Chapter 111 - Sleepover

Chapter 111: Sleepover

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Yao Zhixing’s minions were all nocturnal creatures. Other than car racing, they would often visit nightclubs. When the crowds on the first floor started to part, they had noticed. However, since fighting was common at nightclubs and seeing only Ye Shuang’s back as well as the dim lighting of the place, they did not care too much about this interlude.

It was not until Ye Shuang took down the people using her kung fu that the situation attracted Yao Zhixing’s group’s attention. When Ye Shuang turned to face them and the music cut off, the racing team finally saw her face and realized who she was.

It was understandable for Yao Zhixing. This was a good brother, so he had to support her, but his lackeys were also exceptionally excited. They rushed forward to cheer for Ye Shuang.

Yao Zhixing, who did not know his lackeys had this misunderstanding, was stunned before grabbing a nearby minion and smacking him on the top of his head. “What nonsense are you spouting‽”

“Hey, Brother Yao, don’t be shy!”

The group of minions had already confirmed that Ye Shuang was their Madam Boss, and they did not accept Yao Zhixing’s explanation. If anything, they only cheered even harder. Ye Shuang turned to Yao Zhixing with pity. You should just dump this bunch of idiotic minions.

With the racing team’s help, they very successfully transported Little Brother Ye and Anthony out of the nightclub and into Yao Zhixing’s car. The racing team was friendly to Little Brother Ye because he was Brother Yao’s future in-law. Even though Brother Yao still refused to admit it, action spoke louder than words. They had all seen how naturally Sister Shuang the seat next to Brother Yao. Even if she was not the Madam Boss now, she would be in the future.

However, the minions had a less than favorable impression on Anthony. Who is this blondie‽ Why should Sister Shuang come to take care of him‽

After Ye Shuang saw Yao Zhixing’s minions shove Anthony into the backseat, she made the introduction. “This is Anthony; he’s Han Chu’s friend. Remember the signal detector you gave me earlier? It is to deal with him, the computer expert.”

Hearing that, Yao Zhixing scratched his head and said with a frown, “Xiao Han really has no filter on his friend list, does he?”

“They probably met each other when they were studying overseas‽” Ye Shuang gave her speculation but soon shrugged and said, “In any case, that is his business. After I take him to see the client, it’ll be fine.”

“That’s what you think. He’ll be living next to you, so this won’t end soon.” Yao Zhixing asked, “Do you want me to talk to Xiao Han and get him to move this kid? After all, I have several empty houses.”

Ye Shuang sighed. “Brother Han has said that for this kind of dangerous entity, it’s better to keep a close eye on him. This way, the range of damage can be limited. Letting him loose to sow chaos in the public would be a no go…”

Yao Zhixing choked. He did not know what to say. Han Chu’s friends were of a certain caliber, but they often had too high an uncertainty risk to them. Hell, even Yao Zhixing himself had the kind of personality that one would worry about if he was given any responsibility. Like Ye Shuang said, these kinds of people needed to be kept close so that one could keep an eye on them.

The minions kept their ears open to listen to their conversation. They knew of Han Chu, and after Ye Shuang made the introduction to Anthony’s identity, the minions were satisfied that their Madam Boss did not cheat on their Brother Yao. They sighed in relief and stopped being so concerned about the fact that she was called to help send a foreign stranger home.

However, they started to turn their dissatisfaction toward Han Chu. Why would he place an adult man, especially one that was so out of control, so physically close to their Madam Boss? How could he explain himself as Brother Yao’s friend‽

Little Brother Ye and Anthony were shoved into the backseat, and Ye Shuang sat shotgun. Four of them filled up the car perfectly. Yao Zhixing used less than five minutes to complete the journey from the nightclub to Ye Shuang’s apartment. He fully employed all his racing techniques. The speed was so fast that the eyes of the completely unprepared Little Brother Ye almost popped out of their sockets.

Listening to the humming as the car cut through air, the streetlights outside the windows shot past like shooting stars, and Little Brother Ye’s adrenaline level also shot up. Both his hands gripped the handle by the door like his life depended on it. He felt like, should he let go, he would be flung out of the car and smashed into a meat pulp. After opening a new door with the DNA optimization, why are all the new friends in Sis’ social circles so crazy‽

“Right, we still need to go the mountain to participate in a race; it’s starting at 1 am. So, I’ll drop you here.” With a perfect drift, the car finally stopped right before the front door. Yao Zhixing smiled at Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang opened the door with no change to her expression. “Thank you, Brother Yao. Come over to have dinner when you’re free.”

