Chapter 63

Chapter 63: We Need to Increase Our Speed

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A second-class car hidden amid busy traffic was not that obvious to notice, but when he tailed quietly behind you for more than several minutes and later even followed you up the highway, something was definitely out of place.

Of course, under normal circumstances, a non-professional would not notice details like this. However, Ye Shuang with her photographic memory latched onto this detail whether she liked it or not.

The fact that the person was tailing An Zining’s personal car meant that their target had to be An Zining herself. Therefore, as Ye Shuang used one of her hands to hold the steering wheel tightly, to help Miss Chef calm down and to prevent her hands from slipping away from the steering wheel, she humbly asked the professional for her opinion, “What is the normal protocol in this situation‽”

Miss Chef had accepted both individual cases and group cases before. In terms of individual cases, she was just the private chef and would not be near sensitive issues like a secretary or a bodyguard would, so even if it was some high-risk case, she normally would not have anything to do with it.

For group cases, yes, occasionally, she might get roped into dangerous situations, but with her job scope and professional concern, she would not be tipped off to the fact that they had been followed. Normally, when she realized such a thing had happened, the security guards were already handling the situation.

This was the first time that she had been told they were being followed. Naturally, she was more than a bit flustered. When she heard Ye Shuang’s question, her mind unconsciously went to what her bodyguard colleagues had advised her should she find herself in dangerous situation. “First we need to lead or… neutralize the danger? In any case, do not bring the person to your destination or to the client’s place of residence‽”

The solution was indeed professional, but Miss Chef forgot one important detail. Their destination was the market, not somewhere secretive, and secondly, everyone knew about the divorce between An Zining and Chen He, so if they meant her any harm, they could just find out her address instead of tailing her car.

In any case, Miss Chef had no experience, and Ye Shuang decided to respect the opinion of the professional, so neither of them saw what was wrong, and this troublesome solution was thus accepted.

The two women tried their best to resolve this sudden dangerous conundrum. Miss Chef suddenly turned confident, urged on by the humility Ye Shuang had shown her. “How about we try shifting car lanes to shake them off. If that doesn’t work, perhaps we can lead them to the countryside to see what it is that they’re up…”

It did not cross Miss Chef’s mind that if they were really up to something, they were two women who could easily be overpowered. Even if Ye Shuang was a Kung Fu master, which Miss Chef didn’t know was actually the case at the time, she was a veritable burden.

Half an hour later…

Ye Shuang glanced at the car, which was still close behind them, before turning to look at the tense driver who was already sweating buckets. “The car is still following us. The plan is to try to shake them off, right‽ I feel like, if we want to do that, at least we need to increase our speed.”

Miss Chef did not even dare raise her hand to wipe her sweat. Her eyes, staring at the road, were extremely focused. “That’s impossible. I won’t be able to control the car if the speed is too high, what if we get into a car accident or receive a speeding ticket?”

Ye Shuang was gripped by despair. At a time like this, you’re still concerned about the law‽

“How about we switch‽”

“But didn’t you say you don’t often drive?” Miss Chef asked with confusion.

Technically, she hadn’t driven before, but after studying how Miss Chef drove for the past half hour, she could already draw out the design theory of the gravitational allocation of the steering wheel; the actual driving itself would be a piece of cake. Ye Shuang sighed and said, “In any case, it won’t be slower than you, maintaining the speed at barely above fifty miles per hour. Let’s change, after all, staying behind the wheel while you’re all tense like that might get us into an actual accident.”

Miss Chef was slowly convinced by Ye Shuang’s argument, and the latter was losing her patience. Therefore, the Maserati, which was still on the highway, finally stopped when they passed a gas station.

The two girls swapped seats. As Ye Shuang started the engine, she glanced at the rear-view mirror. The car that was tailing them also slowed down; they probably thought that they were stopping for gas.

Ye Shuang smirked, and after Miss Chef put on her seatbelt, she slammed on the gas without warning. With a quick twist of the steering wheel, the originally stationary car blasted out of the gas station. The departure was so sudden and done with such expertise that even the person who was already yawning from tailing them jumped with surprise.

Especially after what Ye Shuang did to taunt them. She did not leave instantly after she drifted out of the gas station; instead, she turned around to brush past their follower. As the tires ground across the asphalt, it sounded and felt like a tornado was blowing through the area.

“Roll down the window, and flip them off!”

Born a natural follower, Miss Chef followed Ye Shuang’s orders without question. As she did so, she realized that they were brushing past the windows of the car that was tailing them.

