Chapter 110 - Don't Worry, It Will Be Fine

Chapter 110: Don’t Worry, It Will Be Fine

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In certain circles, some harmless topics travelled fast. In the two hours Ye Shuang had spent drinking tea at the private club, the news that Brother Shuang originated from San Lin City had spread from a small group to half the clubhouse.

The few socialites who were chatting among themselves branched out to talk to others, and thus, the news spread from one to the next, and the insider information became a public post. Facing the situation where the handsome ‘commercial star’ was as popular as Luo Mingxin, Ye Shuang had to quietly retreat.

She was not going to find her potential client that day… unless she decided to pimp herself.

That kid is still not home‽ Ye Shuang was confused because she did not see Little Brother Ye when she returned home. Twenty years of sibling relationship could not rival a golden retriever that he had just met. Yes, the man knows a little about computer games, but do you need to be so unprincipled‽

Still not seeing the man after dinner made Ye Shuang call to give him a piece of her mind. With a roar, she demanded, “You’re still out there even after dinner time‽ Are you not planning to come back home tonight‽”

Based on the background sound, it appeared that they were inside a taxi. There was an occasional sound of wind brushing against the car window. “Sis, I’m going to the night market with Tony, and we’ll return together. Don’t worry, Tony knows boxing, and I am a local, so it’ll be fine.”

Considering he had to stay a year at San Lin City, Anthony went to apply for membership cards at places that he would visit, like the boxing center. Little Brother Ye acted as a helpful guide and personally saw how Anthony managed to knock the boxing coach of the gym out with just two punches. His level of admiration for the man had only increased to a whole new level.

“Come back home together‽” Ye Shuang gasped. “What time do you two plan to come home? And he is staying at the hotel; you want him to drop you home and then go back to the hotel? For shame.”

“Tony said that the room next to ours has been bought by his friend, so he checked out from the hotel this afternoon. I’ve even bought him everyday necessities to help him settle in. Tonight, he’ll move in next door to us,” Little Brother Ye exclaimed excitedly. “Sis, let me tell you. This new computer that Tony has is amazing. Next time, I’ll bring you next door to come see it…”

Looks like it is time to cut off this little brother. I’ve fed him for so many years, but it took him less than a few days to turn to the outsider.

After hanging up on his biological sister, Little Brother Ye sighed in relief before turning to Anthony next to him with a victorious ‘V’ and a wicked grin. Anthony could not help but laugh. He removed the headphone from his ears with one hand and patted Little Brother Ye’s head like one would pat a kid’s head. “Boy, you shouldn’t lie to your big sister.”

“But I didn’t lie,” Little Brother Ye replied confidently.

“You said that we’re going to the night market. If I’m not mistaken, we’re actually going to the nightclub.”

“Night market, nightclub, po-tay-to, po-tah-to. So, I misspoke slightly. It’s fine.” Little Brother Ye shrugged before rubbing his hands together wickedly. “Actually, I’ve always wanted to go to one of these nightclubs, but my sister refused to let me go.”

The taxi driver glanced at them through the rear-view mirror and chuckled. “It’s normal for a man to visit the nightclub; there’s nothing wrong about that. We just go there to look and nothing else. The womenfolk just like to make a big fuss out of nothing; my mother is the same.”

The driver did not look that old, and he resonated with Little Brother Ye’s thoughts. Anthony did not comment further. Foreigners had always respected personal freedom. In their eyes, everyone was responsible for their own actions, and elders dictating their children’s life. Furthermore, Anthony himself was an untamed horse. Even if someone jumped off a building before him, he would have been able to stand there with a smile to enjoy it. He was never going to butt into other people’s business.

Thus, the two guys headed for the nightclub, the smaller one purely to see the world, while the bigger one had a motive that he did not reveal. In any case, he was not going there because he felt like it.

On the other hand, Ye Shuang did know how proficient Anthony was at fighting; it was stated on his file that he was the champion of amateur boxing. Since Anthony was Han Chu’s friend, she believed that she would not suddenly receive a phone call saying that Little Brother Ye had been kidnapped. Then again, the son of the family not returning late at night, as a parent, one had to worry.

Basically, Ye Shuang stayed at home to watch the television and would call every hour to check up on Little Brother Ye. The few first calls, Little Brother Ye only answered them when he was hiding inside the bathroom, so he was not discovered. However, the latest call that was made around midnight finally let slip to Ye Shuang the noisiness of the nightclub.

Ye Shuang, who finally knew what Little Brother Ye was up to, was at the height of her fury. “Ye Feng, you sure have guts!”

