Chapter 112 - That Was Your First‽

Chapter 112: That Was Your First‽

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Little Brother Ye was given the punishment of no meat for one whole week. This punishment was so inhuman that Little Brother Ye started to shed tears immediately and swore to the heavens above that he would never follow Tony to a dangerous place again.

Ye Shuang was glad that her little brother had finally grown up and knew how to admit his mistakes and correct them. Little Brother Ye immediately made use of the opportunity to pander to Ye Shuang, hoping that she would rescind the no meat punishment, but Ye Shuang’s stance was firm. She said that it would keep his intestines clean for a few days, and that would help improve his memory.

Therefore, after one night of regret, Little Brother Ye ran back to school the next morning, saying he would not come back for the whole week. He would rather suffer the school canteen’s horrible menu because… at least they would serve meat!

Ye Shuang could not leave, considering that there was a drunk in her home. She was afraid that when she returned, her whole place would have changed. However, Anthony was obviously not one who had a normal biological clock; sleeping early and waking up early were things that he had never done. Combined with the amount of alcohol in his body, hoping for him to wake up in the morning would be a waste of prayers.

After lunch, Ye Shuang looked at the still silent guest bedroom, and she started to consider whether she should force the man to wake up. After all, she would be ‘leaving on business’ that night, and she needed a buffer between her gender swap to create the mirage that the house had changed hands… like going out as female in the afternoon and coming home the next day as Brother Shuang.

After considering her safety and privacy, keeping a man home during this sensitive period was not only not that safe but also not right.

With the decision made, Ye Shuang threw the bowls and pans into the dishwasher and prepared to wake the man up. She knocked twice on the bedroom room, but there was no answer. Then she called twice, and there was still no answer.

Ye Shuang twisted the door knob with a frown, and as she crossed the threshold, the warning light on the detector attached to her waist started to flash. This was a sign that the number of illegal signals inside the room was incredibly high.

Looking at the golden retriever who dominated the double bed by sleeping wide, Ye Shuang was at a loss for words. In just a few steps, the detector found a bunch of illegal items in Tony’s bag, which was leaning beside the cupboard. After walking away from the bag, the warning light started to flash again when Ye Shuang neared Tony’s clothes, which were placed beside the bed.

Phone, watch, shoes… Basically other than the man himself, everything he owned and wore was illegal. The detector was working on overdrive, so Ye Shuang decided to switch it off for now. She would wait until Anthony left the place first before coming back to inspect the room.

When Ye Shuang got close to the bed, she realized why there was no answer when she knocked and called at the door. There was a pair of sound-proof earplugs in Anthony’s ears.

Remembering that Mother Ye once complained about how the men in the Ye family were serious snorers, Ye Shuang instantly felt embarrassed. Little Brother Ye had changed the man into pajamas, so Ye Shuang did not need to be so cautious. She shook the slumbering golden retriever. “Tony, wake up! It’s time to go home.”

Anthony felt the pushing and woke up blearily. The residual alcohol in his body muddled his mind, and he had a hard time telling where he was. With his eyes closed, he struggled to be left alone before he mumbled, “Give me ten minutes, just ten minutes. Oh, baby, why don’t you join me…”

Even though he had no idea where he was, Anthony remembered that a hot girl had accompanied him. Her eyes were filled with seduction, and based on his experience, there was a great chance they would proceed to a deeper communication in the bedroom. So, Anthony reached out his arms and yanked the person into bed with him. With perfect ease and expertise, he rolled his body around to press the girl under him and pressed his lips against hers. After a quick smooch, he opened his eyes to take a look at his conquest and planned to ask for a second round… but then again, how come he had no memory of the first round? Was he that drunk?

“Baby, you are gorgeous, but you look so familiar. We…” The words stuck in his throat. With cold sweat running down his forehead, Anthony looked at the Eastern beauty that was pressed under him, and the alcohol in his mind dissipated instantly. He realized he had made a very big mistake. After all, flirting with a date and flirting with a working partner were completely different things.

