Chapter 113 - Late

Chapter 113: Late

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Ye Shuang put on her earphones and found a random motel to check in. She played games on her phone, and the clothes for her to change into were placed beside her. This type of motel did not need the guest’s identity card when registering; they only needed money for the room key. Understandably, one could expect the quality of clientele they received.

However, the lack of transparency was what Ye Shuang needed. She did not mind sharing the same building with questionable characters since she had more than enough means to protect herself. She would stay in the place until her transformation occurred and leave early the next morning if she felt like it. That way, no one could find out about her check-in history.

When she finished her game, it was almost midnight. Ye Shuang was satisfied with how punctual she was. She exited the game and removed her clothes so that she could change into the male outfit that was left on the bed.

However, one minute passed, two minutes passed… When the clock reached 12:30 am, the feeling of her bones expanding still had not appeared. Don’t tell me this motel is so horrible that even the clock is not correct‽

Ye Shuang glanced at the time on her phone and realized that it was only two minutes later than the clock in the motel room. In other words, the transformation should have occurred already, but she was still in her female form.

Ye Shuang was flustered by this sudden accident. She was used to transforming every three days. She stood there dumbly until 1 am. After making sure that there was indeed no sign of transforming, Ye Shuang realized that she could not just stand there and wait anymore. Therefore, she packed up her luggage, put on her female outfit, and left.

With the uncertainty in the transformation time, the best solution was to hide at her parents’ place. If she transformed in broad daylight with the world watching, she would be famous around the world, and Ye Shuang did not want that.

After waiting for half an hour outside the motel, she finally saw a taxi coming. Ye Shuang waved her hand excitedly, but the taxi driver turned alert when he saw a woman standing alone by the roadside with cap and mask in the middle of the night. He not only did not stop but stepped on the gas pedal, and the taxi zoomed past Ye Shuang. I hear nowadays robbing at night is very common, and this woman is too suspicious! Even though she looks to be alone, she might be carrying a weapon or have others waiting nearby.

Ye Shuang, who was blasted with a full face of dust, wanted to curse. Wanting to get a taxi around midnight was harder than reaching the sky. Regarding the mask and cap… she only did not want to scare people if she suddenly transformed!

One hour later, Ye Shuang finally saw another taxi coming. Remembering the unsavory experience from before, Ye Shuang stayed squatted down by the roadside and did not move. The taxi stopped on its own.

The driver walked out from his car and gasped. “What is going on? Why did the tree fall?”

You thought right. Ye Shuang pulled a tree out of the ground and placed it right in the middle of the road. No matter who you are, you’ll need to stop. Go ahead and step on that gas pedal—I want to see you try.

Ye Shuang stepped up slowly, and when the driver saw the masked woman, he was alerted, but since Ye Shuang was just a woman, he soon dropped his guard. “Miss, do you know what happened here?”

“No clue, but I need to hire a taxi.” Ye Shuang said.

“We’ll need to move this tree away first.” The driver removed his driving gloves and walked to the tree to prepare for work. “Miss, wait a minute. Let me try moving this thing first.”

Ye Shuang moved forward to help without saying a word. Then she controlled her strength as they slowly moved the tree away from the middle of the road. The driver did not realize that someone was aiding him. When Ye Shuang walked over to help, he assumed that she was just doing it for show. After all, her arms were so thin.

After the tree was moved out of the way, the driver was glad that his muscles had not deteriorated over the years. He had retained the strength of his youth from working the fields even though he had stopped farming years ago!

Ye Shuang grabbed her luggage and hopped into the car. The driver was still submerged in his joy, so when Ye Shuang arrived at her destination, he even got out to help with her luggage. Hmm, yes, this is easy, looks like my body is not as bad as I thought!

Actually, her luggage did not contain anything heavy. There were keys, a phone, and a wallet. Even though Ye Shuang’s new place had a password lock, she still carried her old home’s key on her out of habit. Therefore, it did not take much effort to open the door. She entered her old bedroom easily without even waking her parents.

Now that she was home, there was no worry about exposure anymore. She left her luggage by the door, removed her clothes, and jumped into bed.

The next morning, Ye Shuang still woke up in her female form. Ye Shuang frowned in contemplation but soon gave up. This was something that she could not understand. She left her room in her pajamas.