Yao Zhixing was impressed with how calm Ye Shuang was after the high-speed racing, and nodded with a smile. In contrast, Little Brother Ye’s condition was indescribable. His hands were shaking so much that he could barely grab hold of the door handle. Ye Shuang finally lost patience and walked over to yank the backseat door open. She offered one hand to pull Little Brother Ye upright while her other arm very handily hauled the drunk Anthony over her shoulder. Then, she even leisurely waved at Yao Zhixing. “Then, I’ll see you later.”

“…Okay.” Yao Zhixing, who saw how unsteady Little Brother Ye was, wanted to get out to help, but when he saw how easy it was for Ye Shuang, he stopped himself and could not help but laugh. “When you’re free, Brother Yao will take you car racing.”

“At least let me get a car first.” Ye Shuang laughed drily. After waving goodbye at Yao Zhixing, Ye Shuang dragged the big and small lead weights into the elevator. They got off the elevator on the third floor. Facing the door, Ye Shuang realized a problem. What is the password to the golden retriever’s place?

Ye Shuang placed Anthony down and turned to ask Little Brother Ye. “Xiao Feng, do you know Tony’s password?”

“No idea.” Little Brother Ye was still feeling a little bit weak in his legs, but he was also frowning at the locked front door. “This morning, I saw Tony open it once, and he didn’t try to hide the password from me. But I wasn’t paying attention, and he moved so fast. I turned to sneeze, and the door was already open.”

Ye Shuang put on a fake smile. “Then what shall we do now? Splash him with cold water to wake him up?”

“It’s useless.” Little Brother Ye sighed. “I used ice water, and he still wouldn’t wake up…”

Initially, Little Brother Ye did not want to let Ye Shuang know that they were at the nightclub, so he had used all sorts of methods to wake Tony up, including splashing his face with the ice bucket that the wine came in.

Ye Shuang smiled once more. “How much exactly did you guys have to drink?”

“I only had one beer.” Little Brother Ye was conscious enough to know that his sister was angry, and he quickly admitted everything honestly, hoping for the lightest punishment. “But Tony drank quite a lot at the nightclub: red wine, beer, and even some cocktails.”

“No wonder you couldn’t wake him.” Ye Shuang looked at the blond head that leaned against her shoulder patiently.

Little Brother Ye saw the opening and pled, “Sis, I know I’m wrong, how about you let Tony sleep me with for tonight? After all, you’re going on business only tomorrow…”

Going on business meant changing gender. When they first discovered Ye Shuang’s condition, she had told Little Brother Ye and her family that they should not mention the gender swap no matter what, and going on business was now the code word.

There was no other option than to glare at Little Brother Ye and haul the man back to her place. Little Brother Ye walked behind them, watching how manly his sister was. He was feeling both impressed and afraid. After the exposure that night, for the next few days, he would need to be an obedient little child. He needed to wait until at least his sister’s fury had dwindled before he dared go out and sowed chaos once more.

After unlocking the door, Ye Shuang deposited the golden retriever inside Little Brother Ye’s bedroom. Ye Shuang ordered her brother to remove the man’s clothes and shoes. It was obvious that she was not going to take care of the golden retriever. Thankfully, Tony only slept after he was drunk. He was quiet and made no fuss. If he had started to vomit, Ye Shuang was not sure she would not have just left him out of his own house’s front door.

Ye Shuang sat in the living room, waiting for Little Brother Ye to finish with his job. Ye Shuang pointed at the seat before her with her chin, and as Little Brother Ye sat down, the interrogation began. “So what did you do at the nightclub? I know how much you wanted to visit the place since it’s your first time, but it couldn’t have been Tony’s first time, right? Why did he want to go there?”

“Tony said that it was to get to know the city better.” Little Brother Ye smiled obsequiously. “He said that to really know a place, one has to visit places like the nightclubs. Entering the upper society needed too much time and tactics, but open places like a nightclub where people let loose is a good place to gather information that you wouldn’t find at other places. Actually, I don’t really get it, but Tony did get to know people after a few drinks, and people started talking.”

“You’re in way too deep.” Ye Shuang patted Little Brother Ye’s head and warned, “My friend told me Tony is someone with great survivability, and his curiosity is much more dangerous than normal, like with him hacking into the Pentagon. Playing video games with him is fine, and Tony will not purposely bring his friends to do something dangerous, but if this happens again, you’d better not follow him.”

According to Han Chu, Anthony would not harm anyone, but he also would not stop others from wandering too close into his world. Little Brother Ye was obviously not at Anthony’s level, and being too close to him would only be dangerous for Little Brother Ye.