Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Sperm Is Also Slightly Alkaline

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Before signing the contract, Ye Shuang had already gone to claim her new identity card. Several ten thousand was not a small number, but for the sake of her future life, this was an amount of money that she couldn’t skimp on… Without this legal identity, she wouldn’t have been able to sign the contract given by Fang Mo.

The contract’s salary is about 240 thousand, but the new ID processing fee and other miscellaneous payments have taken about one-fifth of the salary already. Thankfully, the issue of resignation has been solved, and it is a pleasant surprise that a sudden resignation like mine can still claim a full monthly salary… This is probably because I once saved Fang Mo in my male form. After that, I’ll have to focus on moving out, finding a new place, and if possible, landing a new job…

The more she thought about it, the heavier the weight on her shoulders felt. Ye Shuang, who had been asked to go to the market to buy some ingredients on her way home, was brooding as she wandered around the place. Many aunties who manned the stalls desperately wanted to push some free stuff onto the handsome man, just so he would stop moping around.

Therefore, Ye Shuang, who was only tasked with buying a few bags of vegetables, left the market with her arms filled with a bunch of gingers, onions, and spring onions that were free of charge. Even after walking through the door, she still hadn’t understood what had really happened.

“You’re home from signing the contract?” Mother Ye poked her head out from the kitchen when she heard the door open. When she saw the stuff piled up in Ye Shuang’s arms, she couldn’t help but grumble, “I only asked you to buy some vegetables, so why did you come home with so much extra stuff? These onions and gingers can’t be a dish on their own, they’re just seasoning…”

“They’re all free of charge.” Ye Shuang placed the loads of plastic bags down and shrugged out of his jacket. Then she rolled up her sleeves, grabbed the bags, and walked into the kitchen. She glanced at the pan and said, “Stir-fried egg and tomatoes? Mom, let me, I feel like cooking.”

“You know how to cook‽” Mother Ye was shocked. “But don’t you hate cooking… Is this another side effect of the alien memory inheritance‽ But are the alien recipes similar to those of us humans?”

“I suppose so.” Ye Shuang grabbed the spatula from Mother Ye’s hand and stood before the stove. “The ingredients are different, and the cooking method differs, but the general theory is the same.”

“…” General theory is the same? What?

Ye Shuang, who noticed the confusion on her mother’s face, explained, “For example, take this stir-fried egg with tomatoes. Based on the type of pan we’re using, it’s best that the spatula flips the egg at an angle of 23 degrees to ensure the shape of the egg isn’t destroyed. Plus, we have to hold the salt until just before serving because it has a weak alkaline quality that will cause the cell wall of the tomatoes to break. If you put the salt in now, the tomatoes will lose its juices, and the egg will become too watery… Wait, Mom, do you know what a cell wall is? For example, a human’s sperm is also slightly alkaline, and it is because of that it can break through the cell wall of the human ovum to initiate fertili…”


Before Ye Shuang could finish her lecture, Mother Ye grabbed the spatula back from her and used it as a weapon to send Ye Shuang out of the kitchen. Do you know what in God’s name you’re talking about? Are you purposely trying to ruin your mother’s appetite‽

Ye Shuang felt unreasonably wronged. Firstly, she was merely trying to help by explaining some scientific lessons that were applicable in daily life to her mother. Secondly, she didn’t ask for this knowledge; it popped up in her mind after a night of sleeping…

When Father Ye returned from his afternoon walk, what he saw was his own handsome son sulking on the living room sofa and his wife fuming in the kitchen.

“…What’s wrong?” Father Ye couldn’t understand what had happened. He had just discussed it with his wife the night before; she was to prepare a scrumptious meal to send their daughter off as compensation for the fact that she was being forced to move out. It would also balance out the guilt they were feeling from their inability to provide more help… But he had only gone out for a walk, so why did his wife’s attitude do a 180‽

Mother Ye wasn’t a narrow-minded person; the anger had left her a long time ago, and she was merely feeling agitated due to the state her daughter was in.

Initially, when the dramatic change happened to Ye Shuang, none of the Ye family members didn’t feel worried for her. However, for the sake of not letting their worry amplify everyone else’s worries, they all pretended like it was not that big of a deal, but was that really true?

Her perfectly fine daughter had experienced an evolution-like change. Her daughter’s future was an unknown, and she couldn’t help even if she wanted to because she was an outsider merely spectating. So, to expect Mother Ye to pretend like nothing had happened and even cheered for the fact that her daughter had stumbled upon a treasure… that was certainly pushing it.

Therefore, technically speaking, Mother Ye merely used this opportunity to vent her frustration. Of course, no matter how frustrated she was, life had to go on. Things were already set in stone, so Mother Ye didn’t dwell on it for long. However, that didn’t stop her from pulling Father Ye into the kitchen to complain about how weird their daughter was when she saw him return home.

After Father Ye listened to the reason behind his wife’s frustration, he scratched his hair, which was still quite thick considering his age, and said, “People of science are always a bit detached from normal life due to the theories floating in their mind; the way they look at things will always be a bit different from us normal humans. Even though Xiao Shuang isn’t technically a scientist, she has the memory inheritance of a whole alien race’s scientific knowledge, so it is understandable that the way she sees thing is a bit different.”

After consoling his wife, Father Ye turned to talk to his daughter. “In the future, try to keep such details to yourself. I believe that after the initial heavy memory influx, it will stop forcing knowledge down your brain every night… I’m sure you’ll slowly get used to it.”

Ye Shuang nodded with a pout, as she could do nothing else. Then Father Ye brought up another thing that caused even more frustration to the pair of mother and daughter.

“By the way, the in-laws will arrive tomorrow, have you come up with the explanation yet?”


Do you even need to ask‽ Of course not!