memory influx was a convenient sleep-inducing tool.

Since her immune system was already upgraded, Ye Shuang was not afraid of catching a flu. She hugged the cushion and fell asleep right there on the couch.

The next day, when she woke up, it was because of a familiar noise. It was not her brother but that golden retriever.

“Are you sure she’ll wake up soon? I purposely came over without having breakfast.” Anthony squatted down beside the sofa and reached out his finger to try to poke Ye Shuang’s cheek but was stopped when he was within inches of Ye Shuang’s face. Having the golden retriever’s face up close after opening her eyes was something that Ye Shuang did not expect.

Does this person not know manners‽ Releasing the wrist that she was holding, Ye Shuang sat up with a sigh. “Tony, in eastern culture, there’s a respectable distance between members of opposite genders ,so please respect that next time.”

Also, what’s with my little brother? Couldn’t he see I was being assaulted? Why didn’t he help me?

Anthony moved his wrist with interest. When he was grabbed earlier, it had felt like a machine had clamped on his wrist; he could not even wiggle out of it. Her arm was so thin and untrained, but it had such great strength‽ After all, he was professionally trained in boxing.

He looked at Ye Shuang with a deeper smile before hugging his iPad and sitting on the other end of the sofa. “Alright, I’ll be more careful next time.”

Little Brother Ye rushed over, having no idea that he had earned Ye Shuang’s ire. “Sis, you’re awake‽ Tony said that he can help me finish a nightmare raid today, so I promised to invite him over for breakfast.”

Ye Shuang had half a mind to smack this traitor and kick him out. “Don’t you have class today? Go study and stop playing games every minute.”

“Today is an off day.” Anthony smiled cutely as he poked on the screen of the iPad. When Ye Shuang turned around to look at him, he gave the order shamelessly. “Xiao Shuang, I want to eat Xiao Long Bao. Xiao Feng said that you know how to make them.”

Eat your head! There’s no meat and no flour, you want me to magic out some Xiao Long Bao? Ye Shuang flashed a mirthless smile. “We only have mushroom porridge, take it or leave it.”

This was something she had made the night before because she knew she would be too lazy to go out and buy something to cook early in the morning. She had prepared it half-cooked and placed it in the slow cooker to boil. It was the simplest way to make porridge. It wasted no time, and the freshness could be preserved. It was much more energy-saving and delicious than cooking it over a small fire for hours.

Anthony probably did not like this meal. He batted his pitiable eyes at Ye Shuang. “But Han Chu said that you’d take good care of me…”

The pleading in his voice combined with his cute yet handsome good looks would melt most women’s hearts, but he was facing the heartless Ye Shuang. Naturally, it had no effect.

“Doesn’t mean I have to be your mother.” Ye Shuang stood up and walked into the bathroom. On the way there, she took out the slow-cooker from the kitchen and placed it on the dining table. “It’s all self-service here. There are shallots and salt on the table, and some other side dishes are in the fridge.”

“Tony, it’s fine. The porridge my sister makes is very delicious as well…” Little Brother Ye tried to be a good host and dragged his friend toward the dining room. When Ye Shuang came out of the bathroom, the golden retriever, who had complained about the menu earlier, had already finished his third bowl.

Ye Shuang made a mental calculation of the man’s appetite and the times he would show up at her place to ask for food in the future. Suddenly, she felt like there was a need to collect the fee for food.

After finishing breakfast, Ye Shuang left the two animals at home and went out with her bag and laptop. She was not worried that Anthony would bug her place. After all, she could inspect that when she returned. What about him being a thief? To be perfectly honest, Ye Shuang believed that most of the things the man did, he did it out of curiosity and challenge. He was not a malicious person.

Even though she had not known the person for long, she had faith in Han Chu’s friends. Han Chu had a wide social circle, but for those whom he called friends, they had a similarity—they would not betray their friends for benefits.

For example, Fang Mo and Yao Zhixing, even though their personalities were as different as could be, Han Chu considered them both friends worth having. If this was not Han Chu’s friend, if Ye Shuang had found out the person had bugged her place, she would have kicked him out at first notice.

Ye Shuang took a taxi to a private club. Ye Shuang came to familiarize herself with the environment and people. Of course, if there was a potential client, it would be perfect. Perhaps because of the time of her visit, most of the clientele there was women, and their topic of conversation was similar: fashion, make-up, or bags, before ending with the discussion on Celebrity Luo’s hospitalization.

Before Brother Shuang’s arrival, Celebrity Luo had been every woman’s dream guy, and his popularity was not just an overnight fad.

“I would love to see Luo Mingxin in person, but it is rare for him to appear at public functions. I’ve only seen him once at a product release press conference.” A socialite sighed. “Specially clearing out a schedule just to see a celebrity will definitely make people talk; it’s sad really.”

“Yes, when the family finds out, they’ll be very unhappy,” another socialite concurred with a smile. “But do you know that guy that appeared in Noah Real Estate’s commercial? I hear he came from San Lin City, so we might have a chance of running into him.”

“Really‽” The female voices exclaimed in unison.

“Yes, the company’s CEO’s little sister told people that. Alas, I’m not close to her, or else I would be able to ask her for more information.” The socialite who exposed the news was feeling rather prideful. She loved this feeling being the center of attention. “That man seems to have some kind of relationship with Mr. Yao. This was also revealed by the CEO’s sister.”

F*ck! Ye Shuang immediately lowered her head to sip on the tea to cover her face. Fang Fei is definitely a dangerous woman. Even though I’ve not seen her in weeks, she has still managed to f*ck up my life!