Ye Shuang also did not expect this kind of assault. When she recovered, everything that should not have happened had, and no matter how powerful she was, she could not turn back time. With a face that had darkened, Ye Shuang pulled on her lips and laughed a creepy laugh at Anthony, who was finally himself again. “I think we need to have a little talk.”

The sweat kept on pouring. Anthony’s eyes darted about as he tried to find a solution. He pouted pitiably, trying to get out of this one. “Actually, this is just a misunderstanding, I didn’t mean it. You see, I was drunk…”

But no matter what he said, the temperature in the room continued to drop below the freezing point. And then‽

And then Anthony did not want to relive that part of his memory. In any case, ten minutes later, Anthony crawled out of the guest bedroom, feeling like every bone in his body had been shattered and rejoined again. There was not a part of his body that was spared; even the corner of his lips and edges of his eyes were bruised.

Ye Shuang felt much better and turned around to look at the crying Anthony. She scoffed, “You should be thankful that I went easy on you.”

If she had gone full force, this golden retriever would not have ended up with just bruises. To have his head exploded from a punch was not impossible. Thankfully, Ye Shuang had learned how to control her strength. If this was the earlier Ye Shuang, he would have died already.

With tears in his eyes, Anthony pleaded, “Violence is never the solution. It was an honest mistake, plus it was only a kiss. Wait, don’t tell me that was your first kiss‽”

Of course not! Ye Shuang leveled him a side-eye. Even though eastern society was not as open as the west, having a romance at university was very common, and Ye Shuang did have a boyfriend when she was studying. Like normal couples, there were hugging and kissing. Of course, Ye Shuang still thought it was too soon to give it up to her first love, so she rejected firmly when her boyfriend expressed his desire to spend the night. After a few more rejections, the boyfriend asked for a break-up because he said Ye Shuang did not trust him.

The memory was sweet because it was shrouded in nostalgia. When Ye Shuang examined it closer, the senior was not really that perfect. The kiss was not that big of a deal; it was not her first kiss either. Even though this did not mean that she was an easy woman, she would not be hung up over a stolen kiss.

Therefore, the rage left her after the physical lesson. What else could she do? Force the man to take responsible, or change her impression of the golden retriever suddenly because of a kiss?

Tuning out Anthony, Ye Shuang pointed at the sandwiches on the table and proceeded to haul the man out. “After changing, grab your lunch and leave. I’m leaving for work soon, and tomorrow, the other agent will come to take over the job.”

“Is it the Ye who signed me?” Anthony was back to his jumpy self again. Without changing out of the pajamas or brushing his teeth, he shoved the sandwich into his mouth. Chewing on the bread and ham, he tried to get some gossip. “I hear he’s a man who’s as handsome as Narcissus!”

Ye Shuang took out her phone to Google the unfamiliar name. “The narcissistic god who fell in love with himself? Where did you hear such rumors?”

“That’s what everyone says.” Anthony was the kind that had horrible memory. He had already forgotten about the awkward encounter they had earlier. With a happy smile, he munched on the sandwich and said, “The people in your country seem to love his looks, but another celebrity’s news has been pushing his popularity down. I’ve watched the commercial shot by that Ye, and he is indeed handsome, but I still think I’m much cuter.”

A guy calling himself cute‽ You sure are shameless. Ye Shuang did not even hide her condescending gaze.

Anthony shrugged as he grabbed another sandwich. He did not change but grabbed his bag from the bedroom, placed the headphones on his neck, collected his dirty clothes, and waved his hand that was filled with food at Ye Shuang. “I’ll return your pajamas after I wash them. And have fun on your business trip.”

Since he was just walking next door, Anthony did not see any point in changing. What about people gossiping? He had hacked into their level’s surveillance, so all he needed to do was edit the image. No one would know he had left the room with just pajamas… if Ye Shuang minded that.

After sending the unstable weirdo away, Ye Shuang sighed and picked up the detector to start her inspection. Perhaps due to the promise that had been made earlier, other than the first time, Anthony really did not leave anything else at her place.

After making sure her place was clean, Ye Shuang packed a suitcase and pretended that she was leaving the residential area. Then, she was going to wait until she could return on the next day.