Even though it lasted only for a mere second, the ugly grimace on the other party’s face was seared into the two girls’ minds. Miss Chef herself was stunned by what she had done. When she came to, the car that was tailing them was already nowhere to be seen. She hurriedly shut the window and stammered worriedly, “Did… did… did… did I just flip them off‽”

“Don’t worry, you have a beautiful hand shape, the kind the elderly like to say will end up with a good husband,” Ye Shuang consoled her as she drove.

Miss Chef felt like crying. That’s not the point, okay‽

A speeding car had a high inertia; Miss Chef felt like her body was plastered against the seat. If not for the seat behind her, she believed she would have been thrown out of the car already. The needle on the speedometer was almost touching the bottom of the right hand side. The Maserati almost brushed against another car that was coming down the other lane as Ye Shuang drove past several cars.

Help! I don’t want to die yet! Miss Chef was so scared that she had lost her ability to talk. She turned unconsciously to look at Ye Shuang. The latter had a serious glow in her eyes, and her pink lips were unconsciously tense. Her both hands switched between the handling of the gear, steering wheel, and the clutch with ease. Ye Shuang’s mind was fully focused on calculating the distance between cars and the speed she was travelling at. She calculated the safest and closest distance she could utilize to surpass the cars ahead of them. Therefore, everything she did might have looked dangerous, but it was all calculated.

“Ye… Ye Shuang, the car tailing us seems to have disappeared already, so…”maybe we can slow the speed down already‽

Miss Chef could also follow the other party’s situation through the rear-view mirror. Initially, after they recovered from the shock, they did try to give chase after Ye Shuang’s car, but they were one step too late. That, combined with Ye Shuang’s well-hidden driving skill, even if they wanted to catch up, it was impossible. In the end, they had no choice but to give up completely.

“We shouldn’t let our guard down so soon. We’ll take another round and then we’ll return to Sister An’s house.” Ye Shuang held the steering wheel as she answered, the speed of the car not decreasing.

“But what about dinner? Never mind, that’s not the point!” Miss Chef was close to tears. “Why do we need to go back to Sister An’s house‽ We’ve already managed to shake our pursuers off, right?”

“Because I have no driver’s license.” Ye Shuang looked down the road with a serious countenance. If I am caught driving illegally on the road, then I’ll be in big trouble.

“No… no driver’s license‽” Miss Chef was so scared by this news that she almost peed.

“Yes, no driver’s license,” the confident voice confirmed.


Miss Chef saw how shameless Ye Shuang was, and tears finally fell down her face. Can I really survive to see the sun rise another day‽

At the same time, other drivers on the road were scared into submission by the Maserati’s scary speed. They hurriedly stepped on the brake and moved to the side, afraid that they might lose their lives thanks to the action of a madman.

Of course, it was not serious enough to cause a chain of car accidents, but chaos and fear were unavoidable. In fact, some cars, in the hurry to evade, knocked into the railings or went off the road.

Ye Shuang left behind a trail of curses and car honks. The person who was following them was caught in the ensuing chaos. Helplessly looking at the Maserati that disappeared down the road, they could not have been angrier.


After knowing only a miracle would be able to help them catch up to the disappeared car, the maddened man who had been tasked with tailing An Zining’s car slammed on the steering wheel heavily before pulling out his phone.

The moment the call was answered, before the person on the other end could say anything, the man started to roar. “I’m a private investigator, not a mercenary! You sure this is just a divorce investigation, or did you have us follow a mob boss‽ The driver was good enough to enter an international race! On top of that, she seemed like she couldn’t wait to die, and you have the face to tell me this is just a normal job of investigating a rich woman‽ What investigation‽ If you’re so good, do it yourself, I f*cking quit!”

The man did feel better after hanging up on the phone. He lit a cigarette, waiting for the traffic to clear.

The person who had been roared at was Chen He’s assistant. He was in the middle of a meeting with his boss when the call came. He excused himself to take the call, but before he could say anything, he was scolded unrelentingly. Even after he was hung up on, he still did not quite understand what had happened. He double-checked the car plate that he had given the private investigator; it was correct. How come he did not hear any news that his ex-madam has hired such a mysterious individual to protect her‽

When Chen He’s meeting was finally over, the assistant went to him to report the situation. Chen He’s brows furrowed deeply. “That woman is willing to spend so much money just to toy with me‽”

F*ck! This is just a divorce case. Searching for the other party’s unflattering evidence couldn’t be more common, did she need to waste so much money just to defend against me‽

No matter how he tried, Chen He could not understand the way his ex-wife’s brain was wired, so he eventually gave up. “So be it, tell the lawyer to approach An Zining tomorrow. The investigation… just forget about it for now.”