Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Feeding the Pack of Hungry Eyes

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

At that moment, Ye Shuang felt heavily disappointed in a certain someone. He had already seen how similar to cat and dog she and his sister were the last time they had been forced to stay in the same room, but he was purposely making them do that again‽

Ye Shuang suddenly felt a headache coming because she could foresee the numerous troubles that awaited her in the future. Thankfully, the shoot would be finished in one day!

Thankfully, this will be finished in one day! At the same time, Fang Mo was internally relieved, carrying the same thought. Fang Mo was naturally familiar with his own sister’s social awkwardness, and it was because he knew about it that he didn’t approve of Fang Fei’s method of trying to get Ye Shuang’s attention.

If the other person was an honest and patient man, then Fang Fei’s method wouldn’t have been so out of place, but if the other party didn’t have any masochistic tendencies… especially someone superior like Ye Shuang who didn’t have to accommodate anyone, it would be extremely difficult for him to discover the affection and interest hidden underneath Fang Fei’s aggressive attitude.

And for the sake of argument, let’s say Ye Shuang really did understand what Fang Fei was getting at, why would he have to suffer Fang Fei’s immature attitude‽ He had much better choices out there in the world.

Fang Mo put himself in Ye Shuang’s shoes to predict their future. In any case, if it was him, he wouldn’t have accepted a woman who would do everything in her power to cause trouble for himself simply because that was her way of manifesting her affection toward him.

A man’s face was more important than the sense of dignity, it also included the trust others had in him. If a man kept getting shat on in front of his peers, garnering him a less than favorable image, then it would be very difficult for him to expand his social circles. After all, a successful person’s name was more than something printed on a card; it also included their reputation, image, and so on, so forth…

When he saw Ye Shuang turn toward him with censure in his eyes, Fang Mo coughed awkwardly because his speculation was confirmed. He walked toward Ye Shuang to explain in a whisper, “Fei Fei suddenly told me she was interested in becoming an actress, but I’m sure it’ll pass like many other interests of hers, so please just accommodate her this time.”

How I lie so well without batting an eye is beyond me… Sigh, I’m ashamed of myself…

Ye Shuang looked at Fang Mo with incredulity, but since she was merely a hired actor, Ye Shuang couldn’t just up and leave. After all, Fang Mo didn’t even need to come to explain the situation to her, if he truly wanted to help his sister torture her, there was nothing she could do; he was the boss. So, at least Fang Mo was not as heartless as she thought.

Reluctant to get himself caught in his own sister’s head-scratching mating ritual, Fang Mo hurried to leave after apologizing to Ye Shuang a few more times. Ye Shuang, thus, was left with no choice but to wait patiently for her scene partner to change her clothes and finish her make-up.

“Mr. Ye can walk about the house in any way you like—just pretend like this is your house— the camera will follow you, and perhaps we’ll catch some useable shots.” The director saw Ye Shuang had gotten bored enough to pull out hisphone to read, so he wandered over to give him some basic tasks.

Of course, this wasn’t how a video shooting was supposed to be; even a commercial had its own script and specific shots. However, Ye Shuang was such good model material that even when he leaned against a wall, it was a poster-worthy shot. Even the camera crew, who had filmed many celebrities before, were impressed by his natural charm while they waited for Fang Fei to get ready.

It was because of this that the director had come up with such a strange idea. After all, the commercial was supposed to focus on a new life in a new home. Furthermore, he felt like it would be such a waste to not make use of such a wonderful talent. Even if the material didn’t fit the ideal of the commercial, they could edit it to put it on their website for the purpose of promotion. With this male lead, they would get plenty of clicks.

After hearing from Fang Mo that this was perhaps the first and last time Ye Shuang would agree to being in front of the camera, the director knew he had make use of this opportunity to record as much as he could. Too few scenes of the female lead? Who cares‽ As long as he handed in enough material, the rest was the problem of the editor and the management.

Ye Shuang looked away from the web novel she was reading. She asked rather blurrily, “Is it okay to use all this furniture?”

Ye Shuang glanced at the sofa, television, the bar counter. If she ruined any one of them, she would have to sell her kidney to pay for the repairs. Maybe these are just on loan from the mall and will have to be returned after the shoot is finished? If I leave a palm print, Fang Mo will have a hard time explaining it to the sponsor!

“Yes, feel free to make use of all the furniture.” The director solved Ye Shuang’s concern with one sentence. “The company’s boss plans to move into this place after the rest of renovation is finished, so just pretend you’re a guest at a friend’s house.”

Ye Shuang sighed in relief. “Thank you for telling me that.”

Then, she planted herself ass-first on the nearest sofa. She extended her long legs forward and leaned back lazily. As she stretched, Ye Shuang’s shirt lifted up slightly to reveal a flat lower stomach, which caused the female workers who were quietly observing him to blush in unison. Even Fang Fei, who was sitting in the make-up chair at the other end of the room, kept sneaking glances at Ye Shuang through the mirror.

Ye Shuang, on her part, didn’t notice the pack of hungry eyes on her. She had left home early in the morning to rush to the company. After getting the information from the receptionist, she’d rushed from the company to this new building that Fang Mo’s company had just finished. Since she was afraid of dirtying the furniture, she had been standing since she’d arrived… Even though her physical body had already been optimized to not feel fatigue anymore, mentally speaking, she was still quite tired.