Mother Ye was serving breakfast. When they woke up and saw the luggage against the door, they knew that Ye Shuang had returned home, so they were not shocked to see her.

Father Ye was the first to realize what was wrong. After he nodded in response to his daughter’s greeting, he stopped eating and raised his head to look at Ye Shuang, who took her place at the table. He frowned and asked, “…If I’m not mistaken, you shouldn’t be in this form today, right?”

Ever since the incident with the DNA, Father Ye had kept a schedule recording Ye Shuang’s transformation time like he was helping her keep a period diary. He had marked the calendar at home: three days blue and three days red. Today was supposed to be a blue day, but Ye Shuang had appeared in her female form. When he realized that something had gone wrong, he immediately put down his chopsticks and asked in a serious tone, “What happened?”

Mother Ye gasped after she was reminded. “Xiao Shuang, you didn’t transform‽”

After a short pause, she could not help but ask, “Do… don’t tell me, you’ve already selected my future son-in-law, and you two have…”

“No such thing!” Ye Shuang sighed. “I don’t even have a target yet!”

“Then, that’s your mistake! Finding a good man is the most important task for a girl. Christ, I wish you would be more urgent about this…” Mother Ye instantly started to nag Ye Shuang.

Fortunately Father Ye interrupted her. “Now is not the time to talk about that. Since nothing happened, why did your transformation suddenly stop?”

Ye Shuang detested thinking on an empty stomach, so she suggested they finish breakfast first. After a hasty breakfast, Ye Shuang returned to her bedroom to change, and when she came out, her parents had finished cleaning everything and were sitting on the sofa, waiting for her.

Holding a glass of water in her hands, Ye Shuang thought about it before explaining, “Actually, I’m not sure why the transformation didn’t happen. According to the inherited memory, the alien DNA I’ve absorbed belonged to a highly-evolved species. Even though they also had the concept of enjoyment and entertainment, for this race, sex was only meaningful in terms of procreation. So, if it was not activities that are related to trading genetic information for procreation, nothing would normally affect the gender transformation.”

“Could it be a deviance in the genes?” Father Ye suggested. “After all, you have the genes of an earthling. Perhaps that interacted with the alien DNA and caused this deviance?”

Ye Shuang paused and used a scientific eye to dissect her problem. “I don’t think so. The optimization process of my body is almost over. Other than improving the cellular power, other major genetic manipulation should not have happened.”

For example, computer software might be improved via patches, but completing changing its core was unlikely.

“If that’s not the case, then something must have happened.” Father Ye tried to think. “Are you going to stay in this gender forever, or is this just a kink in the system‽”

“I have no clue; that’s why I came home to hide.” Ye Shuang sighed. “If the transformation suddenly happens, at least I’ll be at home.”

The discussion halted due to a lack of information. The question had to be moved aside first. It would be continued after Ye Shuang had a better grasp of the situation. The whole day, Ye Shuang enjoyed her life, lazing about at home. She did not even leave the house but stayed at home to play games all day.

She did receive a call that afternoon from Miss Bai, who wanted to schedule a meeting with her future employee tomorrow. Ye Shuang said that she was on business overseas but would return to San Lin City tomorrow to bring the people to see Miss Bai. If she was unavailable, it would be Brother Shuang who would handle the meeting. Miss Bai’s target was Brother Shuang, and even though it was an unfamiliar woman who answered her call, she did not question it. She just assumed that the number was a work number.

Midnight that night, when the familiar sensation arrived, Ye Shuang knew that the transformation was happening. She felt a mixture of regret and relief, regret because the transformation still occurred and relief because since it was going to happen. If it was going to happen, she would rather it happen when she was ready.

Mother Ye went back to bed because she was tired while Father Ye waited alongside Ye Shuang until midnight. When Brother Shuang walked out of the bedroom, Father Ye knew the result. “It was just temporary?”

“Yes.” Ye Shuang pulled on her pajamas and went to sit on the couch. She placed her palms under her chin, and the presence of a leisurely yet graceful noble radiated out from her. “I’ve collected all the relevant information the whole morning and combined with this situation, I’ve come up with a hypothesis.

“The delay in the transformation time is probably because I shared a kiss with a member of the opposite sex.”

Father Ye’s bottom jaw almost hit the floor.

“During the day of gender transformation, kissing the opposite sex will let me stay in my current gender for another day.”