Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Actress Will Arrive Soon

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Whether Ye Shuang wanted to or not, she couldn’t stop the inevitable. At least she was luckier than Mother Ye and Father Ye in the sense that on the morning of the visit, she had a valid reason to not be home. Therefore, when she departed from home the next day, Ye Shuang was the target of her whole family’s envious and deplorable gaze.

“Bro, how can you live with yourself after leaving us to fend for you‽” Little Brother Ye groused. As the only son in the Ye family after Ye Shuang was gone, he had no valid reason to escape this tragedy, or else with his personality, he would have disappeared faster than Ye Shuang.

“I’m your Sis, not your Bro!” Ye Shuang patted Little Brother Ye on his head lightly and uttered helplessly, “Anyways, I’m afraid it’ll cause too much excitement if I stay, especially considering how old our grandmother is…”

Well, Ye Shuang was lying; the real reason was she was afraid of Grandmother Ye being overly passionate and welcoming. Different from other elders, Grandmother Ye had a rather modern mind-set… which was another way of saying that the woman had no filter. Ye Shuang could remember an unfortunate incident from her high school when she was ensnared by her grandmother during Chinese New Year. Her genial grandmother had asked with a kind chuckle, “Shuang Er, have you found a boyfriend yet?”

Seriously, why would a grandmother ask something like that to a girl that young‽ Didn’t the older generation always assume the children of the family are always as pure as a sheet of white paper when it comes to issues of relationships and sex‽

Regardless, Ye Shuang felt like she couldn’t understand the inner workings of her precious grandmother’s mind; she was probably too young or something like that. However, she did know that if she had stayed, there was a high probability Grandmother Ye would reach for her hands and ask with a smile, “Son, have you hit second base with our Shuang Er yet?”

Ye Shuang shivered just imagining that scene.

After bidding her family farewell, Ye Shuang waved down a cab to head toward Fang Mo’s company. Today wasn’t the shooting day; she was there just to get herself used to the location and set the make-up.

This prep-work would take up quite some time because the presented image was everything in an advertisement. She had to try on different outfits if they wanted to have different scenes. Furthermore, celebrities often had little flaws on their faces or bodies that they wouldn’t want you to know about that needed to be sorted out during this pre-shooting period. Therefore, selection of outfits and make-up was an important and central part of the video-shoot prep-work.

Alas, none of these would have been applicable to Ye Shuang. Fang Mo nodded in satisfaction at the sound of collective sigh when Ye Shuang walked through the door in a black tracksuit. His heart filled with something akin to pride—this was a friend that he had approved of, so naturally, he would be the center of attention wherever he went.

Those who hadn’t seen Ye Shuang on the day she went to the company to sign the contract had initially thought that their Big Boss was a bit rash to use a completely unknown newbie instead of some famous celebrities… However, after seeing Ye Shuang in person, they realized those celebrities might have won against Ye Shuang in terms of fame, but they lost to Ye Shuang fully at something else… something called face… The loss was so devastating that their fame would have meant nothing.

“This is our new spokesperson‽” A manager, whom Ye Shuang had seen before at the huge company meeting giving speech, stood up with a glow on his face. “He’s perfect; our advertisement this time will definitely cause huge shockwaves!”

Spokesperson‽ Ye Shuang shook the hand extended by the manager and turned to look at Fang Mo with confusion in her eyes. The latter coughed and made the introduction and correction. “Mr. Ye here will only be participating in one of our commercials; he’s not really our spokesperson… He’s not from the entertainment field; he’s merely doing this as a personal favor.”

After that statement was given, the roomful of people who couldn’t wait to tear the contract apart before Ye Shuang had arrived all sighed with regret. “Then, which field is Mr. Ye from? If it doesn’t affect his work, actually, it should be perfectly fine to shoot more commercials for us! Also, he can consider lending his talent to poster and the like…”

“Your company is planning to create posters as well‽” The absurdity of their suggestion made Ye Shuang want to roll her eyes so badly. After all, she had been part of this company before… and lest the readers forget, Fang Mo’s company is a company that focuses on real estate! “Why would you need posters to sell houses, or are you selling make-up as well?”

The people in the room could only laugh awkwardly. Honestly, the poster was a sudden decision, but since they had such a good model, it would be a waste if they didn’t exhaust him to the best of his capabilities…

Fang Mo immediately jumped in to smooth the situation. “Ignore the poster, I’m sure they’re just joking. By the way…” He suddenly turned toward Ye Shuang and continued in a tone that was laced with both guilt and shame, “The actress who you’ll be partnering with should be arriving soon, perhaps you should go and try on the outfits now?”

Ye Shuang followed the stylist obediently into the changing room. After she changed, Ye Shuang still couldn’t understand why Fang Mo would have that expression on his face. However, after the stylist helped her style her hair and the so-called actress arrived at the scene, Ye Shuang understood everything instantly.

The first thing Fang Fei saw when she stepped through the door was Ye Shuang’s perfect face, which didn’t need any make-up to enhance his handsomeness. With a little layering in his hair and a pair of simple white dress-shirt and black pants, he looked like a vision from a past where everything was inhumanely beautiful. Sitting there, he seemed to drain the colors from his surroundings; they seemingly paled in comparison to his unnatural beauty…

Fang Fei’s face blushed instantly, and after she forced herself to turn away, she huffed, “Not— not bad!”

Fang Mo looked at this situation with a complicated feeling in his eyes. He felt an inexplicable guilt toward Ye Shuang—even though he knew Ye Shuang was already in a relationship, this was one of the few times his little sister had asked him for help…

So what other choice did he have‽

It suddenly dawned on Ye Shuang after she was caught by surprise for a few seconds. No wonder Fang Mo has been looking as guilty as a mouse; he must have known his sister has forced her way into the commercial to annoy me…