Little Brother Ye did not know whether to cry or laugh. He immediately tried to plead for forgiveness. “Sis, I know I’m in the wrong, but Tony is drunk, and I cannot move him alone. Can you please come help us‽”

“Drunk‽” Ye Shuang gritted her teeth. “Since he dared get drunk at a place like that, you leave him be. Just drop him by the roadside or something!”

Even as she said so, Ye Shuang still put on her jacket to prepare to rescue the boys. Thankfully, it was tomorrow night that her gender swap would happen. If she had been in her male form, she would have needed to call Yao Zhixing to go and help them. “Address‽”

After Little Brother Ye revealed their location, Ye Shuang called for a cab. She waited twenty minutes for the cab to arrive and then another twenty minutes for the cab to get to her destination. This made her understand the convenience of having a personal car, especially when she needed to go out at midnight.

Hmm, there’s some leftover money from the contract. Perhaps I should buy a car after accepting a few more contracts.

After the DNA optimization, Ye Shuang had turned from the girl next door to a gorgeous beauty. Even though it was not charming enough to make men walk into poles, it was enough to make her shine amid the normal crowd.

The atmosphere at the nightclub was high. Under the influence of head-banging music and alcohol, people let go of their shackles, and they dared do things that they normally would not like flirting.

After entering the nightclub, Ye Shuang headed in the direction that Little Brother Ye had told her, and along the way, she ran into at least five drunks trying to flirt with her. The first few were alright; she could just ignore them with a gentle shake of her head. The last one, however, was probably someone from a certain background. Instead of accepting Ye Shuang’s rejection like a man, he snapped his fingers. The sound was too soft to be heard over the music, and that humiliation turned into anger. He called for his men to surround Ye Shuang to force her to drink as an apology.

This was a common occurrence at nightclubs. In today’s day and age, chivalry had died, and there was no one who jumped out to save Ye Shuang. If anything, they cleared a space around her and stood to the side to watch the show, hollering and hooting. They did not know her, so why would they put their own lives in danger to help a stranger‽

By then, Ye Shuang was not far from Little Brother Ye. The crowd parted, and Ye Shuang managed to catch a glimpse of the golden retriever, who was collapsed on the sofa against the wall, next to Little Brother Ye.

Little Brother Ye was also curious about the sudden movement in the crowd. He raised his head and saw Ye Shuang being surrounded by a few burly men. He almost coughed up blood. Sis, what have you done this time‽

To be fair, Ye Shuang also felt like coughing up blood because this dummy for some reason did not hide and keep a low profile when he saw what was happening but instead screamed, “Sis, what’s going on?”

You should not be afraid of good opponents but dumb allies!

As she expected, the moment Little Brother Ye said that, the drunks that blocked Ye Shuang slurred their words as they said, “Hey, the beauty’s little brother is also here? Perfect, come and have a drink with us.”

Then a few of them wandered off toward Little Brother Ye.

It was too late to grab their attention, so Ye Shuang came to the decision immediately. She grabbed the long hair of the drunk closest to her, and the drunk screamed from pain as he was forced to bend over. Before he could roar angrily, he felt something press down on him. Using the drunk as her support, Ye Shuang leaped into the air and kicked out a circle around her like how one would see in a kung fu movie.

The man crumbled under the weight, and before he collapsed, Ye Shuang kicked on his head as rebound and leaped to a spot just before Little Brother Ye. The moment she landed, the man landed with a thud. Even though the sound was soon swallowed by the music, the club froze for several seconds. Everyone thought they were hallucinating; that was the only way to explain what they had seen.

Without knowing it, the DJ stopped the music, and the party-goers all looked at Ye Shuang like they had seen a ghost.

“Want to fight?” Ye Shuang smiled, and without the music, her voice rang as clear as bell.

The alcohol left the man’s body in the form of cold sweat, and he woke up instantly. “No, that’s not…”

“If not, then get out of the way!” Ye Shuang crossed her arms, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea for Moses. Ye Shuang wanted to maintain the image of a gentle beauty and not the sister gang leader. First, it was the incident at Yao Zhixing’s stake out, and now, there was this incident at the nightclub, thanks to her little brother. If this continued, this would end up a different story than the one she had in mind.

The minute Yao Zhixing’s name appeared in her mind, there was a thunderous applause from the second floor. Ye Shuang raised her head to see Yao Zhixing there, and behind him, his lackeys cheered, “Madam Boss sure is amazing!”